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Hitler's Europe Uekötter, Frank In Norway, although we were very busy filming, I could take some photos of the amazing bird life of this outstanding birding destination - you'll find a selection below.

IV. File Formats

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Values outside this range are import-only and must be normalized for export e. True north is 0 degrees with values increasing in a clockwise direction. The horizon is 0 degrees with values increasing as the angle moves in an upward direction. For example, AA6YQ might submit a request for awards by sending the following: Generated on at Franke-Taylor design, 8-FSK modulation.

Tonal 10 digital mode with focus on sensitivity, band capacity and resistance to the HF Doppler frequency spread. Tambov award group "TAG". Z where X is an integer designating the ADIF epoch Y is an integer between 0 and 9 designating the major version Z is an integer between 0 and 9 designating the minor version.

US county, JA Gun , in the specified format. QSO Contest Identifier use enumeration values for interoperability. Submode function of MODE field's value. Mineralischer Sonnenschutz Skinci 10 Kommentare. Zinkoxid hat den besseren UVA-Schutz. Hat Dein Sonnenschutz nur Titandioxid?

Sonnenschutz basiert entweder auf anorganischen, "mineralischen" UV-Filtern, organischen, "chemischen" Hey Schönheit, willkommen auf meinen Beauty Blog! Magi , about me.

September 1 Kommentar. London Beauty Shopping Guide The Riyadh Power Company in Saudi Arabia has 5 floating-roof oil tanks for which they wanted a state-of-the-art fire monitoring and fire detection system. Each tank is 30 m high and has a diameter of 30 m. In addition to the construction challenges and intricate workings of the huge clock, the tower is illuminated with 21, white and green lights, and two million LED lights.

Four Distributed Temperature Sensing devices were installed to ensure continuous, fully-redundant monitoring in real-time. The early detection of a hot spot along a bus duct in a manufacturing cleanroom prevented a major accident that would have resulted in significant equipment loss, downtime, and potentially human injury.

The long-distance heating and electrical company Zilinska Teplarenska is located in Zilina, Slovakia. The plant has many different conveyor belt lines, with a total length of several kilometers.

When a fire occurs on a conveyor belt it can shut down the transportation of the line, which in turn exposes a company to delivery problems and significant financial risk. Active electronics, if not protected by specialized enclosures, are banned from ATEX Zone 0 areas in order to prevent the ignition of flammable vapors.

Fiber Optic Linear Heat Detection that has very low power designs and passive sensor cables. The stadium has a capacity for The DTS device monitors the temperature in the cable trays. These cables supply the power for the lighting on the playing field. The cable trays reach over three levels and are divided into 24 different alarm zones.

The entire conveyor system consists of two sections, perpendicularly connected, with a total length of approximately meters. The loading dock bays are separated by concrete walls to minimize the risk of a fire spreading.

The NA is located in a central control room at a safe distance from the dock; only the passive optical sensor cable is exposed to the dock ATEX area.

In a new KV power circuit was put into operation as part of a nationwide power grid improvement. Near Florence the high voltage circuit has buried sections in close proximity to a very populated valley and a historic church. The primary route was completed in trenches filled with thermal sand.

The project also included challenging road crossings that used horizontal drilling to complete the construction. The tunnels are separated by a meter bridge and each have a dedicated control room. A new safety standard has been achieved in rail tunnels. Eurotunnel — the operator of the channel tunnel — decided to significantly improve passenger safety by creating fire fighting stations equipped with fixed, fire suppression systems SAFE stations. AP Sensing, together with our local partner, have been selected to equip a newly-built metro tunnel with the NA Linear Heat Series.

Besides providing fire alarm capabilities, the Linear Heat solution monitors the ventilation system and can activate the vents between stations to extract smoke from the tunnels and draw it away from the stations. All alarms and temperature values are also exported to a central SCADA platform to monitor potential fires, their sizes and the direction they are spreading in the tunnel. The wind farm is the first commercial offshore wind park, and was completed prior to the World Expo in Shanghai.

AP Sensing was selected to monitor the subsea power cable with an approximate length of 15km. They feed the cities with electric power, gas and water. Fire detection along coal transporting conveyor belts is challenging. A fire would cause downtime for the entire plant, which would be extremely costly to the operating company. Europort II is a 75, square meter parking terminal and distribution center for new cars on their way to dealerships.

Protecting this valuable asset and its contents requires an efficient and effective fire detection system. The harsh environment — in many aspects comparable to a traffic tunnel — and the value expectations of the operator led to many strict requirements for the DTS system. To protect valuable assets with Distributed Temperature Sensing DTS technology the end customer chose to equip the new circuit with a fiber optical sensor cable and permanently monitor the temperature profile with an AP Sensing Linear Heat Series instrument.

Field trials in 1: One of the most innovative bulk handling facilities has been undertaken in Spain. Operated by Union Fenosa, not only does this enclosed coal handling facility achieve zero dust emission, but the structure itself is architecturally pleasing. Ground surface temperature reconstructions: Using in situ estimates for thermal conductivity acquired with a fiber-optic distributed thermal perturbation sensor.

Fiber optic DTS distributed temperature sensing has emerged as a powerful tool for observation of hydrological and ecological processes over a wide range of temporal and spatial scales. Several studies suggest a broad range of application. Streamflow dynamics are the lifeblood of many ecological communities. Distributed temperature sensing is a unique new technology researchers can use to better measure and understand environments and ecologies.

Take advantage of our experience and engineering expertise. We support you in designing your project to meet your FEED or feasibility study. Our engineers know which project requirements to meet and let you avoid costly changes during installation and commissioning. Our multilingual engineering team has years of project management experience that will make your project a success.

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