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Anschutz of 2ellaMehlis, Germany on pistols and rifles, c. Die abgetretenen Forderungen dienen der Sicherung aller Ansprüche nach Ziffer 8.

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The model number is stamped under the crest: Rifles without crest or model number are M48BO models meant for export. M48's are regarded as a military surplus firearm and can be collected in the US at a generally cheap price due to the numbers recently imported from Europe. Each rifle was fitted with an Beneath the barrel was a fake gas tube, which contained the cleaning rod and kit. An adjustable aperture sight was installed on the receiver bridge, to provide a similar sight picture to the actual CETME rifle.

For many decades Westley Richards has manufactured made to order known as bespoke in the "Trade" bolt action rifles in addition to their famous double barrel rifles and shotguns. Though Westley Richards will happily make a magazine rifle based on any action that the customer desires the vast majority of the rifles are based on the Mauser action. The rifles are of the highest quality and typically begin somewhere in the high 30's and go from there.

The options calibers, barrel lengths, single or set triggers, furniture, takedown or not takedown, round or octagonal barrels, square or round bridge etc, that are available to the customer are almost endless. Production began in at the Gongxian Arsenal, and would eventually spread to three other rifle factories across China.

Sometimes bolt action rifles are used in films to impersonate Mauser rifles, usually in large period films. This section is specifically for bolt action rifles which are not common enough to merit their own page but are technically not Mauser rifles. It fed from a Mannlicher-type 5-round single-column magazine loaded with an en-bloc clip. The bolt featured two opposing lugs on the front of the bolt body, with the bolt handle forming a safety lug.

The barrel was covered with a tubular steel jacket that threaded onto the receiver ring, with a ladder-type rear sight. The cartridge designed for the rifle was the Gewehrpatrone 7. It featured a gr round-nose bullet. In the German Army adopted the Gewehrpatrone with a gr-spitzer bullet. To supplement the Gewehr 98 , many Gew.

The magazine was modified to feed from Mauser stripper clips. These rifles were referred to as Gew. Turkey purchased large numbers of Gew. These rifles remained in service with the Turkish Republic, and many were modified during the 's update program.

The barrel jackets were removed, and a tangent-leaf sight and wooden handguard fitted. The straight-grip stock was replaced with a pistol-gripped stock, and an Mtype bayonet lug to mount the standard Turkish bayonet. These conversions are designated Gew. An unlicensed copy of the Gew. This rifle was produced at the Hanyang Arsenal as Type rifle, and would serve Imperial, Nationalist, and Communist forces all the way through to the end of the Chinese Civil War.

In the design was modified, and the Gew. A shortage of Kar98k rifles in the Wehrmacht resulted in modification of the 35M as a substitute-standard. The rifle was re-chambered to 7. It was adopted into German service as the G. Retrieved from " http: Gun Rifle Battle Rifle. Views Read View source View history. Social Media Facebook Forum. Contents 1 Gewehr 1.

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Our Mothers, Our Fathers. The Smile of the Fox. The Red Detachment of Women Hong se niang zi jun. Assembly Ji jie hao. Tomb of the Dragon Emperor, The. City of Life and Death. Death and Glory in Changde. Late models will be found with a slot cut into the forward part of the slide containing the serial number. The smaller parts are finished with a potassium nitrate saltpeter or hot bluing process. In this hot bluing process, as the temperature is brought up, the surface turns a straw color which proceeds to blue and then to black.

If it is stopped at the blue stage, the color will be a gorgeous deep royal blue not achievable any other way. Very expensive custom guns are often found blued this way. This variation is found with a strait grip and a single line left side slide marking.

The finish is a cold blue with the smaller parts being finished in a potassium nitrate saltpeter or hot bluing process as described above. This variation will have a curved grip and a single line left side slide marking. The model is finished with a hot bluing process. This variation will have a curved grip and the only serial number showing will be on the slide. For pictures of many of the different models, please see a pdf.

The model was used by the German armed forces as a substitute standard sidearm. The pistol was also adopted in by the various police and security forces of Germany.

This pistol design was also very popular with the Japanese army. This pistol design was produced from until with close to a million pistols being manufactured. Some variations of this model are quite common, while others are extremely rare. The photograph on the left is of the markings that are found on the right side of the slide of this pistol. The picture on the right is of the markings that are found on the left hand side of this pistol. The first line translates to Mauser Weapons Factory incorporated in the city of Oberndorf on the river Neckar.

German companies that are publicly traded are designated by the letters "AG" after the company name. This is an important marking as there are several Oberndorfs in Germany and Austria, but there is only one Oberndorf on the river Neckar in Germany.

The bottom line tells us that the pistol is made under patents that the Mauser firm holds. The serial number is found on the four main steel parts on this model pistol.

These include the full serial number on back end of frame, the full serial number on the front left side of the slide, the last four digits of the serial number on the front barrel lug and the last four digits of the serial number on the bottom of the left side plate and next to the trigger. The picture on the left shows the barrel removed from the pistol. The front lug at the bottom of the barrel and under the front sight has the last 4 digits of the serial number on one side while the other side is stamped with the crown over the letter U proof mark.

At the rear of the barrel, the back lug is flat on the bottom. On the Mauser model pistols, this lug has a more pointed appearance. The photograph on the right is a picture of a crown over the letter U stamp.

This stamp is located behind the rear sight as seen above, and on the front barrel lug opposite from the pistol's serial number. This crown of the letter U stamp became law on April 1, and is the final or definitive proof. This mark has not been in use since the proof law of became effective in Germany. The new proof law appeared in the Reichsgesetzblatt Reich Law bulletin No. The new proofing law stuck with the old concept that no small arm which has not been proofed by a state recognized proof house can be brought into general commerce and cannot be sold if it does not bear appropriate proof marks.

Each firearm that has passed proof firing must be marked with the suitable mark or stamp. The new proof law calls for marking each of the important parts on a firearm that underwent proof firing, and the parts of the firearm that underwent separate proofing must be marked with the appropriate stamp after passing the tests.

The crown over the letter "U" proof mark is found on nearly all variations of this pistol. This proof mark was changed to the eagle over the letter "N" on late models. These next two photographs show the Mauser pocket pistol model in its field stripped condition. Besides the removal of the grip which should be done in a very careful manner to avoid damage, it takes about one minute or less to get the pistol field stripped.

There is a trick to this pistol in that the magazine must be inserted then partially removed in order to dis-assemble this pistol. The procedure goes like this, after taking the usual precautions to ensure that the firearm is not loaded, pull the slide back and locking it at the rear.

Now press the catch located under the barrel and rotate the locking pin 90 degrees and pull it forward and remove it.

At this point the barrel can be lifted straight up and removed. Now release the magazine and pull it out about halfway or so. Next, push it back in while holding onto the slide. As the magazine is seated the slide will start a forward motion until it is stopped by the magazine platform. Now push the slide rearward until the interlocking faces of the frame and slide are flush at the rear of the pistol.

Now pull the trigger which releases the striker and remove the magazine. The slide should now slide off the frame toward the front of the pistol.

In the text at the top of this page it was discussed how Mauser redesigned the model pistol which became the model Take notice that the back of the grip frame on this model pistol which looks nearly identical to that of the model , is not curved and that the new design is done solely with the wood or plastic grip and not the frame.

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