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The album cracked the Top 10 on the Billboard Country Chart, a remarkable feat for a fiercely independent band and a testament to their rigorous DIY work ethic and endless supply of passion and drive. Camila Cabello Never Be the Same.

Pete Huttlinger Teaches the Songs of Gordon Lightfoot

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The opportunity to listen to different versions of the same album on high-end equipment was a once-in-a-lifetime thing, and a suitable situation for unsealing the album. Read the full review. I received a copy of the RSD "Sundown" from the record label, Warner Canada; I bought the other recordings with my own money - and have no regrets.

February 12, — Here's a nice new video interview with Gord, at the Zoomer site: Conversations With Denise — Gordon Lightfoot. I haven't met Don and Victoria personally, but there's a lovely album by them in the Fool's Hill Music store here. Below are Don's comments. I suppose it won't go unnoticed that this is a Lightfoot cover by members of two of the greatest folk bands in history!

Posted on Facebook by Don Armstrong: My Mom would have loved this as much as I did. April 19, , updated April 26 — On April 18th, Neil Young quietly released his promised "covers" album, without any fanfare. It's a vinyl release, using very old technology see more below , and featuring 11 cover tunes, two of which are by Gordon Lightfoot.

The record was recorded in the Third Man Record Booth; here's a video demonstrating it: But it is charming, and makes one wish that Neil would record these songs in a recording studio and release that too.

I have the LP, and am happy to have it, but I really enjoy Neil's versions of these wonderful songs, and would like to hear him do them using today's technology.

Last last summer, Lightfoot replaced Young as the headliner at two festivals after Young was forced to cancel due to an injury suffered by his lead guitar player. Both musicians are icons in Canada, and clearly share mutual respect.

For Lightfoot fans who have followed the story, Neil's lead guitarist in Crazy Horse suffered a hand injury over the summer, and Neil cancelled a number of performances including those at two big festivals in Ontario.

Lightfoot was asked to step in, and did so, and Neil expressed his appreciation to Lightfoot personally. Last night, Neil performed some songs with a few musicians, but not his full band, and he did some songs solo, including Early Mornin' Rain: Unfortunately, I am back in Colorado so I couldn't enjoy it in person, but I am so pleased that my son decided to take in the show.

Here's a video of the performance on You Tube:. August 27, — Gordon Lightfoot has kindly agreed to step into the headlining role at two Ontario festivals, after Neil Young had to cancel due to his guitarist's hand injury.

As a result, festival attendees will get to see another of Canada's great music legends. Links to event details and ticket purchase sites can be found in the tour schedule. Yes, folks, that's right! If you have satellite or most cable services, you will be able to watch this on TV in the US! As reported here, Lightfoot will perform an abbreviated version of Canadian Railroad Trilogy see more above, in the Massey Hall story. Note to DirecTV subscribers: Don't panic when you don't see NBC Sports Network in its usual slot on ; it has moved recently to You can read the CFL's article on the scheduled entertainment here.

Looking At the Rain is one of four previously unreleased tracks on the new album, and it is the first single. The song was recorded early in the Slowhand sessions, on May 6, What a treasure in the vault! It is faithful to the Lightfoot version in general style and mood, and the vocals are somewhat reminiscent of Lightfoot too.

I am thrilled that Clapton chose to release this cover now, and hope it does well on the charts. The Lightfoot recording, on his album Don Quixote, was not released as a single. It goes without saying that Clapton is one of the most highly regarded artists of his generation, as well as one of the top rated guitar players.

The fact that he chose a Lightfoot song to record speaks volumes. The song is available for purchase here MP3 at Amazon. Both the "Deluxe" and "Super Deluxe" editions include the Lightfoot song.

Kate got a wonderful interview, during which Lightfoot talked about his music, some of the stories behind it, and his children. And no, I am not Galen's mother. To listen to this interview now, sign-up for my mailing list , even if you are already on it; the MP3 link will be in the email acknowledgment message you will get today and you will still be on the mailing list only once.

August 30, — While he is interviewed on Canadian radio and TV with some regularly these days, it is rare to hear a Lightfoot interview broadcast in the US. This show, on the air for decades, is broadcast from Atlantic City, NJ. September 1, — To download an MP3 of the interview, sign-up for my mailing list , even if you are already on it; the MP3 link will be in the email acknowledgment message you will get today and you will still be on the mailing list only once.

Download Steve Gillette's Darcy Farrow. Check out new songs by Steve Gillette. September 1, — John Stockfish, Lightfoot's original bass player, passed away on August 20th. His death was due to natural causes. Stockfish joined Lightfoot in and toured with him and guitarist Red Shea through the late s in what was known as "the Lightfoot trio". Although he left the band in early , he remained in contact with Lightfoot and recorded with him on occasion after that including on the hit Sundown.

While the rest of the album is very different from the familiar Lightfoot sound, his vocals on the Travis standard were very much in the "Lightfoot style". See the Two Tones album page for more details including the track listing, and the link to purchase the MP3 album.

As a devoted fan, I am very happy that this recording is now available in digital form, after decades of frenzied collecting of the scarce LP. It is nice to be able to hear Lightfoot sing and play so early in his career; it just enables us to appreciate even more the great artist he became.

It was a free event, attended by friends, family, other musicians and fans. He had been ill throughout the summer, and passed away on Thursday, October 27th, the day after his 65th birthday. He even had a hit song, having co-written Mississippi Queen , a hit for Mountain. Joni Mitchell literally sang his praises; she wrote and recorded a song about him called, "Play Little David". David played lead guitar on Lightfoot's debut album, "Lightfoot! Gord would call him up and ask him if he could come do a gig with him, sometimes with no money for expenses, and they would crash on somebody's couch.

David told me funny anecdotes that relate to those occasional shows that he did with Gord. Unfortunately, although I asked him about that time and David remembered only anecdotes and actually couldn't say when he last played with Gord but thought it was probably , as I had guessed , I didn't write anything down thinking that I would do a formal interview with David about Gord at some point in the future.

He was a storyteller in his soul, and all his friends and fans benefited from that. Check out his last album, X7 Times Seven , released in click on album name or see right. My favorite song on it is his wonderful cover of Ian Tyson's The Gift; David really made it his own there's a clip on the X7 web page. And, please visit his new web site which I launched in his honor shortly after his death: I had first heard about the book from David Rea who was interviewed at length for it, and mentioned his phone calls with the author on multiple occasions.

It has long been one of my favorite venues; not only have I seen Lightfoot there read review here , but I performed there as a child ballerina, and they are a client of mine today, so there is a lot of personal connection. The book is very much the story of the duo, but with enough on their lives earlier and as children , and after they broke up musically and personally, although the musical connection actually outlasted the personal to put the duo's biography in context.

I learned a lot about them that I didn't know, as my knowledge was limited to their early recordings, and the time that David was with them and most of that from David. Lightfoot credited Tyson as an influence and friend, so I decided I would learn more about him.

This biography, rich with stories and anecdotes from that period, went a long way toward filling in the musical blanks. I received a copy of the book from the publisher. In this biography, Ian says that he hates it, and Lightfoot hasn't performed it in more than 16 years! So, of course I looked for it for him, and - surprisingly - I found the entire film online at the National Sailing Hall of Fame website.

I had never seen it before, but - like any devoted Lightfoot fan - knew that the song, "Ghosts of Cape Horn" , had been written for the film, as its title song. The documentary tells the story of sailing vessels making the trip around Cape Horn, before the Panama Canal was built. Like any Lightfoot story song, the lyrics tell a complex story in just a few minutes. The film runs approximately 55 minutes.

Here's the link to watch it: Ghosts of Cape Horn film. February 21, , updated April 17th — Terry Clements, lead guitar player for Gordon Lightfoot for four decades, passed away on February 20th. Clements suffered a stroke 10 days earlier, and had been in a coma.

A special memorial service was held on April 10th in Toronto, attended by family, friends, bandmates, musician friends and fans. Ed Ringwald, aka Peewee Charles , recorded Amazing Grace especially for the memorial, a song which was a favorite to play for Terry and his family. If you'd like to hear Peewee's recording playing the dobro, with his good friend Shane Guse on fiddle, click here mp3 file.

Lightfoot's first tour segment - starting March 15th - went on as scheduled, with a new lead player. Read the full article here: The new book is a true work of art from start to finish, and pays appropriate tribute to one of the most brilliant songs ever written. With stunning pastels each carefully conceived to illustrate a small section of the song, the book will be a treasured addition to the library of anyone with a love of art, music or history.

Read my complete review here: Canadian Railroad Trilogy Children's Book. The book is available from Amazon. Lightfoot places 3 singles in top 20 in new book. Lightfoot placed three songs in the top That's a pretty good representation of his hit songs. The top 20 songs are: Mercereau is also the author of the book, The Top Canadian Albums , reviewed here previously.

I will say a lot more about the book once I receive my copy. It can be ordered now from both Amazon. Toby Keith Covers Sundown! Recorded during his "Incognito Bandito" show at The Fillmore in Manhattan, the four songs feature Keith on lead vocals backed by an A-list band of session players assembled exclusively for the rare club performance. In a recent interview, Keith says of Sundown, "We went to a rehearsal, and everybody kind of brought their favourite songs in and that Gordon Lightfoot song was on the list and I said, 'Absolutely, let's do that.

Bullets in the Gun was released on October 5th. Here's the video, which was initially posted at Amazon: Be sure to note the lead guitar solos! Again, to buy the CD at Amazon, click here: Bullets in the Gun.

Forgive me if I get carried away here, but I consider this very exciting news. Toby Keith is one of the top country singers and top entertainers around, and the fact that he has chosen a Lightfoot song and not a bad choice for a country tune, I might add , just might get that song on the charts again as a cover tune. Even if it isn't released as a single, it will surely introduce many new listeners to Lightfoot music. I asked for it because it included a Lightfoot cover, but as always I listened to the entire CD several times.

And then I listened several more times. And then I found that I couldn't stop listening to it! The Lightfoot cover that first caught my attention is of one of his less known tunes; a song called "Your Love's Return Song for Stephen Foster ".

It is, as the parenthetical portion of the title says, a tribute to Foster, in whose music Lightfoot had become interested at the time. It's a sentimental love song, very Foster-like. The Cottars took this tune, with Fiona singing the lead vocals not changing any lyrics which were written for a man to sing , added their own string arrangement and harmonies, and created something all their own yet faithful and respectful of the Lightfoot original.

I am certain that Lightfoot is pleased with their cover, as he must be with the much more mainstream Toby Keith cover of "Sundown" discussed elsewhere. This article is excerpted from the full review here: The Cottars - Feast Review. I received a review copy of this CD from the artists. An Interesting "Affair" on 8th Avenue. June 21, — Big News for the Dedicated Fan: The Gord's Gold version of Affair on 8th Avenue , never before available except on vinyl, is finally officially available in digital form.

If you buy from CD Universe, be sure to click on the "Buy MP3" button, or the "Buy MP3 Album" button when you buy; do not click on song names or you will be taken to a page with the earlier recordings! Remember, the CD of Gord's Gold does not include Affair on 8th Avenue because at the time the album was first reissued on CD, the time limit was 74 minutes including gaps and the album was just over that.

The Gord's Gold version of the song is in the more elaborate s style of all the re-recorded songs on that album. Most Lightfoot fans prefer the re-recording not true of all the songs, but it is of this one , and have missed having it all these year, making do with vinyl-to-digital copies they made themselves or found online. The new MP3, available on the official Gord's Gold digital album , is the first high quality, remastered version of this lovely recording.

Amazon was the first to offer the new MP3 album for sale, but they had more than a half dozen incorrect tracks, using an earlier version of many of the songs thate were re-recorded that is, they used a United Artists version, from the s, either the original recording or the live cut from Sunday Concert. I reported the problem to them with great difficulty, I might add , and their eventual response was to pull the album entirely - clearly easier than fixing their files. Thankfully, the new song and the entire album remained downloadable from CD Universe during the months that Amazon did not have it available it is now available from Amazon again.

You can read the details of the Amazon fiasco here. February 27, — A week after a reporting fiasco erroneously declared Gordon Lightfoot dead, Spartanburg Herald-Journal reporter Todd Money contributed a fine interview, conducted shortly before the death report hoax.

Almost buried in the interview is a paragraph that suggests that - contrary to what Lightfoot has said in interviews for the past 18 months or so - another original album is not out of the question!

Hope springs eternal, and the news does make this Lightfoot fan hopeful. February 19, — Lightfoot was big news yesterday when a news alert by CanWest was Tweeted by one of its reporters, and then picked up and posted by several large Canadian newspapers.

It turns out that the original news alert was based on a hoax perpetrated on fellow performer Ronnie Hawkins who truly believed that Lightfoot had died based on a message from someone purporting to be Lightfoot's grandson. Luckily, the man himself heard the news report on the radio, and quickly set the record straight, but it was a wild ride for about an hour yesterday afternoon.

The question is, which one of the other four will still be played and downloaded 37 years later? And, parenthetically, it's hard to believe that nobody charted a song named Beautiful for 31 years after Lightfoot's! Guess the bar was too high.

Click on the note below to buy the song from Amazon. Gordon Lightfoot Beautiful Lyrics. November 6,; updated January 29, - To me this is big news!

Alison Krauss is one of the most gifted and popular performers out there, with music crossing genre lines. I was introduced to her by other Lightfoot fans, who are always a good source of suggestions for other good music. Alison is best known for bluegrass music, but has made successful forays into other genres; her talent is that good.

Live From The Tracking Room. The name that caught my eye immediately was Tony Rice. He is a bluegrass guitar player extraordinaire, and himself recorded an entire album of Lightfoot songs with which many of you are familiar.

Tony no longer sings, but he still plays, and he recently did a series of shows with Alison and her band. I was unable to attend any of those shows there were only a few of them , but on this DVD Alison has included a couple of performances with Tony Rice including a wonderful cover of Lightfoot's "Shadows".

Tony recorded the song himself years ago. You won't read anywhere that "Shadows" is a Lightfoot song, but of course I guessed it immediately because Tony Rice was on the track, and Amazon had the "Shadows" video as the preview on the DVD web page, so I could take a look. There is no preview today, but there is a video available on YouTube that includes two short interviews that are worth watching too. It will at least give you a taste, and I am certain you will be impressed.

I can't say enough about Alison's music, and that of all the musicians she works with, but I can promise that if you buy this DVD you won't put it in a pile of videos you never watch!

The DVD also includes interview footage with all the special guests and musicians. It can be be ordered from Amazon. He was taken from us far too young. Read about him in these beautiful articles: March 10, - OK, folks. If you don't play guitar and don't want to hear about it, skip this review. And, if you do play guitar, please understand that I am a beginner who has never progressed because I don't practice.

Five times a year definitely does not work! However, thanks primarily to some very accomplished guitar playing friends, especially Cathy Cowette , I have a good deal of knowledge about guitar playing - at least in my head, if not in my fingers. I know and understand the terminology, and have mastered a few of the techniques, but can only play slowly. However, with this knowledge, I think I do know what to look for in a guitar instruction video that teaches how to play Lightfoot songs - and this video definitely has what should be there.

This DVD teaching how to play Lightfoot songs is a gem, and definitely worth considering if you want to learn to play these songs. First, let me briefly comment on the song selection. All of my guitar playing friends had the same reaction I did: After watching the video, I realized why. Pete has limited his selection to songs which were on Gord's Gold, an album that he specifically mentions as a personal favorite.

Which, when you get down to it, is not a problem. It leaves Pete with a great opportunity. But there are many gems not on Gord's Gold, and it would have been nice to see one or two of them here. I received a review copy of this DVD from the publisher. The special is full of candid interviews with more than 60 iconic figures like Gordon Lightfoot of course , Buffy Sainte-Marie and Bruce Cockburn, who offer illuminating stories about each other.

In addition to the original two hour broadcast, the DVD has bonus interviews with several of the key artists, including a new interview with Lightfoot. The interviews are pieced together from what I assume were live interview sessions, and offer some interesting insights into the experiences and influences of each of these artists.

Would you believe Lightfoot mentions Bruce Springsteen as a creative influence? Jennings has followed the Canadian music scene for decades, and his knowledge and insight probably make him the premier Canadian music historian. If you haven't read his wonderful biography of Lightfoot in the Songbook boxed set, you should do that.

Along with the recent book by Bob Mercereau, just released in paperback, see my review , this DVD sheds new light on the history of Canadian music, while featuring some of her greatest musical talents.

Unfortunately, it is already out of print, but is still available new from 3rd party sellers at Amazon full Amazon guarantee applies. The links above are for Amazon. Gordon Lightfoot Tour Schedule moved to its own page!

Click to visit new Gordon Lightfoot Tour Schedule page. She first hit the pop album chart in with Snowbird, which featured her top 10 single of the same name. It is available from at Amazon. Friends and Legends from Canada. Sarah has already garnered three Grammy Awards over the years. Wintersong jumped into the Billboard top 10 this week, entering at 7, and it has also already been certified gold by the RIAA for U.

Sarah clearly has a fondness for the Lightfoot song, having recorded it in the early 90s and released it on her somewhat obscure album, Rarities, B-sides, and Other Stuff. With only the winter theme, and sleigh bells in the Lightfoot version, the song has nevertheless become a modern Christmas standard - even though it was written during a summer thunderstorm in Cleveland!

Sarah recorded it and has sung it in concert appearances for more than a decade. Her first recording was featured on earlier holiday compilations and also on the soundtrack CD for the Miracle on 34th Street remake although it did not appear in the movie, if I recall correctly. Now the song receives an even more more prominent placement as one of the highlights of Sarah's own holiday album listen to clip or download MP3 at Amazon here.

For those not familiar with the various "Greatest Hits" collections, Gord's Gold was released in , and contains recordings taken from his early s albums, plus new recordings of songs he originally wrote and recorded in the s. The style is consistently "s Lightfoot", and many of the rerecordings have become fan favorites. Complete Greatest Hits was released in It is the only single CD collection that includes recordings from throughout his career, from those released on United Artists in through one song, Restless, from his CD, Waiting For You.

All of his CDs that are still in print, including his latest original CD Harmony , are available at many web sites online and some are available from My Lightfoot store. Gordon Lightfoot Mailing List moved to its own page! Click to sign up for my Gordon Lightfoot Mailing List.

Working again with longtime producer Garth Fundis, Don releases his second CD since his return from what turned out to be a brief "retirement".

She was the affirmation of life, of music, of dancing in the face of existential fear. She still has great stage presence and, of course, that roof-raising voice. So, despite some good songs and uplifting vocals from her backup singers, LaChanze is pressed to carry the whole show on her back.

LaPointe, whose hairdos look downright trashy. With her untamed locks and bloodsucker-red lipstick, Donna Summer had a look that was dramatically vivid but not cheap, a distinction that seems to have eluded the designers. Choreographer Sergio Trujillo gives those long-limbed beauties sexy moves that are very much appreciated in this under-choreographed show. Drag not only looks good on stage, it also faithfully recalls the disco era, which was all about transgression, sexual and otherwise, and lots of cross-dressing.

Des McAnuff , who directed the show when it premiered at La Jolla, does the directing here, too. Giving the designers completely free rein may have been a mistake, but he shows more skill in setting up the songs and giving his diva the platform to deliver them. The domestic scenes written by Colman Domingo, Robert Cary, and McAnuff, however, die the death, crushed beneath boulders of inane dialogue.

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