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Stella Maris is committed to open relationships with each of our families. To this end, we welcome your ideas and encourage your participation. About Stella Why Choose Stella? Bodies of Work Exhibition.

Official School Photo Day. Duke of Ed Hike. Recently students completed their qualifying hike around our beautiful northern beaches. It has been a very busy but very successful past few weeks for the Stella athletics team! Modern Take on Shakespeare.

This week we enjoyed a performance in the theatre by The Players - Bell Shakespeare, who gave a ligh Friday 2 June marked a very special day for Stella with the opening of the Scholastica building. You don't have to choose between the two. We could really see her singing and performance is starting to really shine through.

They were completely professional and performed beautifully as always! So many people have complimented the professionalism and quality of the performers.

You played a very important part in making last night a success, so thank you once again. We would welcome you back with open arms next year. When Paige found WEK we, as parents, were skeptical due to the financial commitment but it turned out to be the most important stepping stone for the Performing Arts College path and ultimately securing a scholarship at Laine. WEK taught me how to prepare for an audition which is absolutely key and had given me a clear insight in to what a typical day on a full-time vocational course would be like.

Auditions were a regular thing at WEK, especially leadin Training for almost 2 years and in that time we have watched her grow with your guidance both in confidence and ability. She has absolutely loved every minute she has spent with West End Kids and has been very proud to be part of the Company. She has without a doubt learnt so much with y It sure has been an amazing 4 and a half years! I love how different WEK is from your average weekend musical theatre school. We're constantly being pushed in new ways with new exciting challenges and no matter how old you are, you're treated like a professional.

Plus everyone is so lovely, I've made some of the best friends I could ever ask for. I first found out about WEK because I saw a girl in a local amateur production who was clearly a cut above the rest! I found out she was a part of WEK. Their professionalism is simply outstanding. They cut no corners in any aspect of our training Training - Pari Shahmir Working with WEK teaches you so much about the industry and the amount of drive, dedication and hard work that you need to succeed within it!

West End Kids has become a way of life for Katie. West End Kids has taken her to a new level. I am so grateful to WEK for teaching her the correlation between hard work and success at such a young age.

No matter how old you are in WEK you work like a professional. I could tell from my first session that I was going to have a lot of fun, and learn a lot.

And I was right! WEK has improved me in almost every aspect of my performance, especially singing, and it has taught me how important it is to tell a story when you are performing. It has also given me an insight in to what it's going to be like in the performing arts industry which is where I think WEK is really unique - you Thank you for working in the tight conditions, and say well done to Emma for making it work!

The group were fantastic and I thought the costumes and choreography were inspired! The kids had a wonderful energy and enthusiasm and the finale was spine-tingling. Really amazing to think you put it all together in a matter of weeks! A huge thank you for your wonderful performance! I actually managed to see it this year! They added to the entertainment in a most excellent way. They might have been billed as the stars of tomorrow, but these kids are clearly already stars.

Yet again, they produced a classy, tight and punchy performance. West End Kids has been very good for Lucy. It has taught her that it is not just talent that is needed to achieve but a lot of hard work and dedication.

Every week that she goes to West End Kids we are more and more impressed with the professionalism and extremely high calibre of teaching. These people really care about the kids and are determined to help each one fully reach their potential.

WEK enables Hannah and other talented children to work hard, be pushed and continually improve performances. Being a member of WEK is like being part of a family of like-minded youngster who are prepared to work hard and enjoy being stretched to continually improve. As parents of a young male performer we have found what sets West End Kids apart is its unique approach in preparing him in his pursuit for a career in performing arts and the rigors of the industry ahead.

I could never put into words that would justify how she has progressed since joining WEK. I had the most incredible time at West End Kids. WEK introduced me to the intensity of training I needed to prepare for my current course studying a triple award in Musical Theatre, and for auditions for professional stage schools in London, where I have just had offers from Urdang, Performers and Bird. Auditions are held at; — Beginning of January — Mid April — Early September If you are unable to make your audition date, we regret that you will have to wait until the next set of auditions.

The fees for West End Kids projects are as follows: It is the strong emphasis on mental strength, work-ethic and dedication, alongside the highest of performing standards that makes West End Kids the most elite, challenging training available for young performers Permalink. What they say about WEK Sophie Eaton Sparks Children's Charity. Grant Yuill Hamleys of London. Training and West End Kids. One of the luckiest moments of my life was when I attended the WEK auditions. Vicky Sheldon West End Kids - Tricia Wilins West End Kids Yasmine has been in WEK: Training - Present.

Training - Working with WEK teaches you so much about the industry and the amount of drive, dedication and hard work that you need to succeed within it! Vicky Hull West End Kids Joining WEK is probably the best thing I've ever done.

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