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Similarly to other German cities, there is an increasing quantity of intercity bus services.


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Most of the time they want to keep them private. We are 11ppl going to Berlin the 31th of May whole weekend. Do you have any good advice on events or places to be with such a big group? Clubs like Astra and Matrix should be easy to get into as well.

But I personally do not like them much. Hi, I am coming to Berlin with a group of 16, which is a little tricky to plan for clubbing. We have a table at Matrix on one night but looking for somewhere else Saturday June 2nd. Any suggestions of parties or clubs where it is easy to get in?

They are both on walking distance from the Matrix and their door-policy is not that strict. Will be in Berlin March 30 — April 2…. Without speaking German, you should come out to the bars with us and we will pay you and buy you drinks to navigate us around on Saturday night? What do you think? I will visit Berlin from march 26 to Friday 30 morning. Are there any interesting events preferably techno during the week? Chalet or Suicide Circus Wednesday: Wilden Renate, Kater Blau. It would be great if you could recommend the best areas to stay and party.

I am looking to experience the local party scene and enjoy some good food. I am very open to the genre of music or theme of the club.

Looking to meet some locals and experience the off beat places. As you can read in the post we would recommend visiting the Kater Blau on Saturday. If you like techno and Berlin you will enjoy that party for sure.

Places to stay is not really my field of expertise: In general I can give you the tip that it does not really matter where you stay as long as the S-Bahn and U-Bahn are closeby. In the category Restaurants you can read more about places I like to eat. I am a solo traveler and I will be in berlin from 29 Dec till 2 , I want to celebrate the new year in fancy place but also I can enjoy the fireworks , what do you recommend?

Op meerdere fronten een fantastische blog. Thanks voor de tips. Van ongeveer 8 — 21 januari ben ik met mijn vriendin voor het eerst in Berlijn. Een van de doelen is een mooi technofeestje meepakken. Komt de party-calendar van januari er binnenkort aan of kun je ons toevallig al iets tippen?

Bewust even in het Engels, je kunt eens op Enjoy-Berlin. Hey Job Amazing blog dude!!! I would appreciate it if u recommend me some good underground parties to go in berlin!! If you like it dark and underground you probably will have a good time in Tresor, Golden Gate and Berghain. Hey, we coming to Berlin from 28th to 1st of December. Do you think that we could find a good party there? We will publish our party-calendar for next month in the end of this month.

There will probably be some good parties listed in there. Hey Job, Originally from NY meatpacking partying district so I want to experience Berlin techno but not in a place where drinks will be spilt all over me, unfortunatly NY made me a bougie vip girl. But as a new berliner I am open to party in a fun more electro envirnoment, any recommendations? It will be crowded in some of the clubs but mostly after Our article for October will be online by the end of this month.

Hello, Im going to Berlin for Moderat concert, do you know any afterparty on the same level?? Hi Job, I am coming to Berlin in October and staying for a 4 days, I have heard so much about the wildest parties in Berlin so i want to experience it. Would love to know about it from you. Your involvement in this blog is great! I am quite of a regular Berlin-visitor but I feel like I would like to discover some new places there.

Does Berlin have anything of a city beach, or some nice water area — where you could relax after hours of dancing? The easiest would probably be to visit the Badeschiff, that is not close from station Schlesisches Tor. If you really want a beach you could go to Strandbad Wannsee. Heading to Berlin July Any weekday events I should check out? On Wednesdays there are some cool parties in the Watergate.

Sunday is actually a great day to party in Berlin. Big clubs like Berghain, Kater Blau and Sisyphos are open from Friday till Monday so you can just check these clubs out.

Are there any gay themed parties on during that time, or what gay places do you recommend in that area? Hi, I already know Berlin as I already spent my last summer there! Thing is, I was nearly 20 years old at that time, so I used a fake railcard quite shit, I still wonder how I could get in to Sysyphos with this. If it worked last time and you still feel comfortable doing it, you might as well do it the same way now. This article is fantastic!

I see there are 2 parties listed for May, however what are just some clubs you personally recommend to check out. Down for anything, just want to have a good time! Thank you in advance and keep up the amazing work! It all depends on what kind of music you want to hear. Most clubs in Berlin focus on Techno. If that is what you are looking for you can just visit one of the clubs in this list. We are arrive at the date the first of may till the third of may.

With some social persons, good music and a very nice atmosphere. There are always a lot of techno-parties in Berlin. On the first of may you can even dance outside in Kreuzberg because it is a national holiday. Great article, really helpfull. Me and my friends are planning to go to Berlin for the Easter break, can I have info about parties in the best clubs of Berlin for those dates?

I hope you will answer as soon as possible to plan at the best our first travel to Berlin to let us enjoy at the best this wonderful city. A friend and I will be visiting in April so hopefully you have another April post coming. Is there a specific club that caters more to this genre or is it best to follow events where specific DJs are playing? It is probably best if you choose an event with a DJ you like.

Most Clubs focus on Techno and the clubs which do not, have a versatile program with different music-styles every weekend. We will publish a party-calendar for April, you will be able to find it under the same URL as the current article. We love deephouse ourselves so our suggestions might be a good option for you guys.

When can we expect a party calendar for January? Now… I have a little question. We publish a party-calendar every month so the next one will be published in the end of August. Can you recommend a good bar in mitte? We love deephouse mainly — Looking forward to a night clubbing too! We are 2 , 38yrs old, guys planning to visit berlin, in September 21 till Are there any recommended clubs, events, bars for yrs old?

We love classic club trance but enjoy any house parties. There are occasional plus parties in Berlin but most of the time they focus on 90s-Music. The page of the event is: So unfortunately we will not be adding any events to the calendar. Besides that we also want to visit a party first before we will write about it, otherwise we would just be guessing which party is good. Just arrived in Berlin for this week till the 15th , have you any suggestions for this week?

There are some proper parties this weekend which you can find in the article. During the week there are also several parties. Check the website Resident Advisor, there you can find some of them. Hi, We are planning to be in Berlin for 26th Aug — 29th Aug Something along the likes of Paul Van Dyke etc.

Not many clubs already published their parties for August right now. We are two guys going to Berlin next weekend to party hard. Do you have any tips if we are not super interested in what music is played but rather a fun and cool atmosphere where you can meet girls? Great blog and advices. We are not sure if we can find a great club on sunday. Maybe u may have some advice for us. Do u think we can find open club on sunday?

But yes, there are plenty of clubs which are still open on Sunday: Kater Blau, Sisyphos, Berghain are just a few of them. We are old men reliving our youth in th s!

Most clubs focus on Techno and the harder music-styles but you might get lucky in some clubs. But it is hard to tell you which club because the programs are not scheduled yet. Maybe have a look at Resident Advisor yourself, that is where you can find many parties in Berlin. So in the end it all depends on the line-up of that specific party. Personally I like Deephouse more than Techno so if you find an event in my calendar it might suit your taste. Another tip might be to listen to some livesets of the DJs before the party.

I mostly present links in the article. Hi nice article , Planning to be in Berlin 2 to 10 August any thing you know will be during this time Thanks Kosala. Furthermore im 18 and I would like to know if you know a place were we can go party. My friends and I are going to be there in early July for the week sadly not on the weekend Thanks!! Have a look at Resident Advisor yourself and you will definitely find some great parties. When are you gonna post for July? Friends and I are gonna be there early July.

We are looking for a place were we can get waisted and have a great time. It all depends on your taste of music. I will publish a party-calendar for July in the end of June. So maybe check it out and see what I am suggesting in there. Thank you for the fast response.

Appreciate it , -Patrick. You could hire a raft , visit an open-air or have a barbecue in the park somewhere. Hi, are there some page, there would be posted about really good raves in Germany, especially Berlin? Prefer PSY, hardcore, tekno. So you can always check this page if you are looking for some great parties in Berlin.

Hi, really good article. It is easier to get in and they have three different floors so you will probably find some music you like. The new Magdalena is also an option because they have an incredible sound-system since they have reopened. But the crowd is different than the visitors of the Berghain or Ritter Butzke. Trying Kater Blau would be a risk: You do not want to get refused two times in a row and the Kater Blau is not easy to get in either.

Have a look at their websites if anything comes up in the next months. This is a very helpful article! We had Berghain, Tresor, Cookies and Gretchen on our list and Stattbad, — but read above that they closed? We like all kinds of music like techno, alt rock, hip hop… Any good suggestions for that weekend? We are hoping for Sat night. Any advice is greatly appreciated!! My suggestions for February are online right now but Kater Blau and Watergate are not the most easiest places to get into.

You will get in for sure and the prices are great. Maybe have a look on their website what will happen this weekend. Keep an eye on our Facebook as well, we are allowed to give away plenty of guestlist-spots every month.

Great recommendations I am heading to Berlin tomorrow ,will be seeing disclosure on the 12th. Cant wait to check out the nightlife. Hi, what an awesome program!

Do you plan to make the same monthly program for January?! We were there years ago, good souvenir! Is it definitive closing? Thanks, and Joyeux Noel to all of you Sylvain. Yes, I am writing a similar post every month. In January there will be lots of cool parties and even some give-away tickets.

So be patient for 2 more weeks and the article will be online. Stattbad is closed already, from what I heard they did not have a valid permit. It is sad indeed. Would appreciate recommendation for clubs the night of of December. No long lines, please. This is where they offer different music-styles and no lines. Hey…so sorry to butt in. My boyfriend and I will be in Berlin from 24th to 28th December.

Before hitting the clubs later in the evenings, we would fancy some nice, warm bars to get the evenings going. Some great bar suggestions? Thank you so much! Berlin has loads of cool bars. The bar Dachkammer is great and also Mein Haus am See is still one of my favourites. I like deephouse myself and some of the Djs above are playing that music.

I would request you to advise us where to go on the 2,3 and 4 th October? Unfortunately I have not checked the parties for October but I will publish that article next week. We only discuss the weekends in this article but you will defenitely be able to find some cool parties on these days as well.

Staying in Prenzlauer Berg. Where would you recommned on a Wednesday and Thursday night? We love a range of music including dance and RnB. Also, how easy is it to get around on an evening? Are trams available or would we need taxis? Seriously looking into Watergate?! Thanks for your comment. Saturday will be the 22rd and you will probably like the Ritter Butzke and the DJs who are playing there. Being present in the moment can entirely change the way we cooperate, create, lead and inspire others.

With mindfulness practice we empower each other to take good care of ourselves and our coworkers, and we learn how to maintain a calm, clear stance within fast-moving environments. The winner will be announced at DT50 Awards at Epps, NASA Astronaut and former CIA agent, will take to the stage to give us all a fascinating insight into what it takes to be a female astronaut today.

She will also discuss the obstacles she has had to overcome in her career, and how she has persevered, despite the odds. XAIN will present and explore the use case of a blockchain for a machine network within the application of mobility and more specifically cars. How to build a node into a Porsche Panamera and think about how this will scale into to broader networks for autonomous driving.

Join smart x Cabin Spacey outdoors for Interior styling workshops at Take a break from reality and let your mind recharge. The main working materials for the installations are video mapping, generative animation, dynamic lights and sound. Algorithmic feedback loops increasingly shape our emotional identity and impede our ability to critically engage with our emotions. Understand the nature of the threat and learn ways to foster emotional growth beyond like buttons.

As Fidor celebrates its 5 year partnership with bitcoin. The complexity of learning and mastering appropriate skills has always inhibited creativity.

In the world of music, new technologies are gradually removing these hurdles to the music creation and commercialisation lifecycle, liberating everyone to experience and participate in the music process. The emergent blockchain systems mirror patterns in nature, the universal building blocks of reality.

Deep learning optimized for images has been able to diagnose a variety of medical conditions at a comparable accuracy to human experts. New research shows this technique can be applied to retinal imaging to detect diabetic eye disease and cancer as well as make novel predictions such as cardiovascular risk. The goal of this workshop is to experience the practical wisdom in our bodies and hearts as significant sources of intelligence in professional environments.

Through a variety of meditative, somatic and connection practices, participants will leave with an expanded knowledge on how to deepen the relationships they have with themselves and others as world changemakers. In the immortal words of Beyonce, "Who run the world? Expect to learn, connect and grow your skills! Advanced registration is necessary for this closed-door session. Patrick will present on the European Commission's proposal for the successor to Horizon , focusing in particular on the European Innovation Council NS the transition period involving a pilot version of the EIC.

Daimler Financial Services is convinced that the beauty lies in collaboration between startups and corporates. Only together - the future of mobility can be shaped!

The SIC-Team invites startups and other innovators to openly discuss about success factors in a co-creation based on the insights into currently running projects at Daimler Financial Services.

The SIC-team is eager to hear your ideas on how to improve the future collaboration process between startups and Daimler Financial Services and to unite the best of both worlds. Today, technology innovation like IoT, AI and Robotics is core to all kinds of business around the world and impacts our society greatly.

We are living in one of the most disruptive periods of tech evolution since the internet first entered the scene decades ago. Come and get inspired by how more than global technology leaders see the world transforming.

Blockchain technology is changing the art world. From artistic production and distribution to security and authentication, blockchain technology is changing the way we create and consume visual arts.

How do you go from a smart and ambitious individual to having a co-founding team focused around an idea? This talk will help you think through that process. How you show up physiologically as a leader matters more than you think. Research in human physiology has revealed that when the heart and brain work together, we enter a coherent state and our frame of mind shifts.

By applying this research, leaders can drive authenticity and innovation. Do you remember the last time you admitted being wrong? This talk will examine the societal, cultural and mental influences that hamper your decision-making abilities; you will learn how Design Thinking can help you transcend your desire to be right by adopting a people-first perspective that can lead to better decisions, effective teams, and successful products.

These products are made entirely from recycled materials such as used plastic bottles, discarded fishing nets, old tires, and coffee grounds. The future of urban mobility is being shaped by non-traditional companies, and more and more those companies are popping up in China.

Joseph will provide insights to how NIU disrupted the mobility world in China, and how it wants to create an eco-system of collaboration in Europe. The story about the journey from a small Swedish start-up to a leading global payments provider, from a CEO and co-founder perspective. Privacy and online security have been creeping toward the public forefront for years. We'd love for attendees to leave with a basic set of online skills and Krav Maga tricks.

The class is specifically meant to teach people who identify themselves as female. Today's institutions are based on trust. Yet, trust is no longer the only basis for the proper functioning of an institution. By decentralizing systems within and outside institutions, a change is in order, towards a brighter, more transparent and better functioning future.

In a world that is moving faster than ever and increasingly complex - how do we create fast outcomes that delight users? IBM's General Manager of Design, Phil Gilbert, shares his story and the insights he's gained answering this question at one of the world's oldest and most respected technology companies using human-centered design and a willingness to restlessly reinvent.

Interested in getting some dating advice on how to work with a corporate? Showcasing how an employee-led startup can develop a relationship with a corporate. That brings up two problems: We are facing a tsunami of content and it is hard to get a message to audiences. Stefan Häckel shows how to create content with real impact. Julian Sommer, Managing Director, ixo.

From voice assistants to autonomous vehicles, smarter cities will also be much more accessible. Fashion designer, Asher Levine, will connect past predictions with present technologies and explore the next fashion frontier through a backstage view of his tech-enhanced designs. You can find out everything about almost any product. Who made it, where it was made, and with what. Blockchain increases transparency, and data is less vulnerable to manipulation.

The consumer experience will never be the same. In a world where single audio files can be excised and bought from a track, blockchain is a game-changer for digital rights management, and the P2P transactions between listeners and artists.

Whose song is it? Cars that never park. A city with more people than Germany. Amol Sarva will present the feats of imagination and architecture that will shape the cities of tomorrow, and discuss how these innovations will grow our human potential tenfold. How do we connect more meaningfully with others IRL?

Using a combination of industry standard and open source software allowed ottonova to launch Germany's first purely digital health insurance and realize its entire service range in a smartphone app.

Instead of waiting in overcrowded waiting rooms ottonova's clients have a video consultancy with experienced doctors or chat with ottonova's concierge service to support them with all health related questions. A timeline feature sums up the client's health history including doctor's visits, prescriptions and medications and reminds them about all upcoming examinations.

Encompassing an overview of the competitor landscape ottonova's CTO Frank Birzle will explain how the company managed to launch its disruptive services quickly and stay focused on what matters most to the client. Ultimately, these adaptations will be used to bring people together IRL. Crypto has a culture problem, which threatens to jeopardise the viability of the project at large.

There are resilient and deep subcultural communities on the margins that may provide the best immediate test cases for blockchain technology and decentralised consensus systems, and are being overlooked in favour of flawed legacy industries. I discuss how if the crypto community wants to deliver on its transformative promise, it would do well to expand its vision, and put their tokens where their mouth is. Why has a year-old analog technology become so popular in today's world?

The answer lies in the history of photography itself, and how we as humans interact with this constantly evolving medium. Just like we abandoned digital cameras for high-quality smartphone lenses, our search for meaningful experiences and artifacts in a world of AI and a constant competition for likes has reinforced how important it can be to hold something in our hands.

The future of mobility is automated, electrified, shared and: This will and open up possibilities for whole new business models and lifestyles. Let me guide you through our thoughts and what Bosch is doing to make this future happen. Applied Empathy is a design thinking approach to leadership and problem solving that uses a variety of perspective-broadening techniques.

From helping General Electric reinvent their mammography business to leading the launch of Nike's Hyperfeel product, Sub Rosa's empathic approach has consistently delivered powerful results for brands. This talk will help listeners capture the importance and impact of empathy, and offer practical tools that improve your relationships with your teams, your customers, and ultimately, with yourself. Are you a highly innovative and ambitious start-up or small or medium-sized company SME with global ambitions?

You are an outstanding business coach with entrepreneurial experience and global visions? You are an investor who scouts disruptive unicorns aiming at international growth?

Than this workshop is for you! Learn what is in for you as company, coach or investor, get tips and tricks to apply form an insider and be ready for a new European challenge! Listen as experts discuss the implications for effective machine learning and exchange best practices for applying AI across industries. And many will not make the cut. Martin discusses the cause and effects of the tech revolution in the field of human reproduction. In the future, sex will be exclusively for fun Virtual Human Agents recognize objects in real-time and respond to voice and talk back to us with emotions.

Connectome uses Blockchain to securely store AI learning and growth histories to secure the reliability of AI. Anita Zielina, Digital Innovation Expert. Hear anecdotes and learn tactics that Hustle has applied to become a Silicon Valley revenue and diversity success story. We know that the decentralized ledger is revolutionizing everything from fintech to energy to arts and beyond!

How we govern these blockchains will determine whether this is the "next internet" or if we're just in a crypto bubble. Experts discuss current and future approaches to blockchain governance and the importance of building a community that can withstand the hype. We live in the age of AI profiling us on social media and creating cocoon like information loops which not only influence the world, but also freeze our personality development.

How to get out of these loops? By building social media of the future. Powerful vocals with humorous lyrics, passionate guitar playing and charm make him a one-man-groove-machine that runs with or without amplification. Conceived and completed in an isolated coastal town in Northern NSW, his first self-produced work is heavily influenced by the Australian landscape and the awe-inspiring ocean that surrounded him as the album developed. Now back in Berlin, will see Dyer share his new collection of songs and stories.

The internet was built upon fully democratic principles and unhindered free speech. Has the vision of the internet as a place to educate and learn achieved its true potential?

Where are we headed? What can we do to make things better? Join smart x Cabin Spacey outdoors for the product launch at He will explain how blockchain marketing differs from traditional start-up marketing. Additionally, he will share his take on token economics and valuations. Join us for an inspiring journey inside the human brain and discover how the findings of neuroscience are changing our perspective on personalization and inevitably driving the future of marketing. Technology has transformed the way artists create, share and distribute their music, and today there are more paths to career growth than ever before.

This talk will explore the evolving relationship between musicians and investors, and potential parallels to the modern venture capital industry. Beyond any initial pain lies a valuable opportunity: Let's explore how to rethink your processes to prioritize customer trust and champion privacy and data protection. Digitisation offers great chances for Germany and its people — chances to increase prosperity and social progress.

With regard to the dynamic of changes, big and bold steps are required to reach the top. Germany has the potential, and its government the will, to turn it into a role model for free societies in the digital age. What is creative strategy? Why is creative strategy essential to emergent storytelling? Wtf is emergent storytelling?!

AI-powered immersive theater project "Frankenstein AI: The Mindful Lunch is a silent meal that support you to be mindful as you eat. Using our meals as a trigger to be mindful is an easy way to slow down and bring more mindfulness into everyday life and start to taste food in a new way.

Bring your food and join us. Dexon is the next generation infinite chain based on a revolutionary blocklattice data structure that features multiple blockchain systems working together in parallel. The DEXON network scales easily and automatically, while maintaining low transaction fees, empowering decentralized applications to unleash their true potential.

What is blockchain interoperability? This talk will describe the goals, challenges, and approaches to interoperability, its uses for development of complex applications and scalability, and technical details of how Polkadot intends to provide blockchain interoperability. Digitalization will take the Energy Transition to an entirely new level and offers enormous potential to speed it up. Markus will present how the energy landscape of the future could look like and show E.

ON's latest edge digital technologies to drive the Energy Transition. Healthcare suffers from increasing costs, unequal access and a lack of patient focus. Disruption is needed and we can make it happen. I will talk about how digitalisation can usher in a new era that will put patients in control of their own healthcare, raise quality and improve the well-being of all. Most successful companies today will fail to secure a market leadership of tomorrow. The next big thing will not be a new technology or digital trend.

It will be all about the mindset and the ability to fundamentally transform the company in order to shape the future. Distributed governance is a key challenge for the blockchain ecosystem. To tackle this challenge, we are thinking about the concept of Futarchy. Futarchy posits that with a well-defined problem, market mechanisms are the best way to find the dominant strategy for solving said problem with an open group. Harmonizing and directing consciousness is a primary factor in achieving flow states, breaking through creative blocks, radical ideation, problem-solving and honing technical prowess through applied focus.

This workshop investigates meditation in the context of creative practices. Become an art market insider - Magnus Resch explains how the art industry really works, why it is in poor shape and how tech can disrupt it. Laura is going to talk about different ways to engage in our project, Start-Up Your Future.

Support refugees by becoming a voluntary business mentor! Previously, Rebecca founded a digital marketing agency and served as strategist at Intel. Robert is a co-founder of Polkadot network, with a research and development background in blockchains, distributed systems, and cryptography.

JAM is the next big innovation story in a post-streaming world. Sarah is the Co-Founder and Vice President of Marketing and Operations at Nextdoor, the free and private social network for neighborhoods. Under Leary, Nextdoor has grown from a single neighborhood in California to more than , neighborhoods in 5 countries.

In , Sebastian co-founded Klarna to provide safe and smooth online payments, and currently serves as its CEO. Klarna is a now fully licensed bank with over 60M customers. Sissel is a pioneer and unique in her approach to smells and has developed a wide range of revolutionary projects worldwide with smells based upon her own knowledge — organic chemistry, linguistics, and visual art.

Her research and projects have won recognition through numerous national andinternational scholarships, honors, and prizes. She is very capable at collaborating intensively with and among other disciplines. Sissel has showed her project in multiple museum and institutions i.

Sissel has done 52 City SmellScape research projects since , of, for and with major cities, all over the world. Tolaas total collection of smell-molecules and smell-structures are, per , are up to Since Tolaas is part of various start-ups in the field of the senses and technology.

Stefan is the CTO of Ripple, the San Francisco-based blockchain company powering frictionless payments across the globe. Stefan has over 15 years of experience in software development. Stephane is a mindfulness coach for business contexts and personal development, with a background in Asian mindfulness and traditional Chinese Medicine.

For more than 30 years, Stephane has taught and explored the path of Qi Gong and Kung Fu, the main practices taught in Shaolin Monestaries. He became European Champion in the Vietnamese martial-art Kwan Ki Do multiple times and grew into a renowned teacher of methods enhancing concentration, effectiveness and positive mind-shaping. Stephen is an multiple award winning, senior creative, strategic marketing and content professional armed with an unparalleled track record of creating engaging degree campaigns that truly resonate with global youth audiences.

At Boiler Room he leads a new division with teams across marketing, communications, film, production, music programming and creative. Tom is the co-founder of HolacracyOne, the organization that developed the gold standard for self-organization. Tyler is busy man. He studies cutting-edge neuroscience, heart-brain communication, cognitive behavior, and mindfulness practices to develop scalable and reliable methodology for leadership development, actionable innovations, and future intelligence.

Uwe founded the investment fund Project A in With four partners, he invests in startups in Europe and globally from a M euro fund, and has built a team of experts who support startups operationally, in addition to providing financial investment. Additionally, together with private equity investors, he supports established companies in their digital transformation efforts. His upcoming book Endless Impossibilities brings the realities of a quantum future into the present, helping readers understand and prepare for the coming age of quantum computing.

As part of her Vision she created and founded the two internationally renowned exhibition and art projects: Since , Young is deeply involved in the international art scene as a curator, innovator, project developer, art career and high profile collection manager. Currently Ysiad is the COO of Hustle, the leading peer-to-peer messaging platform that allows organizations to create genuine, human relationships at scale.

Zoe is a serial founder and investor. Zoe has a strong background in electronics and informatics and 20 years experience as a founder. Andy is an award-winning researcher and co-founder of Melodrive, an AI adaptive music system for VR and games. On a mission to use AI to extend what human composers can do, he creates music that adapts to users in interactive environments, and transforming interactive media in the process.

Astrid has been writing about tech for a decade with stints at manager magazin and Financial Times Deutschland.

Knight Fellowship alumna and the co-founder of Dverse Media, a platform for innovation and diversity in journalism. Christoph is deputy editor-in-chief of Business Insider Deutschland, holding responsibility for the business and politics section. He previously served as managing editor and politics editor for HuffPost Germany. Before that he worked as a freelance journalist for several outlets, including Spiegel Online and Westdeutsche Zeitung.

Dimitri De Jonghe is a cross-domain protocol researcher. After finishing his PhD on micro-electronics and machine learning, he co-founded a series of blockchain startups: Currently, Dimitri is heading research at Ocean Protocol on public intelligence networks.

He is also a co-chair of the W3C Interledger community, a blockchain interoperability protocol. As Chief Product Officer, he leads the strategy around all product initiatives, ensuring a clear product vision is in place and aligned across the organization with a focus on the creation and building of products and features that enhance the SoundCloud experience for users.

John is Co-Founder and Managing Partner of Plus Eight Equity Partners, working with innovative music technology companies to support growth and provide strategic and operational guidance. He also happens to be a world-class DJ with over 35 years of experience and one of the largest networks in the electronic music community. Markus is an experienced executive and entrepreneur with a background in business and programming expertise.

Megan is a freelance science journalist who is especially passionate about covering space exploration and archaeology. She is a former news editor of the websites Live Science and Space.

Mike is a venture partner at Open Ocean Capital — a venture capital business for data intensive businesses. Niko dedicates his time to developing the technology and startup ecosystem in Berlin, and connecting it with the world. He also happens to be the biggest foodie you will ever meet.

Robin is a seasoned technology journalist and editor of Tech. Samantha Stein leads Startup Battlefield, a department of TechCrunch that predicts which early stage companies globally are most likely to produce an exit or IPO.

How successful is Startup Battlefield? The numbers speak for themselves: She focuses on building dynamic frameworks for businesses to implement investment plans, while working with high-achieving individuals and their teams during periods of rapid growth. In addition to her dynamic speaking appearances, Silvia has also been featured in Forbes, Entrepreneur, Huffington Post, Inc. Stephen scales the 2 fastest growth SaaS groups on LinkedIn. She previously founded DailyLit, a pioneer in digital serialization.

She lives primarily in New York City but hopes to spend more time at her place in Berlin. Amaryllis Liampoti is a senior marketing leader with a proven track record driving growth for B2B and B2C businesses. With a passion for technology and a truly global perspective, Amaryllis has honed a wide breadth of skills in her more than 13 years of working in digital businesses.

Strong business focus and experienced manager. Together with the team and in close alignment with the DFS Global COM department she is responsible for the internal and external cross-media communication. After being involved in the development of various services at IBM, Atsushi developed multiple large-scale search engines at Rakuten and Infoseek.

He founded Couger and developed multiple top-selling online games. Ben is an Innovation Driver at Accenture and accelerates the sustainable transformations of bigger companies into the Digital Age. He is founder of the startup Equality Magazine. Colin is a software investor at Balderton Capital where he has invested in frontier market facing consumer software companies like Frontier Car Group and Luno.

Prior to that he led Frontier Markets at SoundCloud. Colin grew up in Jakarta, Indonesia and Hong Kong. He leads all investor and startup engagement, including the startup programme for all of Europe as part of the Google Cloud organization. Frank Birzle is co-founder and CTO of ottonova. Prior to joining ottonova he spent many years in leadership roles at Rocket Internet.

He focuses on building highly motivated teams and scalable architectures. Georg took the first steps into coding when he was 12 years old. During the studies in telematics, he developed a passion for connecting computers. Now, as a software engineer at Daimler TSS in Berlin, Georg is connecting cars to the cloud to develop new and innovative mobility services.

Janis was born in a state that does not exist. Learned to code at 11 so he could make his own games. Wanted to become a musician, but eventually started doing design. Now developing ASKfm, a global social network, which utilizes every aspect of his experience for the best.

Her Epic Raid began many years before as a product designer, when she found a secret treasure in gamification, guiding now her way towards her vision to bring passion and emotions back into the industry. As Director of International for NIU, Joseph is responsible for growth of the brand, sales channels, and all key global partnerships for new mobility solutions.

Joseph has been working in the start-up ecosystem of China for the past 15 years and is passionate about transforming urban mobility globally.

Kaspar is a serial entrepreneur focusing on SaaS and machine learning. He studied Economics at HU Berlin with a focus on computational statistics and took over his first company at the age of Before this, he worked in various mobility divisions and in the solar industry for Bosch. Laura supports refugees to found their own business in Germany by providing them with voluntary mentors!

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