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Unterschreitung der Grenzwerte hin: Ein Dauerschallpegel über 80 Dezibel kann zu gesundheitlichen Beeinträchtigungen führen. Das neu geschaffene Label informiert den Kunden über drei Kriterien: Rollwiderstand , Nasshaftung und Geräuschemission. Jedoch gibt es viele weitere Leistungsfaktoren. Unter anderem wird die Trockenhaftung nicht berücksichtigt, obwohl das Fahren auf trockener Fahrbahn das mit Abstand häufigste Nutzungsszenario darstellt.

Weitere nicht berücksichtigte Faktoren sind:. Hier werden 2 Kriterien, Rollwiderstand und Nasshaftung, bewertet. East India Army and General Rare internal use of 3d SG A rare internal UK usage of this 3d which was introduced to pay the letter rate to Belgium and Switzerland. Although on a slightly tired wrapper and the stamp affected at the right by a light vertical filing crease,. Rare with just this cancellation but this example is.

The first such combined usage we have seen. A r emarkable item. Fine used marginal pair SG A rare multiple and priced by Gibbons at. The London cancellation leaves the left hand plate number completely clear. Very scarce stamp with this variety so clearly visible. London November 26th , slightly rounded corner bottom right. Fushie Bridge and for the name Wilson. We have seen very few such internal usages of this stamp other than on registered mail.

Various transit markings on the front and reverse including Colombo Post Paid in red. Envelope in much better condition than the scan suggests: Very clean envelope and the light corner crease bottom right is not as pronounced as the scan suggests. The browning on the stamp from the cancellation is also not as pronounced as the scan. Stamp placed Contrary to Regulations at the bottom of the envelope.

The next two envelopes illustrate this change in usage. Possibly a very small cut in the top right corner of the stamp. Rare usage and especially in such fine overall condition. The example offered here is the only used example of Spec L of which we are aware. An unrecorded duplex in any shade other than black by Parmenter. A rare combination of stamps made extremely rare by the coloured cancellation. This is arguably one of the, if not the, finest examples extant of this variety.

Exhibition quality plus and a very rare stamp in such superb condition. Alongside is another strike in the same exceptional condition. Superb and rare item. A rare multiple in this shade and especially so on cover. Manchester duplex, heavy in places, for February 6 th A v ery rare and impressive item. Very scarce multiple usage with strong colour for this issue.

Scroll down to the end of this Section for more Lilac and Greens. A few nibbled perfs at the right and the scan does NOT do justice to its fine colour. August 4 th All were legal tender at that time , except 1d SG - demonitized on June 1st Perhaps the person posting it expected the item to be cancelled with the Exhibition Flag Duplex? A remarkable and rare usage of QV stamps between 27 and 33 years after they were issued.

No perf strengthening and the browning effects are much less than the scanner suggests. Excellent colour and a very attractive and very scarce multiple in such fine condition.

The damage suggests that the right hand frame is coming away and is very similar to the variety: Superb display item and likely to be unique as a trio with the variety clear. This would pair up well with as these are the only two listed frame break varieties by Gibbons for this stamp. A rare opportunity to acquire both of these varieties: Clearly for whatever reason the month and day slugs were missing.

Unprinted and ungummed watermark Large Anchor. Unprinted blued paper sample with Large Anchor watermark. Being off centre it allows the blueing in the paper to be more easily seen. This grouping would make an excellent basis for a Collection of these interesting cancellations. We normally do not publish on the Website damaged stamps unless there is an overiding rarity. This IS the case here. These cancellations were used in London on mail posted at four provincial railway stations in late boxes.

Bradford, Leeds, Manchester and Liverpool. The collection times were almost always L1 7pm, L2 7. This particular cancellation with the time code 7. See Item in the Stationery Section for this very rare cancellation on an embossed cover. The 2d was printed in the scarcer shade during the early printings of which this is an example.

The scan does not do justice to the fresh appearance and the colours of this piece. An attractive and rare item. Tied to piece by the Lombard Street squared circle for October 3 rd January 23rd cds, with excellent centring and perfs except one shortish top left.

A black cancellation at the left opposite the 'F' square makes it appear two perfs are missing. A couple of very short perfs at the top but very scarce to find. Very rare to find this cancellation on any high value denomination bearing in mind the real value of these in terms!

Despite the perf irregularities, this is a very rare item indeed. Hinge remnant and horizontal creases both in the top marginal inscription but the stamp is unmounted. We cannot recall seeing the 5d postage rate to Germany made up with a 4d sage green in this way. Envelope from Jersey to Hamburgh, rear flap missing, with a block of 4 and a single,. Very small tone mark on top left stamp near the perfs as per the image.

This is the first time we can recall seeing this effect on this issue with inverted watermark. Very clean reverse, one pulled perf on bottom right stamp and a very scarce multiple. He was promoted to Vice Admiral in. December and was required to assess the damage caused by volcanic disturbances in the neighbourhood of Santorini.

He was promoted to full Admiral in Excellent overall condition with possibly a very minor rub on the reverse in the top left corner. One of the finest we have seen for some considerable. This is NOT the case as the mark in the paper is the large anchor watermark. The first page has a superb line engraving of Gibraltar. The long letter mentions that he was a passenger on the same train to Southampton as was the Prince of Wales.

The writer describes the Bay of Biscay, passing along the Portuguese coast and seeing Lisbon before entering the Bay of Gibraltar. Detailed descriptions followed of what he saw on Gibraltar, its trees, houses and lots of cheap cigars and wine as well as guns: An exceptional letter which would make a memorable and fascinating display item.

Very few used examples with this Warrant Number are known and. An attractive item and an early example of postage dues added at an overseas destination. Stamp tied by the cds of the Falmouth duplex for October 3rd with an additional duplex strike at right.

Market —Strand Falmouth cds and a Majorna receiving cds on reverse. Total or partially clear QV heads on most stamps. Bottom left stamp damaged but the rest are very fine to superb especially so in a block. Despite the damage to one stamp, this is one of the finest blocks we have been able to offer.

Priced as a block of 4: A remarkable item with a rare franking and destination. Large garter un-printed and un-gummed strip of FIVE showing the vertical interpane gutter margin. Creasing but very scarce. Stamp placed top left contrary to PO regulations and the cancellation. April 6th — barely one month after issue.

Tied by a superb Leeds duplex and very scarce to find such a. JY 5 on envelope to Hamburg — part of rear flap missing. A fresh lightly mounted mint example with superb colour. The right hand stamp of the 4d pair has a small fault at the right side. An attractive and very rare Scottish entire.

As the the stamp was just tied by part of the London no 12 duplex,. Attractive and rare example on cover of this usage of the PD to cancel a stamp. September , of the VR scroll cancel,. The stamp has some clipped perfs on the left but is. The stamp is offered with Certification.

SG very fine 6d on 6d: Colourful and attractive franking and a rare combination of stamps and cancellation. Each stamp with small faults. The watermark is displaced just about as far as it is possible to be. Uncatalogued frame break below. Each stamp mainly clear profile. Unusual variety especially in a multiple. A rare matched pairing — this variety is especially difficult to find in the pale buff printing. Alexandria CDS, Dec 18 ,. Glasgow cds for Sep 16 Scarce stamp with cds.

Newcastle under Lyme then redirected to Newcastle, Rochdale and finally Manchester. Very attractive and unusual and scarce with such combined surcharges. The majority of the action is on the front of the envelope so ideal for display. Queen's head totally clear. Lilac and Green Issue. A very scarce block with deep original colour. Dr Arning was an English-German dermatologist and microbiologist from Manchester.

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