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Customer-specific physical values We can even incorporate customer-specific physical values into the production process, ensuring that user requirements are met even more effectively. Retrieved from " https:

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Years later, American Henry Dearborn expressed the sentiment that "we had something more at stake than fighting for six Pence pr Day. In late September and during the first week of October , Gate's American army was positioned between Burgoyne's army and Albany.

On October 7, Burgoyne took the offensive. The troops crashed together south of the town of Saratoga, and Burgoyne's army was broken. In mop-up operations 86 percent of Burgoyne's command was captured. The victory gave new life to the American cause at a critical time. Americans had just suffered a major setback the Battle of the Brandywine along with news of the fall of Philadelphia to the British. A stupendous American victory in October , the success at Saratoga gave France the confidence in the American cause to enter the war as an American ally.

Later American successes owed a great deal to French aid in the form of financial and military assistance. Spies worked for both British and American armies. Secret messages and battle plans were passed in a variety of creative ways, including being sewn into buttons. Patriots and loyalists penned these secret letters either in code, with invisible ink, or as mask letters.

Here is an example of Loyalist Sir Henry Clinton's mask letter. The first letter is the mask letter with the secret message decoded; the second is an excerpt of the full letter. W's move just at this time has been capital. Benedict Arnold is best remembered as a traitor; an American patriot who spied for the British during the American Revolution. But there is more to his story than this sad event.

Arnold was a fierce patriot during the Stamp Act crisis and the early years of the American Revolution. As a member of George Washington's Continental Army, he led a failed attack on Quebec, but was nonetheless named brigadier general in His next big moment came at the Battle of Saratoga.

Here, Benedict Arnold was instrumental in stopping the advance of the British and in obtaining the surrender of British General John Burgoyne. During the Battle of Freeman's Farm, Arnold's leg was severely wounded when pinned beneath his horse. Over the next two years, Benedict Arnold remained a patriot, but was upset and embittered at what he felt was a lack of his recognition and contribution to the war.

In , following British evacuation of Philadelphia, George Washington appointed Arnold military commander of the city. In Philadelphia, Benedict Arnold was introduced to and fell in love with Margaret Peggy Shippen , a young, well-to-do loyalist who was half his age. Meanwhile, Benedict Arnold's reputation while in Philadelphia was beginning to tarnish. He was accused of using public wagons for private profit and of being friendly to Loyalists.

Faced with a court-martial for corruption, he resigned his post on March 19, But Arnold had also maintained his close relationship with George Washington and still had access to important information.

Specifically, Arnold offered to hand over the most strategic fortress in America: Arnold's friend, George Washington, was heartbroken over the news, but was forced to deal with the treacherous act. Benedict Arnold was named brigadier general by the British government and sent on raids to Virginia. Following Cornwallis's surrender at Yorktown in , Arnold and his family sailed to Britain with his family.

He died in London in The Iroquois Tribes 2. The House of Burgesses 3. Witchcraft in Salem 4. The Ideas of Benjamin Franklin 5. Life in the Plantation South 6. A New African-American Culture 7. The Treaty of Paris and Its Impact 9. The Intolerable Acts The Declaration of Independence Yorktown and the Treaty of Paris When Does the Revolution End? Revolutionary Changes and Limitations: The Age of Atlantic Revolutions The Economic Crisis of the s Constitution Through Compromise The Antifederalists' Victory in Defeat Native American Resilience and Violence in the West The Life and Times of John Adams A New National Capital: Another View of Virginia in Claiming Victory from Defeat Early National Arts and Cultural Independence The Expansion of the Vote: Jacksonian Democracy and Modern America Irish and German Immigration Transcendentalism, An American Philosophy The Southern Argument for Slavery Gold in California The Compromise of Preston Brooks and Charles Sumner The South Secedes The Road to Appomattox The Assassination of the President Rebuilding the Old Order Politics of the Gilded Age Debs and American Socialism Artistic and Literary Trends The Print Revolution The Wounded Knee Massacre The Election of Woodrow Wilson's New Freedom The Panama Canal The secondary corrugated board packaging and the displays have been produced by Model Weinfelden using digital printing.

The modular design means the cubes can easily be stacked on top of each other and linked, creating stable, self-supporting structures as needed and adapted in line with the space available. No adhesive is required. The attractive display is rounded off with a topper. Made from laminated cardboard, the packaging was created in such a way that the individual cans could be easily removed once the windows are opened, the latter being numbered accordingly on the front. And just like a real case, the box was also fitted with a carrying handle.

The innovation centre in Opava has developed a new range of gift packaging for the high-end Czech herbal liqueur Becherovka. In keeping with the tradition and original recipe of this drink, the packaging design was inspired by a sachet for gathering herbs.

Choosing a rustic look also served to strengthen the image of the liqueur as a natural product, and the cardboard was discreetly cold-embossed to heighten the prestige feel. The first poly-joined boxes manufactured at the Opava corrugated board plant have paved the way for new packaging elements, particularly in the case of shelf ready packaging.

The construction makes it possible to use two different materials, which can each be offset or flexo printed. After performing its function in the transport phase, the lid can be recycled and the goods are ready for display on the shelf in the more appealing lower section — easy to access and readily visible for customers.

A mountain of ski poles inspired the development of a sales stand for the company Völkl. The interesting request from the sales department in Nymburk was taken up by one of the designers, who created a universal stand for several types of ski pole. Dark shades of brown were applied to the classic silver PET base and then finished with an elegant combination of different varnishes. The text inside the debossed bottle image was printed in raised relief, while the content message was partially highlighted with a semi-matte varnish and also debossed.

The result is a packaging that strikes the perfect balance between refined elegance, self-confidence and masculine nonchalance.

The challenge here was to create an oval display with maximum advertising space, but stable enough to present three trays carrying 25 g packs of rice.

Another special feature is that the packs can be accessed from both sides. The advertising space is important here since it is used to show how easy this new product is to prepare.

The complete display including the cover comprises five separate parts, and was printed digitally. The customer was looking for a simple, effective and versatile POS display for cigarettes.

Model SA, Moudon, contructed a compact stand that is easy to set up. The same concept was used for several versions using different digital printing processes and customised headers, and cut using the plotter for small runs.

Digital printing means designs can be changed regularly without incurring printing plate costs. This delightfully colourful packaging suitable for postal delivery comes in two sizes. The smaller of the two allows up to two pairs of socks to be sent as letter post, leading to a saving on postage costs guaranteed to please the end customer.

The printing — as colourful as the socks themselves — was deliberately placed on the inside of the pack, and printed using the new Bobst digital printing press.

There are six sheets for two months each, and a cover sheet with openings revealing a map with the production sites of the Model Group. The calendar pages show photographs of six Model locations, and feature individual QR codes linking to further information online as well as samples of packaging designs.

The calendar can be either hung on the wall or stood up. The packaging and the content both play on the Easter tradition of hiding treats in the garden. The main packaging evokes a spring garden, concealing an assortment of handmade regional delicacies: The garden motif is also continued in the design of the individual elements.

The packaging is made from three-ply, corrugated E-flute board. Double-sided tape is used and is already glued in during the manufacturing process. This means the packaging can be folded much quicker and more easily. The design of the main packaging is reminiscent of a box of chocolates, while the bars themselves are in a recess with a simple holder to stop them falling out. The overprint is in four Pantone colours and also varnished. No — beer-brewing is not our latest venture. We will stick to what we do best — manufacturing intelligent packaging solutions!

Do you brew your beer according to season, sporting event, or by moonlight — but your packaging still lacks a certain something to make that immediately clear?

For just under a year now we have been using a world first in digital printing technology from Bobst SA. It means you no longer have to choose just one image for your packaging. A whole range of designs can be printed in small or large runs, at no extra cost for printing tools.

An unconventional packaging design order posed a challenge for the technology department in Nymburk. The client supplies bonbons to various countries, but its markets have differing requirements with regard to the placement of the access slot.

The solution was a unique construction where the full box can be opened from both the front and the side, and can be used as a sales display. The elegant chocolate packaging in handbag form was offset printed in six colours and finally foil-embossed relief and flat printed in silver.

A delicious assortment of Lindt balls and bars can be found inside. The bags are constructed with a rigid bottom seam, while the handle is made from a chain with satin ribbon. The chocolates are packaged in a plastic pouch and placed inside the bag. This ensure that the bag can be used again, for example as gift packaging. This digitally printed table-top display, made of corrugated board, holds herbal yeast products. An additional holder for information leaflets is attached to the front.

This Swiss crisp producer has always attached great importance to using local potatoes and knowing where they are sourced. Over farmers throughout Switzerland supply potatoes to Zweifel. To highlight this fact, the company contracted Model to make a digitally printed POS stand in four colours. Thanks to a range of printed toppers, which are detachable and can be swapped out, a single display can be used to convey multiple marketing messages.

Since they are digitally printed, there are no additional ancillary costs for the different designs. The brief was to replace a metal display with a free-standing cardboard display with a maximum height of 1. Our response was this easy-to-assemble Evian flap display. The display holds three different bottle sizes and can be easily accessed from the front and back, allowing bottles to be effortlessly removed.

The display is transported flat-packed to the point of sale by Evian's sales staff, where it can be quickly and easily assembled and stocked. The side panels are reinforced for extra stability. The Evian flap display was honoured at the German Packaging Awards The history of the Bataillard firm goes back to the 16th century.

The family-run business specialises in importing wine and contract bottling and supplies both retail and trade customers. This two-bottle gift box was produced for Bataillard's trade division. Our brief was to optimise a competitor's previous design—an offset laminated box with a multi-part insert.

The result is enthralling in all respects—a real eye-catcher. It was offset printed at our facility in Au and finished with a special Soft Touch coating and a textured coating. This was all carried out in a single printing process. The combination of the wood pattern and the two coatings makes the wood-effect amazingly realistic. The printed sheet was subsequently laminated and cut at Model AG's facility in Weinfelden. The two-part insert protects the wine bottles and serves as a placeholder for two different giveaways.

By optimising the insert and reducing it to only two parts, the design reduces the co-packing time and costs. The result speaks for itself! For these diamond-studded tights, which are only sold in select outlets, Model AG created a box that is in perfect harmony with its contents.

Elegant, minimalist hot foil elements perfectly frame the exclusive packaging design, making the product a consumer magnet. The deep black colour of the box leaves no room for unsightly white edges and gives the packaging a luxurious feel.

The colour of the box was achieved using a water-based, liquid pigment, without carbon, which means that the packaging is completely biodegradable. These exquisite gems are made from corrugated cardboard. The example shown was decorated with tattoo designs for a trade fair, but many other designs are also possible.

The handbags can be laminated with textured paper, for example. From a graceful snakeskin-leather look, to a daring crocodile effect or cool print designs like the above example — the possibilities are endless. A special coating makes the handbags water-resistant, while the corrugated cardboard gives them stability. A magnetic catch allows the bags to be easily opened and closed.

The leather-look handle not only looks good; it also serves its purpose. A very special bunny hutch: Carefully coordinated components make it seem as though the gold bunny is sitting in a fenced-off meadow area, while Soft Touch and UV gloss coatings give the fence a wood-like texture.

The basket has an intricate false bottom, which is folded together. As well as giving the basket an elegant appearance, this also means that it can be easily handled and delivered flat-packed. The bunny is placed inside the insert, which holds it in position. The false bottom underneath the insert contains chocolate eggs. The packaging looks stunning and boasts many delightful visual and tactile features.

The fence is part of a base section that is automatically erected when folded. On the customer's request, the insert was designed so as to allow the bunny to be placed inside it from above. This significantly reduces packing times. The packaging dimensions were chosen to enable optimal usage of the POS display space. A real eye-catcher that enthralled young and old this Easter.

Its gently sloping conical shape allows for large window cut-outs, from which the chocolate bunnies emerge. The bunnies are held in place by an insert, which, like the house itself, is delivered flat-packed. The insert is snapped into position. The bunny house is designed and built to look like a wood cabin on an open meadow, creating a homely and spring-like atmosphere.

Since the inlay is also green, the bunnies appear to be sitting on the meadow. Flap was designed for customers who favour an extremely fast unpacking process as a means of reducing costs.

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