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The Geraldton-Beardmore Gold Camp, in the heart of the Canadian Shield, hosts numerous mineralized zones which continue to be explored for potential development.

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Kilda Crossed axes in shield trademark. Nice addition to any ginger beer collection. By the s a butter factory was established, a flour mill , wineries and locally brewed cider and soft drinks were available. The railway line from Sydney arrived at Albury in see Transport-Rail below.

A temporary wooden railway bridge joined the line to the Victorian network in New South Wales and Victoria had different track gauges until , when the first train ran direct from Sydney to Melbourne. The two states could not initially agree which should be the transfer point so they had an expensive and attractive iron lattice bridge sent from Scotland which accommodated both gauges. In , Albury built its first school house. The Royal Commission on Sites for the Seat of Government of the Commonwealth report of recommended Albury along with Tumut as the preferred candidate for the national capital , [8] though the proposal met staunch opposition from residents.

The lack of support for other places ultimately led to the selection of Canberra as the preferred site. After signalling by Morse code A-L-B-U-R-Y to the lost aircrew by using the entire town's public lighting system, the "Uiver" was guided in to land safely.

The makeshift runway at the racecourse was illuminated by the headlights of cars belonging to local residents who had responded to a special news bulletin on ABC Radio 2CO. After refuelling the next day, many local volunteers helped pull the stranded aircraft out of the mud and the aircraft was able to take off and continue to Melbourne where it won first prize in the race's handicap category and became second overall. Proclaimed a city in , Albury and played a role in the post-war immigration to Australia with the establishment nearby of Australia's first migrant centre, the Bonegilla Migrant Reception and Training Centre in Albury's proximity to Wodonga has spurred several efforts to achieve some kind of municipal governmental union see Albury-Wodonga.

In , Albury-Wodonga was selected as the primary focus of the Whitlam federal government's scheme to redirect the uncontrolled growth of Australia's large coastal cities Sydney and Melbourne in particular by encouraging decentralisation.

Grand plans were made to turn Albury-Wodonga into a major inland city and large areas of the surrounding farmland was compulsorily purchased by the government. Some industries were enticed to move there, and a certain amount of population movement resulted. However, the current urban population is approximately 89, The following buildings, structures, and ephemera in Albury are listed on various heritage registers:. According to the census of Population, there were 47, people in the Albury part of the Albury - Wodonga Urban Centre.

Albury is situated above the river flats of the Murray River, in the foothills of the Great Dividing Range. Albury has a warm, temperate climate , with cool winters and very warm to hot summers. Nights can be freezing in the town and frosts are commonplace in winter, with approximately 20 days per year featuring minimums of below freezing. Albury's mean annual rainfall is Rain can occur all year round, but most of it falls in the winter months with July's high mean of Albury has quite a high evaporation rate, giving the environment a more arid look compared to drier cities like Melbourne, with the city enjoying a high amount of sunshine annually.

Albury gets around days of clear skies annually. Much commercial activity is concentrated here, with Dean Street forming the axis of the main shopping and office district. West over the ridge lies West Albury. All of West Albury was once wetland and bush.

To the north-west of West Albury is Pemberton Park. The Mungabareena Reserve lies on the Murray south of the airport, and is considered an Aboriginal cultural site of some significance.

Mungabareena means "place of plenty talk" in the Wiradjuri language. South Albury is a mix of residential and industrial areas, with the floodplains south of the railway line and freeway still used for farming and grazing. Flood mitigation works in the s have dramatically reduced the risk of flooding in this area. North Albury was once covered by orchards and vineyards in the first half of the 20th century, as was a swamp where the James Fallon High School now stands; after the Second World War housing development in the area increased and Waugh Road was extended from David Street to the "Five Ways" intersection at Union Road, which ascribes the border between North Albury and Lavington.

The locality of Glenroy is adjacent to North Albury, west of the Bungambrawartha Creek, and housing was developed here in the s, including a significant Housing Commission public housing estate. Lavington is the largest suburb of Albury, and the only suburb which has its own postcode , as opposed to for the balance of Albury. The suburb was originally named Black Range in the s and s, before being renamed Lavington in Housing and commercial development has continued from that point until this day.

Prior to , the Hume Highway — passed north-east through the suburb, with Urana Road passing north-west though the suburb from the "Five Ways" road junction.

In , an internal bypass of the Hume Freeway was opened, [38] with the former name of the Hume Highway section officially reverting to the commonly used "Wagga Road". Albury's lawn cemetery and crematorium lies at the western end of Union Road. Thurgoona , to the east of Lavington, was established as a new residential suburb by the Albury Wodonga Development Corporation in the s. A major golf club Thurgoona Country Club Resort is also situated in this suburb.

Albury's houses and buildings are numbered using a special system introduced in The centre of the city, which is defined as the intersection of Dean and Olive Streets, is numbered , and all other houses are numbered depending on whether they are north, south, east or west of the centre.

Lake Hume is situated on the Murray River 10 kilometres 6. The Hume Dam colloquially termed the Weir locally wall construction took 17 years, from to The lake was created for irrigation purposes and has caused significant changes to the flow patterns and ecology of the Murray River. Before the construction of the Hume Weir, flows in normal non-drought years were low in summer and autumn though still significant overall , rising in winter due to seasonal rainfall and reaching a flood-peak in late spring due to snow-melt in the Murray and its tributaries' alpine headwaters.

The flow is now effectively reversed, with low flows in winter and sustained, relatively high flows in late spring, summer and early autumn to meet irrigation demands, although the spring flood peak has been virtually eliminated. Situated on the old Hume Highway , Albury is a major transit point for interstate commerce. From March , Albury was bypassed by the new Hume Freeway. The other minor highways which connect to Albury are the Riverina Highway , which continues west through Berrigan to Deniliquin and east to Lake Hume ; and the Olympic Highway renamed from the Olympic Way which diverges left from the Hume 16 kilometres 9.

In , the Smollett Street wrought iron arch bridge was constructed over Bungambrawatha Creek. Smollet Street was extended westward through the botanical gardens to give direct access from the Albury Railway Station to Howlong Road by a straight street. The bridge is near the botanic gardens and the local swimming pool.

The bridge is a rare example of a metal arch bridge in New South Wales, and is the oldest of only two such bridges in New South Wales, the other being the Sydney Harbour Bridge. Albury railway station is on the main Sydney-Melbourne railway line. Originally, New South Wales and Victoria had different track gauges , which meant that all travellers in either direction had to change trains at Albury.

In , the 5-footinch 1. In , the New South Wales 4-foot Albury became the stop over, where passengers on the Melbourne-Sydney journey changed trains until , when a standard gauge track was opened between the two capitals.

After World War II, in an attempt to overcome the difference in gauges and speed up traffic, a bogie exchange device lifted freight wagons and carriages allowing workers to refit rolling stock with different gauged wheel-sets.

The break of railway gauge at Albury was a major impediment to Australia's war effort and infrastructure during both World Wars, as every soldier, every item of equipment, and all supplies had to be off-loaded from the broad gauge and reloaded onto a standard gauge railway wagon on the opposite side of the platform.

In his book Tramps Abroad , writer Mark Twain spoke of the break of gauge at Albury and changing trains: Think of the paralysis of intellect that gave that idea birth". Military armouries and warehouses were established in the vicinity of Albury. Similar stores were also established at Tocumwal and Oaklands.

The conversion of the broad gauge track to a second standard gauge track, between Seymour and Albury, was substantially completed in Albury Airport , owned and operated by the City of Albury , is the second busiest regional airport in New South Wales with around , passenger movements per year. The airport, 4 kilometres 2. Local public transport is provided exclusively by private bus operators, Martin's Albury and the Dyson Group who run day time bus services.

The overwhelming majority of local transport is by private car, however traffic is generally moderate. The opening of the Hume Freeway bypass on 4 March , [51] has greatly eased previous traffic congestion on the Lincoln Causeway, allowing vastly better flow between Albury and Wodonga.

There is a good network of bicycle paths in the city, including one to the outlying suburb of Thurgoona and across the state border to Wodonga. A new program has built many more bike tracks, including one from the riverside parks to Wonga Wetlands. Albury serves as an administrative centre for the agricultural communities around the area, and the city is the home of the Norske Skog newsprint paper mill which processes the pine logs planted in the mountains to the east, an engineering plant which produces automatic transmissions for cars, a major processing centre of the Australian Taxation Office , and many other smaller secondary industries.

Other large employers are: Originally the Kaitlers Road facility was opened as an expansion for Borg-Warner in manufacturing gearboxes for various manufacturers including Ford , Holden and even Maserati. At its peak in it employed people. The plant has also seen various owners since its first sale in to BTR Nylex. Due to a failed deal with Holden the workforce was reduced to people. The plant then exported automatic transmissions to Geely, Ssangyong and Mahindra. The announcement was then made that DSI Holdings would close its Lavington factory for good on 31 October resulting in the loss of jobs.

The Australian pizza chain Eagle Boys was founded in Albury. The region surrounding Albury provides a variety of tourist attractions, including the wine region around Rutherglen , the historic goldfield towns of Beechworth and Yackandandah , boating, fishing and canoe hire on the many rivers and lakes, including Lake Hume , the forests and mountains of the Great Dividing Range and slightly further afield are the snowfields Falls Creek and Mount Hotham.

Wonga Wetlands features more than species of birdlife and is home to the Aquatic Environment Education Centre. Albury is home to one of the campuses of Charles Sturt University.

Charles Sturt University relocated to a new purpose built campus at Thurgoona in The Albury-Wodonga campus of La Trobe University is also a large and growing educational institution with several thousand undergraduates and postgraduates in its two colleges. Albury serves as a regional media centre. The Border Mail has offices in both Albury and Wodonga. An independently owned weekly publication called the Albury Wodonga News Weekly is also distributed for free.

In September , a new free monthly independent community newspaper, The Situation , was launched in Albury-Wodonga as well as the north and north-east Victorian communities of Bendigo , Seymour , Shepparton , and Wangaratta.

Regional news coverage of Albury is featured on all three main commercial networks. Prime7 airs a minute local news bulletin each weeknight at 6pm, produced from a newsroom in Lavington and since March , broadcast from Prime's Canberra studios. Southern Cross Ten also airs short local news updates from its Canberra studios throughout the day. On 5 May , Analogue television transmissions ceased in most areas of regional Victoria and some border regions including Albury-Wodonga. This was done as part of the Federal Government's plan for Digital terrestrial television in Australia where all analogue transmission systems are gradually turned off and replaced with modern DVB-T transmission systems.

There are three commercial radio stations in Albury — 2AY , Broadcast out of the same building is Due to cross-media ownership laws preventing the ownership of more than two stations in one market, Macquarie was required to sell one of these stations and in September sold 2AY to the Ace Radio network. The rest of their content is delivered from Melbourne. There is also a community radio station known as 2REM The Albury Wodonga Community Radio station play a large number of speciality programs including those for the retiree, ethnic and aboriginal communities throughout the day and a range of musical styles including underground and independent artists from 8: Wodonga TAFE's broadcasting training station, Albury-Wodonga Christian Broadcasters transmits as Soccer is also a very popular football code with more than 2, players registered from twelve local clubs six from Albury competing in the Albury Wodonga Football Association.

As of [update] , Murray United F. The Albury Gold Cup horse race is the major autumn event for the district. In , it attracted a record crowd in excess of 18, racegoers. The town also has the Albury Grass Tennis Courts.

Albury is the birthplace of tennis player Margaret Court , winner of 62 Women's Grand Slam titles including eleven Australian titles, four Grand Slam singles titles played in one year , four mixed doubles titles with Ken Fletcher in and many other titles around the world. It was a One Day International in which Zimbabwe defeated England in the biggest upset of the tournament.

Jazz Albury Wodonga also regularly hosts national and international artists at the Jazz Basement which is located on Gateway Island.

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