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Munich also played a significant role in the development of electronic music, with genre pioneer Giorgio Moroder , who invented synth disco and electronic dance music , and Donna Summer , one of disco music's most important performers, both living and working in the city. In the late s, Electroclash was substantially co-invented if not even invented in Munich, when DJ Hell introduced and assembled international pioneers of this musical genre through his International DeeJay Gigolo Records label here.

Music is so important in the Bavarian capital that the city hall gives permissions every day to 10 musicians for performing in the streets around Marienplatz. This is how performers such as Olga Kholodnaya and Alex Jacobowitz are entertaining the locals and the tourists every day. Next to the Bavarian Staatsschauspiel in the Residenz Theatre Residenztheater , the Munich Kammerspiele in the Schauspielhaus is one of the most important German language theatres in the world.

The city is known as the second largest publishing centre in the world around publishing houses have offices in the city , and many national and international publications are published in Munich, such as Arts in Munich, LAXMag and Prinz. At the turn of the 20th century, Munich, and especially its suburb of Schwabing , was the preeminent cultural metropolis of Germany. Its importance as a centre for both literature and the fine arts was second to none in Europe, with numerous German and non-German artists moving there.

For example, Wassily Kandinsky chose Munich over Paris to study at the Akademie der Bildenden Künste München , and, along with many other painters and writers living in Schwabing at that time, had a profound influence on modern art.

Prominent literary figures worked in Munich especially during the final decades of the Kingdom of Bavaria, the so-called Prinzregentenzeit literally "prince regent's time" under the reign of Luitpold, Prince Regent of Bavaria , a period often described as a cultural Golden Age for both Munich and Bavaria as a whole.

Its strikingly modern caricatures and biting satirical attacks on Wilhelmine German society were the result of countless of collaborative efforts by many of the best visual artists and writers from Munich and elsewhere. The period immediately before World War I saw continued economic and cultural prominence for the city.

Thomas Mann wrote in his novella Gladius Dei about this period: Karl Valentin was Germany's most important cabaret performer and comedian and is to this day well-remembered and beloved as a cultural icon of his hometown. Between and , he wrote and performed in many absurdist sketches and short films that were highly influential, earning him the nickname of "Charlie Chaplin of Germany".

Many of Valentin's works wouldn't be imaginable without his congenial female partner Liesl Karlstadt , who often played male characters to hilarious effect in their sketches. Kandinsky's first abstract painting was created in Schwabing. In , the Filmverlag der Autoren was founded, cementing the city's role in the movement's history. Munich served as the location for many of Fassbinder's films, among them Ali: Fear Eats the Soul. The Hotel Deutsche Eiche near Gärtnerplatz was somewhat like a centre of operations for Fassbinder and his "clan" of actors.

New German Cinema is considered by far the most important artistic movement in German cinema history since the era of German Expressionism in the s. In , the Bavaria Film Studios were founded, which developed into one of Europe's largest film studios.

Munich remains one of the centres of the German film and entertainment industry. The Hofbräuhaus am Platzl , arguably the most famous beer hall worldwide, is located in the city centre.

It also operates the second largest tent at the Oktoberfest , one of Munich's most famous attractions. For two weeks, the Oktoberfest attracts millions of people visiting its beer tents "Bierzelte" and fairground attractions. The Oktoberfest was first held on 12 October in honour of the marriage of crown prince Ludwig to Princess Therese of Saxe-Hildburghausen.

The festivities were closed with a horse race and in the following years the horse races were continued and later developed into what is now known as the Oktoberfest. Despite its name, most of Oktoberfest occurs in September.

It always finishes on the first Sunday in October unless the German national holiday on 3 October Tag der deutschen Einheit , i. The Munich cuisine contributes to the Bavarian cuisine. It is a Munich speciality. Traditionally eaten only before noon — a tradition dating to a time before refrigerators — these morsels are often served with sweet mustard and freshly baked pretzels.

Helles , a pale lager with a translucent gold colour is the most popular Munich beer today, although it's not old only introduced in and is the result of a change in beer tastes. Helles has largely replaced Munich's dark beer, Dunkles , which gets its colour from roasted malt.

It was the typical beer in Munich in the 19th century, but it is now more of a speciality. It is dark amber in colour and has a heavy malty taste.

It is available and is sold particularly during the Lenten Starkbierzeit strong beer season , which begins on or before St. Joseph's Day 19 March. The beer served at Oktoberfest is a special type of Märzen beer with a higher alcohol content than regular Helles.

Biergärten beer gardens are the most famous and popular fixtures of Munich's gastronomic landscape. They are central to the city's culture and serve as a kind of melting pot for members of all walks of life, for locals, expatriates and tourists alike. It is allowed to bring one's own food to a beer garden, however, it is forbidden to bring one's own drinks.

There are many smaller beer gardens and around twenty major ones, providing at least one thousand seats, with four of the most famous and popular in the Englischer Garten: Chinesischer Turm Munich's second largest beer garden with 7, seats , Seehaus , Hirschau and Aumeister. Nockherberg , Hofbräukeller not to be confused with the Hofbräuhaus and Löwenbräukeller are other famous beer gardens.

Hirschgarten is the largest beer garden in the world, with 8, seats. Also much consumed, though not from Munich and thus without the right to have a tent at the Oktoberfest, are especially Tegernseer and Schneider Weisse , the latter of which has a major beer hall in Munich just as the Munich breweries do.

Smaller breweries are becoming more prevalent in Munich, such as Giesinger Bräu. The Viktualienmarkt is Munich's most popular market for fresh food and delicatessen. A very old feature of Munich's Fasching carnival is the dance of the Marktfrauen market women of the Viktualienmarkt in comical costumes.

The Auer Dult is held three times a year on the square around Mariahilf church and is one of Munich's oldest markets, well known for its hardware, trinkets and antiques. Three weeks before Christmas, the Christkindlmarkt opens at Marienplatz and other squares in the city, selling Christmas goods. Between Sendlinger Tor and Maximiliansplatz lies the so-called Feierbanane party banana , a roughly banana-shaped unofficial party zone spanning 1.

The Feierbanane has become the mainstream focus of Munich's nightlife and tends to become crowded, especially at weekends. It has also been the subject of some debate among city officials because of alcohol-related security issues and the party zone's general impact on local residents as well as day-time businesses. Ludwigsvorstadt-Isarvorstadt 's two main quarters, Gärtnerplatzviertel and Glockenbachviertel, are both considered decidedly less mainstream than most other nightlife hotspots in the city and are renowned for their many hip and laid back bars and clubs as well as for being Munich's main centres of gay culture.

On warm spring or summer nights, hundreds of young people gather at Gärtnerplatz to relax, talk with friends and drink beer. Maxvorstadt has many smaller bars that are especially popular with university students, whereas Schwabing , once Munich's first and foremost party district with legendary clubs such as Big Apple, PN, Domicile, Hot Club, Piper Club, Tiffany, Germany's first large-scale disco Blow Up and the underwater nightclub Yellow Submarine, [30] as well as many bars such as Schwabinger 7 or Schwabinger Podium, has lost much of its nightlife activity in the last decades, mainly due to gentrification and the resulting high rents.

It has become the city's most coveted and expensive residential district, attracting affluent citizens with little interest in partying. Since the mids, the Kunstpark Ost and its successor Kultfabrik, a former industrial complex that was converted to a large party area near München Ostbahnhof in Berg am Laim , hosted more than 30 clubs and was especially popular among younger people and residents of the metropolitan area surrounding Munich.

Apart from the Kultfarbik and the smaller Optimolwerke, there is a wide variety of establishments in the urban parts of nearby Haidhausen. Before the Kunstpark Ost, there had already been an accumulation of internationally known nightclubs in the remains of the abandoned former Munich-Riem Airport.

Munich nightlife tends to change dramatically and quickly. Establishments open and close every year, and some survive only a few months, while others last many years. From to , Munich was also home to the Union Move , one of the largest technoparades in Germany. Munich has two directly connected gay quarters, which basically can be seen as one: Gärtnerplatzviertel and Glockenbachviertel, both part of the Ludwigsvorstadt-Isarvorstadt district.

Freddie Mercury had an apartment near the Gärtnerplatz and transsexual icon Romy Haag had a club in the city centre for many years. Munich has more than night clubs and thousands of bars and restaurants within city limits. Some notable nightclubs are: The Circus Krone based in Munich is one of the largest circuses in Europe. Munich is a leading location for science and research with a long list of Nobel Prize laureates from Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen in to Theodor Hänsch in Munich has become a spiritual centre already since the times of Emperor Louis IV when philosophers like Michael of Cesena , Marsilius of Padua and William of Ockham were protected at the emperor's court.

Only the two Munich universities and the Technical University of Karlsruhe now part of Karlsruhe Institute of Technology have held this honour, and the implied greater chances of attracting research funds, since the first evaluation round in The Max Planck Society , an independent German non-profit research organisation, has its administrative headquarters in Munich.

The following institutes are located in the Munich area:. The Fraunhofer Society , the German non-profit research organization for applied research, has its headquarters in Munich.

Munich has the strongest economy of any German city [38] and the lowest unemployment rate 3. Munich topped the ranking of the magazine Capital in February for the economic prospects between and in 60 German cities.

Munich is a financial centre and a global city and holds the headquarters of many headquarters including more listed by the DAX than any other German city, as well as the German or European headquarters of many foreign companies such as McDonald's and Microsoft.

The breakdown by cities proper not metropolitan areas of Global cities listed Munich in 8th position in Munich is also the home of the headquarters of many other large companies such as the aircraft engine manufacturer MTU Aero Engines , the injection moulding machine manufacturer Krauss-Maffei , the camera and lighting manufacturer Arri , the semiconductor firm Infineon Technologies headquartered in the suburban town of Neubiberg , lighting giant Osram , as well as the German or European headquarters of many foreign companies such as Microsoft.

Munich has significance as a financial centre second only to Frankfurt , being home of HypoVereinsbank and the Bayerische Landesbank. It outranks Frankfurt though as home of insurance companies such as Allianz insurance and Munich Re re-insurance.

Munich is the largest publishing city in Europe [45] and home to the Süddeutsche Zeitung , one of Germany's largest daily newspapers. The city is also the location of the programming headquarters of Germany's largest public broadcasting network, ARD , while the largest commercial network, Pro7-Sat1 Media AG , is headquartered in the suburb of Unterföhring.

The headquarters of the German branch of Random House , the world's largest publishing house, and of Burda publishing group are also in Munich. The Bavaria Film Studios are located in the suburb of Grünwald. They are one of Europe's biggest and most famous film production studios. It replaced the smaller Munich-Riem airport in The airport can be reached by suburban train lines S8 from the east and S1 from the west of the city. From the main railway station the journey takes 40—45 minutes.

An express train will be added that will cut down travel time to 20—25 minutes with limited stops on dedicated tracks. In , the Bavarian state government granted a license to expand Oberpfaffenhofen Air Station located west of Munich, for commercial use. These plans were opposed by many residents in the Oberpfaffenhofen area as well as other branches of local Government, including the city of Munich, which took the case to court. After , passenger traffic of nearby Augsburg Airport was relocated to Munich Airport, leaving the Augsburg region of Bavaria without an air passenger airport within close reach.

München Hauptbahnhof is the main railway station located in the city centre. The first Munich station was built about metres to the west in A station at the current site was opened in and it has been rebuilt numerous times, including to replace the main station building, which was badly damaged during World War II. München Hauptbahnhof is one of the three long distance stations in Munich, the others being München Ost to the east and München-Pasing to the west.

All three are connected to the public transport system and serve as transportation hubs. München Hauptbahnhof sees about , passengers a day, which puts it on par with other large stations in Germany, such as Hamburg Hauptbahnhof and Frankfurt Hauptbahnhof. It and München Ost are two of the 21 stations in Germany classified by Deutsche Bahn as a category 1 station. The mainline station is a terminal station with 32 platforms. The subterranean S-Bahn with 2 platforms and U-Bahn stations with 6 platforms are through stations.

For its urban population of 2. The Munich tramway is the oldest existing public transportation system in the city, which has been in operation since Munich also has an extensive network of bus lines. The extensive network of subway and tram lines assist and complement pedestrian movement in the city centre.

These major spines and many smaller streets cover an extensive area of the centre that can be enjoyed on foot and bike. The transformation of the historic area into a pedestrian priority zone enables and invites walking and biking by making these active modes of transport comfortable, safe and enjoyable.

These attributes result from applying the principle of "filtered permability" , which selectively restricts the number of roads that run through the centre. While certain streets are discontinuous for cars, they connect to a network of pedestrian and bike paths, which permeate the entire centre.

In addition, these paths go through public squares and open spaces increasing the enjoyment of the trip see image. The logic of filtering a mode of transport is fully expressed in a comprehensive model for laying out neighbourhoods and districts — the Fused Grid.

The average amount of time people spend commuting with public transit in Munich, for example to and from work, on a weekday is 56 min. The average distance people usually ride in a single trip with public transit is 9. Munich is an integral part of the motorway network of southern Germany. Traffic, however, is often very heavy in and around Munich. Traffic jams are commonplace during rush hour as well as at the beginning and end of major holidays in Germany.

There are few "green waves" or roundabouts, and the city's prosperity often causes an abundance of obstructive construction sites. Other contributing factors are the extraordinarily high rates of car ownership per capita multiple times that of Berlin , the city's historically grown and largely preserved centralised urban structure, which leads to a very high concentration of traffic in specific areas, and sometimes poor planning for example bad traffic light synchronisation and a less than ideal ring road.

Cycling has a strong presence in the city and is recognised as a good alternative to motorised transport. The growing number of bicycle lanes are widely used throughout the year. Munich cyclists have a reputation for being quite daring or even careless, being frequently seen as a nuisance by drivers, especially when their numbers multiply in the warmer months.

The cycle paths usually involve a longer route than by the road, as they are diverted around objects, and the presence of pedestrians can make them quite slow. A modern bike hire system is available within the area bounded by the Mittlerer Ring. The Munich agglomeration sprawls across the plain of the Alpine foothills comprising about 2. Several smaller traditional Bavarian towns and cities like Dachau , Freising , Erding , Starnberg , Landshut and Moosburg are today part of the Greater Munich Region, formed by Munich and the surrounding districts, making up the Munich Metropolitan Region , which has a population of about 6 million people.

South of Munich, there are numerous nearby freshwater lakes such as Lake Starnberg , Ammersee , Chiemsee , Walchensee , Kochelsee , Tegernsee , Schliersee , Simssee , Staffelsee , Wörthsee , Kirchsee and the Osterseen Easter Lakes , which are popular among the people of Munich for recreation, swimming and watersports and can be quickly reached by car and a few also by Munich's S-Bahn.

Munich is twinned with the following cities date of agreement shown in parentheses. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For other uses of "Munich" or "München", see Munich disambiguation. History of Munich and Timeline of Munich. Population growth of Munich.

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