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Around , Jena received town rights and a regular city grid was established between today's Fürstengraben, Löbdergraben, Teichgraben and Leutragraben. The later 19th and early 20th century brought a construction boom to Jena and the city enlarged to the north and south along Saale valley, to the west along Mühltal and on the Saale's east side in former Wenigenjena.

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The later 19th and early 20th century brought a construction boom to Jena and the city enlarged to the north and south along Saale valley, to the west along Mühltal and on the Saale's east side in former Wenigenjena. Compared with the city centre, later substantial losses were much slighter in this areas. During the interwar period, the construction of flats stayed on a high level but suitable ground got less, so that new housing complexes were set up relatively far away from the centre — a problem, that remained until today with long journeys and high rents as consequences.

Today's Jena is not that compact as other cities in the region and urban planning is still a challenge. A peculiarity of Jena is the presence of a second old town centre with market square, town hall, castle etc. Jena has its own theatre and orchestra, the Jenaer Philharmonie. Both clubs' stadium is the Ernst-Abbe-Sportfeld. Also, the city's basketball team, Science City Jena played in Basketball Bundesliga in season and returned to top level in season.

In addition, since , the university of Jena has a rugby team. Current men's javelin throw world record Furthermore, the Muschelkalk soil is not very fertile and is often used as pasture for cattle. The only large agricultural area is situated around Isserstedt, Cospeda and Vierzehnheiligen district in the northwest.

Wine-growing was discontinued during the Little Ice Age around , but is now possible again due to global warming. Nevertheless, the commercial production of wine hasn't yet resumed. Industry is a great tradition in Jena, reaching back to the midth century. In , there were 80 companies in industrial production with more than 20 workers employing 8, persons and generating a turnover of more than 1,5 billion Euro. Jena has the most market-listed companies and is one of the most important economic centres of east Germany.

The city is among Germany's 50 fastest growing regions, with many internationally renowned research institutes and companies, a comparatively low unemployment and a young population structure. Jena was awarded the title "Stadt der Wissenschaft" city of science by the Stifterverband für die Deutsche Wissenschaft , a German science association, in Jena is also a hub of public and private services, specially in education, research and business services.

Other important institutions are the High Court of Thuringia and Thuringia's solely university hospital. Furthermore, Jena is a regional centre in infrastructure and retail with many shopping centres. Together with the photonics lab Lichtwerkstatt and the Krautspace there are makerspaces and hackerspaces enabling start-ups to create their product ideas and realizing their first prototype and business models as well as networking.

Jena has no central railway station with connection to all the lines at one point. What is relatively common in many countries is quite unusual for a German city and caused on the one hand by the city's difficult topography and on the other hand by the history, because the two main lines were built by two different private companies.

The connection in north-south direction is the Saal Railway with ICE trains running from Berlin in the north to Munich in the south once an hour stopping at Paradies station and local trains to Naumburg and Saalfeld stopping at Zwätzen, Saalbahnhof , Paradies and Göschwitz.

The express trains stop at West station near the city centre and Göschwitz, the local trains furthermore at Neue Schenke. The junction between both lines is the Göschwitz station , approx. In —when the new Nuremberg—Erfurt high-speed railway opens—the city will lose its connection to the long-distance train network.

For compensation, there will be new regional express train services to Halle and Leipzig in the north and, already started, to Nuremberg in the south. The two Autobahnen crossing each other nearby at Hermsdorf junction are the Bundesautobahn 4 Frankfurt—Dresden and the Bundesautobahn 9 Berlin—Munich , which were both built during the s.

The A 4 runs quite next to the Lobeda housing complexes and the Leutra district. Therefore, it was rebuilt in the s and got two tunnels to protect the residents and the environment against noise and air pollution.

Most parts of city centre inside the former walls are pedestrian areas. The next local airports to Jena are the Erfurt—Weimar Airport , approx.

Despite the hilly terrain in some parts, Jena is a cycling city, due to the many students. Cycling has become more popular in Jena since the s when good quality bike paths began to be built. There are bike lanes along some main streets, though, in comparison to other cities in Germany, there are deficits. For bicycle touring there is the "Saale track" German: Saale-Radweg and the "Thuringian city string track" German: Both of these connect points of tourist interest: The Jena tramway network was established in and enlarged after the German reunification.

It connects the major districts with the city centre; there are 5 ordinary lines served in different intervals between 7,5 and 20 minutes. Nevertheless, there are some old single-track segments interfering the services. Furthermore, there is an extensive network of buses, run like the trams by the "Jenah" organization a pun on Jena and Nahverkehr , German for public transport. After reunification, the educational system was realigned.

The University of Jena , established in , was largely extended. Today there are approximately 21, students at this university. Another college is the Ernst-Abbe-Hochschule Jena , a University of Applied Sciences founded in which offers a combination of scientific training and its practical applications. There are also nearly 5, students. Further there are six Gymnasiums , five state-owned and one Christian ecumenical.

One of the state-owned is a Sportgymnasium , an elite boarding school for young talents in athletics or football. Another state-owned Gymnasium the Carl-Zeiss-Gymnasium Jena offers a focus in sciences also as an elite boarding school additionally to the common curriculum. The first freely elected mayor after reunification was Peter Röhlinger , FDP in office between and Jena is twinned with: From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

For other uses, see Jena disambiguation. Location of Jena within Thuringia. List of twin towns and sister cities in Germany. Men gather there for different interests, because they find the courts, the intendancies, the commissions, the archives, the books of mortgages, the administrations; the middle point of their farms, the seat of their palaces, the place of their customs, and of their influence and consideration, the meeting of kinships, the most appropriate situation for the placement of their daughters, and the studies and employment of youth.

In short, they are a centre of action for an entire population of two hundred or three hundred thousand inhabitants. This condition of our cities is the work of centuries and of very remote events, and its most ancient causes of every memory. The dialect marks the indelible work of those primitive consortiums, and with the varied dialect, from province to province, not only the nature and the mood, but the culture, the capacity, the industry, and the whole order of the riches.

This means that men can not easily be split up by those their natural centres. Those in Italy who ignore this love of Singular Homelands will always sow in the arena. PS To the animated image of the heading of my Leave, the task of evoking three "old men", my peers as the average of their ages, that my instinct would suggest not to run away to entrust them with the primary task today to knead the raw material of this immense cake for the vital food of our descendants, to whom it is just time to think, I feel it today, in a particular way.

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