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William joined the British Army circa , on a short-term engagement, the National Census for Scotland recording him in as resident at, Panmure Barracks, Montrose, Scotland, while serving with 2nd Battalion Royal Highlanders, showing his age of 18 years.

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Reference 'The Devils Guard' Robert Elford, for a masterful account of the services of former Wermacht veterans who served as Legionnaires in Indochina Karl's extensive overseas service with the Legion included; - Algeria: Sergeant Jestadt is also confirmed as having been been present during the early 'Reconnaissance' operations at 'Dien Bien Phu', between November , which pre-dates Operation Castor, the massive French Airborne Operation there of 20 November that seized and captured 'DBP' for consolidation, fortification and future battle.

Sergeant Jestadt was latterly attached to the 1st Cavalry Regiment of the Foreign Legion Le 1er Regiment Etranger De Cavalrie , and it was with this unit - equipped and deployed as an amphibious assault unit in the 'Delta' region of Tonkin - that he earned and was decorated with his Vietnamese decoration.

Prior to leaving Vietnam, and by then already the recipeint of multiple citations and two decorations, on 4 August , Karl is recorded as having married Cecilia Ambrosini at Saigon.

A 'Forgotten Army' and Korean War campaign group of 5: Service Medal with clasp 'Korea' The 1st Battalion King's Own Scottish Borderers carried the below following battle honours for their services during the Korean War; - Kowang-San - Korea The medals mounted in the swing-style and as-worn by the recipient.

The medal mounting bar retaining the original long hinged pin and clasp fittings Condition: A 'Gallipoli' Killed-in-Action campaign group of 3: In the National Census of England and Wales he is shown as still living with his parents, now at St Georges Square, Maidstone, with Charles working as a 'Paper Sorter' at a Paper Mill - and presumably the same place of work as his father.

He first entered theatre of war 'Gallipoli' on 4 August , and was killed there only four days after landing. A 'Greece ' Killed-in-Action casualty group of 5: GVI issue Cpl. Robert had enlisted on 18 May , and embarked for overseas service on 27 August , disembarking at Egypt on 1 October Subsequently deployed to Greece, Robert was killed-in-action on 24 April , at Molos, during the fighting in defence of the Thermopylae pass.

The 25th Battalion incurred a total of casualties while fighting on mainland Greece in comprised of 17 killed, 12 wounded and POW.

An uncommon Second World War theatre of war casualty Condition: A 'Grey's' Great War campaign and long service medal group of 4: With contemporary dated slider clasp Pte. GV first type Tpr. The campaign medals verified per the respective campaign medal rolls as under; - Star: Neither the MIC or medal rolls indicate claim or issuance of clasp and roses, albeit the recipient was certainly serving in theatre during the qualifying period for the clasp The medals mounted in the swing-style and as-worn by the recipient.

The medals suspended from silk moire ribands, the mounting bar retaining the long pin and clasp fittings Condition: A 'Guardsman Casualty' Great War campaign pair of medals: At the time of his discharge he was 29 years and 7 months of age, and on the strength of the Reserve Battalion Grenadier Guards. William Bailey is recorded as having died at Bournemouth, Dorset, England on 26 January A portrait photograph and family details of the recipient can be found and accessed on the Ancestry genealogical website The medals retaining their original long length silk water weave 'moire' ribands as issued, which have been individually hand stitched and fitted with safety-pins and 'as-worn' by the recipient Condition: GV type II Sjt.

Last 4 digits of Army number on IGS officially corrected as recorded on his respective Medal Index Card, and exactly as issued The IGS medal and all clasps verified per the respective medal rolls; - 'Wazirsitan ': Reference 'Taming the Tiger: Stiles, the abstract analysis for the Royal Artillery confirms this medal as issued, and that the only other soldier of the Royal Regiment of Artillery who earned this combination of clasps on a 3 x clasp medal was Bombardier F.

Another soldier Cpl C. Hodge is shown in the same source as having earned these 3 x clasps his latter clasp was, earned as a Sergeant serving with the Royal Corps of Signals , however, a check of the respective medal rolls shows that Hodge was also awarded the clasp 'Mahsud '.

Sergeant Hale's 3 x clasp medal is thus unique as being the only one to a Gunner who did not subsequently change regiment A most desirable and extremely rare 3 x clasp combination IGS medal to a 'Gunner' Condition: Clasp 'Borneo' Spr. Tulbahadur Rana, a Nepalese citizen, was born circa He enlisted for the British Brigade of Gurkhas in Nepal on 24 October , at which time he was just a 'Boy' soldier aged 14 years. He took his discharge on 17 May He subsequently saw extensive service in South East Aasia during his military career, and at the time of his discharge on 17 May The 'Testimonial' given in his service papers state; Quote, "Tulbahadur is a small but tough, rugged man, like many plant operators, and has shown himself to be an excellent determined soldier.

He is prepared to work hard and can be relied on to do an excellent job. A most useful man. Thoroughly recommended for employment; especially where plant work is involved. The pair of medals mounted in the court-style. The medals suspended from a pin-back brooch that retains the original long hinged pin and clasp fittings Sold together with a copy of the recipient service papers Condition: A 'hard fighting' North West Europe and Suez campaign group of 7: Para - GSM The group less 'Canal Zone' medal is mounted 'swing-style' and 'as worn' by the recipient.

The mounting bar retaining the long hinged pin and casp fitting Condition: Silver issue Bmbr. William's father was a watchmaker, a family trade that William was subsequently apprenticed to. By , the Census records that William, his elder sister Wilhelmina 28 , and their parents were living at, 3 Wolseley Road, Blyth.

William was conscripted for the British Army in November , and was called up for service 'With the Colours' from 11 March , being posted to the Royal Regiment of Artillery. At the time of taking his discharge, William was serving with the 'Z Horse Reserve Calais' at which time he held the appointment of Sergeant Collarmaker.

After demobilization from the British Army, William returned to his family in Blyth, Northumberland, where he resumed his trade as a 'Watchmaker'. The 'National Register' records William living at 33 Allendale Road, Blyth, with his sister, where he was still plying a trade as a 'Watchmaker', and in addition doing his bit for the war effort, being shown as an 'A.

WilliamSiddle is recorded as having died in, Northumberland, England, sometime during the first quarter of Sold together with hardcopy of Medal Index Card and copy letter extrapolated from recipients extant service papers written by the recipient, this latter dated, Blyth, 8 March Condition: A 'High Himalaya's' campaign and long service pair: Victoria issue Naick Mangal Singh, 32d Bl.

The recipieint was a Mazhabi Sikh 'Sepoy' Private serving with the famous 32nd Sikh Pioneers of the Indian Army - a regiment that saw extensive service, and always with considerable distinction, in the most mountainous terrains that the British or Indian Armies ever served For the 'Sikkim' campaign medals to the 32nd Sikh Pioneers and 1st Gurkha Rifles are the most hard earned and desirable Condition: A 'Highland' soldier's Great War campaign medal group of 3: Silver issue A. Donald Cameron was born on 20 December With the onset of war he was mobilised and embarked at Devonport for Gallipoli on 7 September and disembarked at Suvla Bay on 26 September.

He was demobilised and discharged on 31 March The father of author Ian Fleming, being commemorated on the magnificent War Memorial that commemorates the fallen of that proud Highland community All medals fitted with contemporary silk watered ribands Sold together with quantity of hard-copy set of service papers - this reflected in postage Condition: A 'Highlanders' campaign medal group of 4: Ewan 72nd Highlanders - Egypt Medal Obverse dated Pte.

The Khedives Star is engraved in the usual neat regimental style for this regiment Important: The medals confirmed as entitled per the respective campaign medal rolls as under; - Afghan Medals and clasp ref: The medals suspended from contmeporary silk weave issue ribands, and the reverse of the mounting bar retaining the hinged pin and clasp fittings Note: These medals are fresh to the medal market, by descent from the family and have not before been offered for public sale Condition: A 'Jock Casualty' Great War campaign pair: At the age of 20 years and 2 months, and describing his 'Trade' as being a 'Seaman', James volunteered for the British Army in his hometown of Glasgow on 9 December At his time of discharge his military conduct was described as having been 'Very Good'.

He later served in Salonika between 27 November through to 18 April Note the above details were extrapolated from the recipients extant service papers held at The National Archives and which can be accessed via their website Condition: Silver issue S Pte.

He was 35 years and 3 months of age, when he volunteered for 'Re-enlistment' into the British Army at Glasgow, Scotland, on 26 April , at which time his engagement terms were '3 Years service or duration of War'. Later, on the same day he had re-listed, he was posted to the regimental depot of the Cameron Highlanders. William was subsequently posted to 2nd Battalion Queen's Own Cameron Highlanders on the same day he embarked for overseas service, and entered theatre of war France' on 28 July William was posted to 5th Battalion Queen's Own Cameron Highlanders on 6 June , on which date he again entered theatre of war 'France'.

Less than 6 weeks after his return to France, William had been posted 'Wounded-in-Action' on 18 July - and the very same day the entry being changed to 'Wounded presumed dead'.

Bernard's name and service details are just one of more than 72, officers and men of the United Kingdom and South African forces who died in the Somme sector before 20 March and who have no known grave. The memorial also serves as an Anglo-French Battle Memorial in recognition of the joint nature of the offensive and a small cemetery containing equal numbers of Commonwealth and French graves lies at the foot of the memorial Condition: A 'Jock's' Great War cam[aign medal group of 3: The surname only on British War Medal is officially corrected Important: GVI 1st type 'Palestine' Pte.

The medal mounting bar retaining it's original long hinged pin and clasp fittings A good combination of modern campaign medals Condition: A 'Jungle Fighters' Malaya and 'Confrontation' pair of campaign medals: His next of kin was his wife, Harkamaya Sunwarni, who resided in Eastern Nepal, together with the couples two sons.

On 12 October , he was posted to 1st Battalion 10th Gurkha Rifles, which unit he joined the following day. On 9 October , he extended his service, with intention to serve a total of 7 years. Lalbahadur served overseas variously in; India, Malaya, Hong Kong, Singapore, Labuan, Sarawak and Borneo, including numerous active service deployments during the period of 'Emergency' in Malaya, and later during 'Confrontation' in the jungles of Borneo.

His service record indicates that in , he had qualified as a 'Mortar Man', and presumably he fought as a 'Mortar Man' during the confrontation with Indonesia. At the time of his final discharge his military conduct was described as 'Exemplary'. The 'Testimonial' in respect of his character states; Quote, "Lalbahadur is leaving the Battalion on redundancy after having served with it for almost 12 years.

He has given us loyal service and has risen to the rank of Corporal. He is punctual, honest and most trustworthy. He is a good worker and is very conscientuous and always tries his very best. He is well educated, having completed almost all of his 1st class Gurkha certificates of education.

He is trained to supervising the work of others. He is intelligent and has a good wit on him. I recommend him to anyone wanting a cleaner honest hard working man" Unquote.

Both medals and both clasps confirmed as entitled and enumerated in his accompanying Record of Service Medals mounted on silk ribands in the swing-style, and as-worn by the recipient. The reverse of the mounting bar retaining the original long hinged pin and clasp fittings Condition: The second clasp on the GSM is correctly mounted with a rod, exactly as officially issued Medals mounted on buckram mounting in the court-style for display Condition: When awarded to Gurkh Rifles units, the suffix 'th' preceding the abbreviated name of the regiment, is only found on the GSM EIIR 2nd type issues with clasp Malaya, to those men of the 6th, 7th and 10th Gurkha regiments who qualified for the clasp 'Malaya' sometime from circa onwards The rrecipient was a Gurkha Rifleman serving with 1st Battalion 10th Gurkha Rifles, of the British Army Important: His next of kin was his father Dhyansing Rai, who resided in Eastern Nepal.

On 25 October , he was posted to 1st Battalion 10th Gurkha Rifles, which unit he joined the following day. On 14 October , he extended his service, with intention to serve a total of 7 years. Maitadhan served overseas variously in; India, Malaya, Singapore, Hong Kong, Labuan, Sarawak and Borneo, including numerous active service deployments during the period of 'Emergency' in Malay, and later during 'Confrontation' in the jungles of Borneo.

All his jobs he has done well. He is a tough, honest, well disciplined man who can be trusted to do single jobs well" Unquote. Both medals and both clasps confirmed as entitled and enumerated in his accompanying Record of Service Condition: A 'Killed-in-Action' casualty of the first day of the Battle of Loos, medal group of 3: Riband fitted with contemporary slider clasp Pte.

William joined the British Army circa , on a short-term engagement, the National Census for Scotland recording him in as resident at, Panmure Barracks, Montrose, Scotland, while serving with 2nd Battalion Royal Highlanders, showing his age of 18 years. On the outbreak of the Great War, William was mobilized from the Army Reserve, and re-joined his regiment.

William first entered theatre of war, 'France', with his regiment on 30 August , at which time he was one of a 'Draft' sent to the 1st Battalion Black Watch Royal Highlanders , then serving in France. There is no record of William having qualified for a dated clasp to his Star, and certainly none was ever issued.

William was subsequently transferred to his old battalion, 2nd Battalion Black Watch Royal Highlanders sometime on, or after, that battalion had disembarked at Marseilles, on 12 October , as part of Bareilly Brigade, Meerut Division of the Indian Corp - the battalion having been a pre-war garrison battalion in India, since Advanced to Lance Corporal, William was subsequently reported 'Killed-in-Action', during the fateful first day of the 'Battle of Loos' on 25 September - on which date, the 2nd Battalion Black Watch Royal Highlanders , which had started out with a battalion strength of 21 officers and x other-ranks, had, by the close of the first day of battle, suffered casualties of all-ranks killed, missing or wounded.

In the annals of Scottish military history, the first day of the Battle of Loos, remains the bloodiest single day in terms of the total number of Scots killed or died The body of Lance Corporal William Dick, was never recovered from the battlefield, and his supreme sacrifice is now commemorated on a memorial panel at the CWGC Loos Memorial, France.

At the time of his death, William, who had married on 3 March , left a widow, Jessie Dick born 13 April , and three sons, vis, Alexander , William Donaldson and Robert , the family residing at, Mavis Valley, Bishopbriggs, Glasgow, Scotland Sold together with some copied research, including Medal Index Card Condition: A 'Kiwi Gunner's' Vietnam campaign and long service medal group of 4: It later served as part of the 1st Australian Task Force.

The medal mounting bar retaining it's original long hinged pin and clasp fittings Condition: A 'Kiwi' Sergeants Korean War campaign medal pair: Bond - United Nations: Service Medal with clasp 'Korea' Sgt G. Both medals with officially impressed naming as issued In terms of forces deployed, the New Zealand contribution to the Korean War comprised of the 16 Field Regiment Royal New Zealand Arillery three x batteries, each of eight pounder guns, formed as two four-gun troops , and a naval force of 3 x frigates.

Mercantile Marine - British War Medal. Fred obtained his various Board of Trade Certificates of Competency between , as follows 2nd Mate ; 1st Mate , and Master in About 17 pages of records apertaining to the recipients certificates and voayges made between are held at 'The National Archives, and show both his service with the Liverpool Pilot Service and extensive foreign sea-going voyages including journey's to; USA, South America, Java, India, Japan and Canada.

Fred's discharge number shown on his Index Card was , and his Certificate of Competency as being No In , his address was given as 34 Clarendon Road, Egremont, Chesire. Fred Carter appears to have made his last sea voyage by , and is believed to have died at Wallasey, Cheshire, England, sometime in the last quarter of Condition: Joseph Charles Rilot - Memorial Scroll: The lot previously framed at one time, with the Victory riband frayed and soiled, the other ribands being replacements.

The plaque with some adhesive residue on reverse, and the scroll, letter and photo all mounted on paste board as removed from frame Important: He was educated at Tottenham High School and after seven years expereince farming in different parts of Devonshire, in he travelled to Australia with a mind to settle there.

He enlisted into the Australian Imperial Force at Liverpool. His papers show that he was Killed-in-Action sometime between August , during which time 3rd Battalion A.

Medals EF, ephemera Fair. A 'Malaya Insurgency' and 'Confrontation' campaign pair: Contact marks on both otherwise about VF. A 'Malta Dockyards' long service and campaign medal group of 5: The award of the Imperial Service Medal was published in the London Gazette of 13 July , wherein the recipient is shown io be holding the appointment of 'Acting Inspector of Boilermakaers' at His Majesty's Dockyard Malta The ISM complete with the original plush lined gilt tooled Royal Mint case of issue, and the medal suspended from the issue riband with fitted mounting brooch this last still retaining the hinged pin and clasp fittings The campaign medals mounted in the swing-style and 'as-worn' by the recipient.

The General Wolfe was fitted with a massive inch gun, and held the record for the longest-range shoot in the history of the Royal Navy. From survinving records it is also known that the recipient also latterly worked from Shanghai, China Andrew Grieve Stuart died on 29 October at Strathlyn, Kilmahog, near Callander, Scotland Sold with a quantity of various hard-copy research including Royal Navy Record of Service Condition: Silver issue D.

Of seafaring stock and with the sea in his blood, Nathaniel first sailed aboard the local sail abnd later steam trawler 'Thermoplaye' from Nathaniel gained his Mate's certificate for foreign seagoing trade in , and in obtained his Masters Ticket. Nathaniel is known to have served his professional career with the prestigious British India Steam Navigation Company, during which time he captained numerous large merchant vessels of the B.

Captain West is recorded as having died in Middlesborough, England, on 24 September , having previously resided at his home located at 2 Canterbury Road, Redcar, Yorkshire, England. Captain West most likely served at sea during the Second World War, but, having died in , his name is not recorded in the nominal rolls of Merchant Seamen who actually claimed their Second World War campaign medals Condition: A 'Master Mariners' Great War gallantry and campaign service medal group of 4: Lieutenant Alexander Robinson, D.

Reverse with silver hallmarks for London - Star Lieut A. Silver issue Lieut A. Coast of Scotland Granton , while recipient was in command of H. Agatha ; Quote, During March and April while temporarily in command of a Unit of Minesweeping Trawlers, he swept up and destroyed severl German Mines, and cleared dangerous areas off St. Abbs Head on 5,6 and 7 April, Has been in Yachts operating in the outer patrol of area VI for the last twelve months, and has rendered valuable service.

He is a hardworking, capable officer, and is 55 years of age. Granton, while recipient was in command of H. During March and April, - while temporarily in command of a Unit of Minesweeping Trawlers - he swept up and destroyed many German Mines, and cleared dangerous areas off St.

Abbs Head on 5th 6th 7th and 8th of Has been in command of Yachts operating in the outer patrol of area VI for the last eighteen months, and has rendered valuable service.

He is a hardworking, capable and zealous Officer, and is 55 years of age. Alexander Robinson was a native of Littlehampton, Sussex, England where he was born on 2 December Alexander passed his 'Masters Ticket' in , and he thereafter plied the worlds oceans as Captain of numerous British steamships.

His respective history of multiple voyages made as Captain - as recorded by Lloyds - show him as having been Captain of 9 x different ships during his sailing days in the Mercantile Marine, the several score voyages spanning the period 1 August to 20 July The voyages recorded covered all the ajor trade lanes, including those to and from, Australia, East Indies, United States, South Africa, Mediterranean. His voyages present a rich source for further research, as amongst them are recorded at least 2 x collisions, while on another occasion a vessel was stranded and later declared a total loss by the underwriters!

During the Great War he was mobilized as an officer in the Royal Naval Reserve, and placed in command of armed yachts and trawlers - mostly involved in the extremely hazardous duty of mine-sweeping, a trade that had the ever present danger of explosion - and ultimately death - if things went wrong in the handlign of mines, or collision with undetected armed mines. It was for his sustained command over many successful minesweeping operations that he received a well eanrned brace of honours as reflected in the awards of Distinguished Service Cross and Mention-in-Despatches.

The medals mounted for display in the court-style Sold together with a quantity of copied research, including a Llloyds record of all the voyages he had made as a Captain and Master Mariner Condition: A 'Medal Collectors' campaign and long service medal group of 6: With 2 further service bars Lt.

His father before him was a Royal Artillery Officer in the Indian Army - and India was to continue to play a large part throughout Tuffley's subsequent career and private life. Commissioned into the Royal Signals in , he continued to serve with that Corps until in which year he retired from the Army with the rank of Honorary Colonel. He married at Reading in , and died at Bedford in Important: As one in a long line of 'Old India Hands' who had started medal collecting while in service in India, Tuffley, had ensured that his collection was espcially well represented with rare and desireable singles and groups to the Indian Army, including numerous groups to native recipients An unusual instance of a well known medal-collectors group being offered for sale Note: The respective catalogue shown in the pictures is not included in the sale price Group mounted swing-style hanging from contemporary cotton ribbons and almost certainly as worn by the recipient.

A 'Midle East' and 'Malaysia' campaign pair: With clasp 'Malay Peninsula' L. Corps - Star. With original dated clasp Maj H. Corps - British War Medal. Silver issue - USA: The 'Dragon' fitted with original stitched silk riband, and 'Pagoda' brooch retaining the hinged pin and clasp fittings as issued.

The Durbar Medal with contemporary replacement double ring suspension. The MID emblem is an original reduced size emblem for wear on ribands only, and as-worn by the recipient Sold together with; - Original certificate for the 'Dragon' 16 February this now mounted on card - Some copied research Important: At the time of his birth Harry's father was described as being a Captain in the Madras Army and Superintendent of Police. Colonel Young has an entry in the Who's Who of at which time he was living in Ringwood, Hampshire.

He is reported to have died in England sometime during The British campaign and Durbar medals mounted in the swing-style, and as-worn, by the recipient. The group suspended from original silk ribands, and the mounting bar retaining its long stout hinged pin and clasp fittings Condition: A 'Mountain Gunner's Great War campaign medal group of 3: Silver issue Dvr.

Ghulam Mohd, Pack Btty. With clasp 'Northern Ireland' Pte. The reverse of mounting bar retaining the original long hinged pin and clasp fittings Condition: A 'Navigator' flight-crew campaign service group of 3: Sold together with a fine portrait photograph of the recipient in uniform wearing his 'Navigators' Brevet Geoffrey William Cockerill was born at Goole, East Yorkshire, on 29 June He retired from the Royal Air Force in and died at Knaresborough, North Yorkshire, in November Notes and copied papers with the medals show that on 16 January he was posted to No 2.

Air Navigation School, R. Thorney Island, for staff navigator duties; posted as a navigator to R. Hullavington on 12 December ; in October was posted to the R. Radar Research Flying Unit at R. Pershore; on 30 June he was one of six officers posted from the R. Bovingdon and 31 December he went to the N. In January his posting to No 60 Sqdn. Odiham Sold together with a quantity of various copied research The group mounted in the swing-style and as-worn by the recipient.

The mounting bar retaining the long hinged pin and clasp fitting Condition: A 'North West Frontier' of India campaign pair: GV type II with clasp 'N.

Ane Thapa, G. The recipient was a junior Non Commissioned Officer N. A 'Nursing Services' Great War group of 3: GV issue breast badge, fitted with bow riband - British War Medal.

Schotburgh - Interallied Victory Medal S. The award of the A. The recipients service record is available on-line from The National Archives Sold together with hard-copy of respective entry page form the London Gazette Condition: A 'Nyasaland Operations' Volunteers campaign medal group of 3: Less than x Stars were awarded to Volunteers of the Nyasaland Field Force The medals are all mounted as-worn in the swing-style.

The contemporary silk ribands suspended from a mounting bar that retains the original long hinged pin and clasp fittings. A 'Palestine' campaign service group of 3: GVI first type clasp 'Palestine' B. He is also shown in a supplementary page in the same medal roll the medal rolls are held and are accessible at The National Archives , as qualifying for a further clasp only for 'Palestine ' that was issued loose to him on 3 July This latter entry also confirms that the recipient served in Palestine throughout the period 17 December to 4 February Condition: A ' 'Pal ' Sjt.

The recipients entitlement to the medal and clasps confirmed per the respective medal rolls. Only 7 x S. Asia medals awarded to the Highland Light Infantry.

Handwritten letters from Pat Caveney that accompany the medals, indicate that Pat sold the family medals to a collector in due to straightened circumstances. A summary of Pat's military service is contained in an accompanying xeroxed letter from the Army Records Centre, sent to the recipient on 22 March - Enlisted General Service Corps embodoed Territorial Army: Exemplary - Served overseas; N. The medals on offer being the recipients correct and full medal enetitlement as a Paratrooper that 'Parachuted, or Dropped' onto German soil as part of the largest airborne operation of the Second World War, i.

Military command invoked strict security censorship, and rapidly worked to diffuse and cover-up the shambolic incident, not least by convicting men of the battalion for 'Mutiny', disbanding the unit and positing-out former members not mutineers of the battalion to other army units. Interestingly a copied letter from a former Parachute Regiment officer Lt. I find that there is little that I can do directly.

If however, you apply officially through your Commanding Officer, to go back to the Parachute Regiment you can certainly use my name as being very pleased to have you back under my command, and also as a recommendation for your service in the Regiment. It is very sad to think of all the good chaps being dispersed because of the senseless behaviour of an irresponsible and gutless few.

With every good wish and for good luck in your effort to return. GV first type Sjt: All medals verified as entitled and issued per recipients 'Service Papers' held and accessible a the National Archives of Canada - Military Medal: London Gazette issue of 19 November The specific deeds for which Sergeant Boddie was decorated with the Military Medal are contained in the Regimental Order dated 14 September , and the citation states; Quote, For conspicuous gallantry and devotion to duty.

He fought 4 guns with great skill and determination. Although heavily shelled and his guns damaged, he repaired and kept them in action throughout the day, until they could be replaced. By his courage and cheerfulness under most trying circumstances, he set a splendid example to his men Unquote.

Robert, recorded as a 'Labourer' appears to have first migrated to Canada in , passenger records showing that he embarked at Liverpool, England, on 15 April , on the 'Allan Steamship Company Ltd' liner the S.

Victorian, bound for Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. Robert made Canada his home, and subsequently became a permanent resident. Robert settled in Manitoba, with the Census for Canada, showing him as living on a farm at Marquette, Manitoba the Census claiming he had migrated to Canada in sic.

On 28 October , at the age of 25 years and 9 months, Robert attested for the Canadian Army, when he enlisted at Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan. On enlistment he measured 5ft 7 inches - a significant note, as this positively identifies him as the 'shorter' of the two soldiers in the accompanying photograph taken in the trenches in France, where he is seen as a 'Sergeant' see chevrons wearing his 'Brodie' steel helmet.

The 28th was brigaded early in with the 27th City of Winnipeg Battalion, the 29th Vancouver and the 31st Alberta. These units formed the 6th Canadian Infantry Brigade- the 'Iron Sixth' in the 2nd Canadian Division Robert was not the only one of his Scottish born family to have migrated to Canada and subsequently served with the Canadian Army, as his younger brothers James and Alexander - are all also recorded to have enlisted and served during the Great War Condition: A 'Persian Gulf' and Great War campaign service group of 4: Fox - NGS Fox - Star J.

All medals and clasp confirmed as entitled and issued per the respective medal rolls. Contact wear the group mostly GF or better. A 'Pipers' Great War campaign group of 3: Mc Donald, Gordons, Note: Note that the figure of refers to the estimated number of medals issued to Piper in 'Highland' regiments, and not the estimated number of recipients, which latter would be much less in total including as it would those issued with both stars and decorations in their groups.

Rare to find in the market, thus named, in a complete entitlement group All medals fitted with original long lengths of silk watered ribands Condition: A 'Poacher's' Star campaign group of 3: The mounting bar retaining the long hinged pin and clasp fittings Sold together with copied research including Medal index Card Condition: Contact marks about VF.

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