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Wellenbecken, Whirlpools, drei verschiedene Röhrenrutschen, eine Breitbandrutsche sowie ein Wildwasserbach warten auf alle Badebegeisterten.

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Trend Micro recently surveyed 1, IT executives globally. We found a gap between the perceived risk from IoT and the planned mitigation for that risk. Most senior executives recognize that IoT can introduce security risk to the organization, but few will invest resources to remediate that risk. Click here for more details. This convergence begins with network connectivity but requires enhancements in operational procedures, technology, and training as well.

Beginning with the network, IT and OT use different protocols. Within the OT world, vendors have created many proprietary…. For years, one of the most lucrative ways for hackers to generate profits was through ransomware attacks. These instances involve the use of strong encryption to lock victims out of their files and data — attackers then sell the decryption key in exchange for an untraceable Bitcoin ransom payment.

Now, however, another highly profitable attack…. This week, Air Canada reported a data breach that exposed passport details for more than 20, customers on their mobile app. This week, Facebook removed fake accounts originating from Russia and Iran. Also, Microsoft identified and removed fake internet domains that mimicked U. S political institutions thought to be created…. Business , Current News , Security.

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