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At Landa Falls you can rent tubes with or without bottoms, coolers, cooler tubes, or a combination of those options. Life vests are free which is always nice. Landa Falls is a lot of fun and should be considered as a preferred outfitter when floating down the Comal River. Comal tubes is one great place to get your float on.

Located right near the Comal River, this place has it all for any tuber. First of all, the Comal River is only feet deep so this is a great river for families and kids as long as they are of age.

Comal Tubes offers one tubing route and it starts up at the Prince Solms Park and ends where the river hits the Guadalupe. In total, it takes about hours of float time depending on water conditions. They have free parking and a shuttle continuously takes guests back to the Comal Tubes headquarters and your car.

They also have one of the coolest gift shops that has everything, and we mean everything, you could possibly need to float down the river. They sell a bunch of extra fun items as well such as squirt guns and other fun water toys which are actually a blast while enjoying your float.

Literally, all you have to do is get there somehow, rent a tube bottomless or bottom and jump in the river. How easy is that? Other outfitters sometimes have to shuttle you to the river which can be a pain and add to your costs. The average trip down the river for Texas Tubes is three hours but that obviously depends on river dynamics. Alcohol is definitely permitted on their trips so be sure to bring your own supply.

How nice is that? Check out Texas Tubes the next time you and your group are thinking of floating the Comal River. Barton Creek gets its beginnings in northern Hays County and flows 40 miles east right through Austin where it eventually drains into the Edwards Aquifer recharge zone.

Then, with what is called the lower portion, the river begins again at Barton Springs and continues until it hits the Colorado River. Barton Creek is kind of like a 4th option providing you with absolutely stunning views, amazing wildlife, and great floating options.

It flows all throughout the Austin area and you can have a great time checking out the surrounding greater Austin area. Once past Austin though, this river runs through a bunch of protected lands that host a wide variety of beautiful flora and fauna. Barton Creek is thus divided up into two sections, the upper and lower portions.

The upper half, usually during rainy season in the spring, is great for all types of water recreation. Kayaking, tubing, and swimming is very popular here. The lower portion includes these activities year round and even has a whole slew of swimming holes and other fun areas. If you can rent your tubing gear from somewhere else or perhaps purchase it, you will be just fine on this river.

You will also have to arrange your own transportation to and from your destination as well because unfortunately there are no outfitters or shuttle services along this river that we are aware of. If you do have your own equipment and gear, feel free to float this river. By far, the most popular starting point is the Loop access. If you enter here, you can expect a hour float down to Barton Springs. Bring your own tubes or water crafts and be sure to check river levels before you go.

The upper half of Barton Creek is usually best during the rainy spring season and the lower half will provide you with water access year round.

For those of you that only know English, Frio means cold in Spanish. It is debatably the most beautiful as well as most secluded river in the entire state. This is the waterway to hit up if you are looking to avoid the crowds of floaters that tend to accompany some of the more popular rivers.

This river is mainly for Austinities who wish to travel or for those residing in San Antonio. For some reason, not too many people are even aware that the Frio is a floating option.

This river has plenty of outfitters along its banks but nonetheless, it remains a hidden gem of a river. It extends over 47 miles and most of it offers tubers a private little path that seems to have been carved by God himself.

There are a ton of sights to take in and the water is spectacular. Throughout your trip down the Frio, you can expect to see high limestone bluffs, large Cypress trees, and huge boulders. The water flow varies wildly though so as with some of the other rivers in this guide, be sure to check the flow when you decide to float this waterway. This is one of the reasons that some of the other rivers are more popular, these other rivers have a constant flow rate suitable for tubing.

As far as location of the river goes, it is about miles from Austin and is actually a little closer to San Antonio. Be aware though when tubing down the Frio, there are many dry counties around the area and securing your case of cold ones might be difficult. Be sure to bring your own from home! Since that time, it has been transformed into a large outfitting facility complete with two locations!

They are also perhaps the most advanced fishing outfitter along most of the rivers in Texas in our opinion. They offer hand painted tubes as well as kayaks to facilitate a great time on the river year round. The kayaks come with either a one or two seat option and the tubes can be bottom less or with a bottom and they even rent out cooler tubes separately. They also have a much needed shuttle service that will pick you up after you are done with your float and take you back up to your vehicle.

As stated earlier, they have a ton of camping options for you if you decide to spend the night with your group. They also have a bunch of RV sites to choose from which all include electricity, water, and sewer. The prices are very fair so making that decision to just spend the night after a long day on the river just got a lot easier. As far as water activities go, they offer tubes with or without bottoms and kayaks for rent.

They also have a ton to do while spending the day on their property such as volleyball courts and horseshoe pits. They have you covered with a rather large gift shop where you can get everything you need for your stay or for a trip down the river. They even sell groceries too so they have you covered in every regard possible.

Is this an outfitter along the Frio River or a grocery and gift shop? The answer is both and they offer much more! They are a family oriented full service outfitter located right on the corner of Highway 83 along the Frio River. They rent tubes and kayaks as well as offer a really reliable shuttle service.

They allow you to rent regular tubes, tubes with bottoms, colored tubes, and even cooler tubes to keep your beverages cold and safe on the spring fed river. The banks of the Frio and the trip you will take from Happy Hollow are lined by huge Cypress trees, beautiful foliage and tons of wildlife.

The store that they have on the property has everything you could possibly need to camp out and float down the river. Forgot something at home? As far as camping goes, they have a bunch of options with a large number of houses, cabins, and even RV sites for your larger than life vehicle.

With any tube rental, you get free parking which is always a plus. Be sure to check out Happy Hollow the next time you visit the Frio River. They are located just off of Hwy along the Frio itself and have been family owned and operated since After all, it is a very family oriented place to enjoy abundant wildlife, year round activities, and a lot of fun on the Frio. As stated earlier, the Frio is one of the less crowded rivers to choose from, thus making it very popular for people looking for an intimate getaway.

As far as sleeping accommodations go, they have 71 cabins to choose from, 9 RV hookups, and even 12 lodges in different areas of Concan to choose from. How about 16 condos overlooking Frio Canyon? They have a country store, grocery store, and even a gift shop for emergencies and souvenirs for those back home. The cabins all come with air conditioning, televisions, and a kitchen with all utensils and plates already stocked for you. Shuttle service is also offered there so take advantage!

The Brazos River is available for tubing, kayaking, and canoeing almost year round. It is actually situated miles from Dallas and miles from Austin proper. You guys will travel to any available river during the summer time right?

The Brazos boasts very slow moving water and very few if any rapids. Great for a family trip or those accompanied by children. There are a lot of cool sandbars around some areas of the river which are the perfect places to park the tubes and go exploring on the banks of the Brazos too.

The river is fed by Lake Granbury and typically hosts some low water levels and slower floats towards the end of the summer so keep this in mind. This is another one of those rivers where a DIY floating trip is easy.

There are a ton of road crossings along the river to begin and end your float but it seems like the most popular drop off areas are nearest to Possum Kingdom Lake. In our opinion, Brazos River Adventurez is one of the most state of the art outfitters in all of Texas. They are located in Cleburne, Texas which is 80 miles from Dallas and miles from Austin. This place offers the usual camping and floating options but also does some really cool activities for a very fair price.

You can go on a bow fishing tour where you fish with a bow and arrow as well as something called catfish noodling. This involves searching for catfish to catch with your bare hands! They have 28 beautiful RV sites right along the Brazos river for spending the night if need be. They are all nestled within a Pecan tree grove and right by their foot beach area. They offer camping services year round as well and are open every day for your needs.

Each camping area will provide you with picnic tables, grills, volleyball courts, and horseshoe pits. Ever seen those cool airboats? Well Brazos river adventures can hook you up with an airboat tour at pretty much anytime throughout the year. They also have a bunch of primitive campsites as well if you are packing your own gear. They sell a few things in their gift shop and even supply firewood if you need it.

They are located along miles of beach area along the Brazos and should be a place that you check out for sure along the next time you visit the Brazos.

Hillbilly Haven Park is one neat place to stop by when you are near Hwy 20 and the Brazos itself. If you have an RV then things just got even better for you. After all, they advertise themselves as being a camping and RV resort. They are 45 minutes from the metropolis of Fort Worth which makes them super popular for weekend trips and extended summer vacations. If you are planning on camping then feel free to bring your own gear or they have tents for you to rent or purchase as well.

As far as tubes go, their runs last a good amount of time and you can rent either a canoe or tube. For every four people, they automatically include a cooler tube and rope so your group can tie themselves together and nobody gets lost!

Friday and Saturday nights are sure to be the highlight of your week with their live music and karaoke nights on the property. No reservation is necessary for tubing by the way. Their prices are great and the not too crowded Brazos will be the highlight of your summer! If you are looking for family fun, or maybe something unique and memorable then you should check out Dicks for sure this summer. They have been around for 20 years and offer you the ability to rent either a canoe or kayak for very reasonable pricing.

Their trips start at Lake Whitney dam and end about 8 miles later. They offer shuttle service upstream so that you can float back down to your car at the end of your float. The entire trip takes about hours so come prepared with snacks and a change of clothes. There are a ton of great fishing spots on your way down the river. If you need lodging accommodations, Dicks also has you covered with a cottage in the hills above the Brazos with a deck offering views of the Brazos.

Check out Dicks and the surrounding area for sure when you are near the Brazos River this summer. The Neches River is another one of those relatively unused rivers for tubing.

It flows for over miles through east Texas to its mouth on Sabine Lake just near the Rainbow Bridge. The river is host to two main reservoirs which are a ton of fun. They are called Lake Palestine and B. Much of the Neches has been untouched by man and is thus in its primitive condition. It happens to flow through Big Thicket National Preserve which contains some very interesting wildlife to view on your float. For most of your trip down the river though, you will be surrounded by beautiful piney woods and lots and lots of shade.

We have highlighted two of our favorite outfitters for the Neches but feel free to rent your own gear and enjoy this river for the joy that it is. There are a number of spots to start at and you can float until you and your group get tired. Steinhagen Reservoir, and US highway Each of these access points will give you a trip down the river for miles and miles.

Pack lightly and bring some camping gear if you like. Neches River Adventures is just about as good as it gets along the Neches River. This company has a gigantic covered excursion boat called Ivory Bill. In fact, along the Neches you might see up to tree species, 47 different types of mammals, bird species, and an absolute ton of reptiles and amphibians. The Ivory bill is available for public trips as well as private charters. They do a lot of corporate events, social events, field trips, and provide each of their guests with a ton of education on this river and the surrounding flora and fauna.

Public trips are on Saturday and you will be mixed with other interested parties. The private charters are for renting out the Ivory Bill for your party only. Prices are very fair and the trip is outstandingly educational. The public tours are just on Saturday mornings and the private charters are available by reservation only 7 days a week.

Eastex Canoe Trails mainly operates along the lower Neches River and is the only outfitter that we know of to service this portion of the river. They give river adventurers a few different options as far as floats go. The most popular trip is their three day and two night adventure where you float a large portion of the Neches and primitively campout at night. They also offer day trips as well as more expansive two day rentals.

Reservations are best with Eastex as they book up quick! On any of their number of trips you can enjoy primitive flora, wildlife, amazing scenery, as well as white sandbars. Parking over at Eastex is free which is always a plus.

They will also provide shuttle service to help you and your group avoid a bunch of walking. They use these shuttles to tow your canoes as well as providing assistance with getting into and out of the water.

When you are done with your trip, just give them a call and they will be right over to pick you up. They have a number of different options as far as canoes rentals go. At the time of the writing of this guide, they have a couple different types of canoes and kayaks, including tandem kayaks. They have trips that last two hours and on up to five days. Be sure to call for more information and details. Be sure to let the good folks at Eastex facilitate a great time for you and your party this summer!

The Medina River is also one of those rivers that is a little bit of a drive from Austin as well. It flows for a total of miles making it a decent sized Texas river to float down.

The Medina gets its water flow from rainfall as well as springs that feed the river due to the Balcones Fault. Some of the only maneuvering you will have to do while floating down this river are some 90 degree turns and be sure to watch out for low overhanging branches. People say that the Medina River is the most scenic and fun filled rivers in all of Texas which is saying a lot. They offer hunting packages, fishing packages, horseback riding, clay pigeon shooting, guided tours, and a ton of lodging accommodations if you are tired from being on the water all day.

Medina River Ranch is also a popular place to hold special events such as corporate, social functions, as well as weddings.

Call early to reserve though because they book out fast! Medina River Ranch does not rent out tubes or kayaks, or anything of the sort, but they make up for this by renting out pontoon boats. You can take these pontoon boats all throughout the Medina River and back if you so choose. They seat a large number of people comfortably and are a ton of fun for everyone involved.

Of all the outfitters we have featured in this guide, perhaps SA Kayak Rentals is the most unique and useful. They are a mobile kayak rental business and let us explain exactly what that means for you. This means that they will come to you and deliver all necessary items to float down the Medina River. Yep, you heard that right, if you rent at least two kayaks, they will show up at any San Antonio park free of charge fully equipped with your floating gear.

They only offer kayak rentals, no tubes, but kayaks are a great way to experience the Medina River alone, or with your family and friends. They have a few different types of kayaks to choose from. Their inventory includes an eight foot or smaller kayak, 10 footers, tandem, and fishing kayaks. At the time of this writing, they have six varieties of kayaks for you to choose from.

Give them a call today and make them come to you! The Nueces River is actually quite a way from downtown Austin but is an absolute blast in every respect. The Nueces flows for miles throughout central and southern Texas. It drains into the Gulf of Mexico right near the town of Mathis.

It is the southernmost major river in Texas, Northeast of the Rio Grande. The river hardly ever flows except when it rains so keep this in mind if you want to make the trek down there to float it. The Nueces River is known for its crystal clear water and spring fed streams.

Wildlife is also very abundant here and you should keep an eye out for the hundreds of different types of flora and fauna in the area.

Nueces River Adventures is another one of these outfitters that has the complete package for anyone wanting to spend some time in or around the Nueces River. They have camping, kayak rentals, swimming, fishing, wildlife viewing, and mountain biking. Please be aware that this is not a public location though.

They are located just outside of the city of Uvalde Texas. These guys advertise that they provide tubers with a fully accommodated trip down the river. They are also very big on fishing and their tubing packages will help you target Large Mouth and Guadalupe Bass. Chalk Bluff literally has everything you need for fun while near the Nueces River.

They offer everything possible for their guests to enjoy the Nueces as well as the surrounding area. This includes tubing and kayaking, they also have a whole host of other activities such as hiking, fishing, birdwatching, animal petting, and even camping.

Chalk Bluff is the perfect spot for your next family getaway, wedding, family reunion, or any type of retreat you can imagine. We would put this place in the same category as a wilderness retreat.

On the property they have a bunch of animals for you to interact with as well. The Trinity River although not very common as far as tubing goes, is actually a force to be reckoned with. It gets its beginning in north Texas just a few miles south of the beautiful Red River. From these tributaries, it eventually flows south until it hits the Gulf of Mexico.

The Trinity is also the closest river to Dallas to go tubing. Also, while near the Trinity, be sure to check out Panther Island Pavillion which frequently hosts musical events all summer long.

Backwoods Paddlesports is the latest and greatest way to get you and your group down the Trinity River. The Trinity River is pretty calm and harmless but excitingly beautiful. Backwoods Paddlesports will help you out in a big way should you decide to float this river. They have years of experience doing this and their level of customer care is top notch.

The Colorado River flows for miles across parts of seven states and some of northern Mexico. It begins in the central Rocky Mountains and flows somewhat southwest and then south where it eventually ends in Mexico.

The Colorado is known for its canyons and whitewater rapids as well as being a vital source of water for people up and down the river. Both the river and its tributaries are controlled by an elaborate system of dams, reservoirs, and aqueducts. Because of its size, it offers pretty much anything that a floater could possible want in a river.

You will encounter huge rapids, calm waters, boulders, and more along this beautiful river. This place is a must check out if you plan on tubing, kayaking, or virtually any other type of experience in the waters of the Colorado River! They are conveniently located right next to the Old Iron Bridge in downtown Bastrop. This is the river you want to go down if you want to avoid the crowds that you typically encounter on the Guadalupe or San Marcos Rivers especially.

Bastrop offers you a planned out hour trip down the river if you so choose. They have it all for any group or single person party. There is no reservation needed and they even offer a moonlight trip down the river. How cool is that? If you are in need of a cooler tube then they also offer those for reasonable pricing. They offer shuttle services to help you and your group avoid walking too much as well which is a nice touch in an outfitter.

They also offer primitive camping sites on any of their unique islands. They also offer retreats and corporate or group team building activities. This place knows what they are doing and it shows. They got their start in but soon thereafter changed owners and the rest is history! If you are of the fishing type and want to fish, they also offer a ton of options for you along the Colorado River as well!

This outfitter located downtown Austin as well as along the San Marcos River are epic places to check out. Not only do they facilitate kayak and canoe rentals, they also sell a ton of boats, other water crafts, lighting systems, and even the highly coveted Orion coolers to the public.

They have a number of trips available to you on the Colorado River which range from short and leisurely to long and arduous. Prices are very affordable and you can rent canoes, kayaks, boats, and even more.

Check them out for sure before you commit to using any other outfitter along the beautiful San Marcos or Colorado Rivers. Be sure to call for details on each of these rivers for more up to date information.

Tennis shoes or river sandals are highly recommended when floating down any of the rivers mentioned in this guide. Please note that flip flops might sound like a great idea but can actually have disastrous consequences. Also, flip flops slip off your feet very easily while tubing and can float down the river never to be seen again.

If for some reason you forget your river shoes, check with your chosen outfitter to see if they allow you to rent a suitable pair. Better to be safe than sorry on the river. We always hear horror stories of people who actually need to go see a doctor or hospital as a result of improper footwear while in the river. You are probably going to want to explore the banks of the rivers as well so be sure to come prepared with appropriate shoes or sandals.

Sun screen is necessary pretty much anytime you spend time on the rivers in this guide. In Central Texas, the sun is hot and intense and you should bring something to protect your skin with. You should apply sunscreen before and during your water adventures in any river in Texas. This is a given and should be a no brainer. Its miserable having to squint throughout your entire rafting trip because you forgot your sun glasses and favorite hat.

The Texas sun is intense and you will thank us for this tip. Sun screen is often not enough to allow for comfort on the water. It only protects the skin, not the eyes. This is perhaps the most commonly made mistake for any new tuber or water adventurer in Texas.

If you hit any rapids or turbulence during your trip, it is possible that your eyewear, prescription or non-prescription, will get knocked right off your face. This type of occurrence happens a lot. You will need to purchase something called float bobbers that attach to your glasses so they float on the water opposed to sinking immediately. Many of these float bobbers also attach to you as well so that they can be easily retrieved from the water.

Perhaps you could get away without float bobbers and other attachments on the slower rivers but this is never recommended. Do not wear clothing that will tangle or restrict your ability to swim which could cause you to drown if you fall out of your tube.

Do not wear long pants, long sleeve shirts, scarves, coats, jackets, long dresses, etc. Basically avoid loose or baggy clothing of any type. Make sure your arms and legs have free movement at all times while you are tubing or when you are in the water. You would be surprised but when clothing gets wet, it doubles and even triples in weight.

Just be aware of this and have a safe and enjoyable time in the water. Water is pretty essential and should be included along with your alcohol for a river trip. People get dehydrated all the time on these rivers and bottled water prevents that. Alcohol dehydrates the body and things can get out of control fast if you are out in the hot sun with beer, but not water. Be sure to drink some water between alcoholic drinks as well to avoid nasty hangovers the next day. The secret is to stay hydrated.

Drink as much water as you can, even when not thirsty to avoid any problems on your float. Be responsible with alcohol on the river. Also, be smart about drinking and floating.

Be of legal age and just like any other drinking establishment, be responsible with it. Alcohol on the river can be a lot of fun but if it gets out of control, it can be a nightmare. Be sure to check the river laws with your local outfitter and find out their particular laws and restrictions before making a reservation. As mentioned earlier, do not bring glass or even styrofoam coolers. There are laws on most of the rivers in Texas that state you are not allowed to bring glass or styrofoam containers into the water.

Glass is not allowed for obvious reasons and styrofoam is banned because it breaks up so easily in the water and pollutes the river. To get past this, bring a cooler or rent one from your outfitter. You can usually buy or rent a plastic one that holds just as many beverages as a styrofoam one would. Instead of bringing glass bottles, bring aluminum cans and put your hard liquor in a non-glass container just to be safe.

This tip should be pretty obvious but people every year need to be reminded not to bring valuables onto the river. This even applies to not so obvious items such as wedding rings, earrings, necklaces, and bracelets. You would be surprised but your fingers shrink and get slippery when you have been in the water for an extended period of time.

Rings fall off into the water all summer long and most of them are never found. Also, be sure to leave cell phones, wallets, and any other valuables at home or in the car at least.

If you are going to be using an outfitter, ask them if they have lockers to store your belongings in. If you are braving the river with your own tube then please leave important items at home or in the car. This one might seem weird but always bring cash when planning on floating down any of the rivers in this guide. Reserve ahead of time with an outfitter if you can. Edited by Toby Considine and William T.

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