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The image goes way too fast to tell. But I have no idea about scale of this. Obviously it's "The world record for the most journalists a single country has imprisoned within a year". I recommend to post again in day or two if there are some unanswered questions - with some answered already maybe some were missed.

Those aren't dumb questions! I had some of those same questions when I first started out. I'm assuming you're using the in-browser editor called iD since in my opinion its the best editor for new mappers. How do I map an area within an area such as a pond within a wooded area or a manmade island in a manmade pond? Then, using the line tool, trace the inner perimeter of the island. When you're done, it should look like this. What you've done is create a multipolygon by creating a relation with two lines outdated wiki page describing multipolygons.

The same steps work for drawing a pond in woods, except that you now tag the inside area as a pond. This helps to solve some ugly rendering that happens when woods and water overlap. The tag you're looking for is a tree row! And I typically leave the narrow strips of land between two fields blank. When an area especially the aforementioned tree lines, but also wetlands and parks borders with a road or footpath, do I attach the bordering edge to the road or end it where the satellite image indicates when zoomed in all the way?

It's considered good mapping to not attach landuses to roads, since it is difficult for other people to edit and since it is slightly inaccurate if it actually ends slightly before the road. If an area crosses a road or footpath, should I split it up into separate areas where the road s are? Depends on what the area is and where these roads or footpaths are.

If the area is a park, and the roads and paths are located within the park, the area should encompass everything. If a road runs within an area and is not part of it, the area should be split.

For example, I split this golf course into two different areas that run along side the road since the road belongs to the township. Try different imagery using the background settings on the right side. I found that ESRI imagery was taken during winter in my area and is good enough to trace some buildings that are hidden in Bing's summer imagery. This is probably the one formal rule that OSM has.

Do not copy any data from copyrighted sources like Google. Wiki link about copyright. How do I map the footpaths that the county recently added to all the town parks that are buried under a foot of snow or, how can I map things I can't see? Do the best you can using imagery.

It's also recommended that you survey the area in person. I think I screwed up the map of my town royally. I didn't realize that the satellite image doesn't correctly display the locations of things; it's several metres out of alignment. IMO, having correctly aligned imagery is more important if you are doing anything with straightening or aligning roads. Source is not listed but by looking at http: Maybe workers killed by communists? Originally posted to https: Missing the lighthouse of Alexandroupoli in Greece.

It's the biggest landmark in Alexandroupoli. It is result of my mistake of assuming that unnamed lighthouses are tiny structures that are not worth displaying. Following this user will show all the posts they make to their profile on your front page. Maybe something changed on your computer? If it's gone it's fine to just delete it. How do people in the OSM community feel about paid mappers? They also monitor for info about road closures, what is very useful. It's pretty clear, though, that certain destructive behaviors are more associated with companies than volunteers: I mean, my carrot patch.

There has also been significant discussion on this point in the tagging email lists. Also, it is likely that some of tagging methods are more popular than other ones.

What does "rural city-status single-tier municipality" mean? Main Trail of Beskidy - the longest signed hiking route in Poland km i. Tree cover density of Europe x i. Number of Journalists Jailed in in Europe and surroundings i. I stumble on mistakes already. And "You can see the names and organization of those journalists I feel that green for 0 would be much better. How do I map a house that is mostly concealed by trees in the satellite image?

I also appear to have wasted a lot of time tracing tree rows as areas. Mapping tree rows as areas is fine, I do it this way.

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