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The memoir of survival and resilience that inspired a nation. Golf, Money, and Power in Augusta, Georgia. Little A October 1, Language: Print edition purchase must be sold by Amazon. Thousands of books are eligible, including current and former best sellers. Look for the Kindle MatchBook icon on print and Kindle book detail pages of qualifying books. Print edition must be purchased new and sold by Amazon. Gifting of the Kindle edition at the Kindle MatchBook price is not available.

Learn more about Kindle MatchBook. Related Video Shorts 0 Upload your video. Memoir by one of the Old West's most feared but virtually unknown today gunfighter reveals what it was like to live and die in the 's Wild West. A Special Kind Of Evil: The Colonial Parkway Serial Killings.

Who Killed These Girls?: Try the Kindle edition and experience these great reading features: Share your thoughts with other customers. Write a customer review. Read reviews that mention true crime serial killers mad city law enforcement serial killer poorly written well written hard to follow campus murders writing style back and forth finish the book waste of time jack the ripper christine rothschild reads like never heard subject matter well researched university of wisconsin.

There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Please try again later. Kindle Edition Verified Purchase. Great example of incoherent, rambling, pseudo-academic writing. Where was the editor? Was there an editor? If you think you will be reading a book about an investigation of a crime, or a study of a serial killer, don't bother. You will never find out any details of the actual crimes in any kind of a linear, expository way. Be prepared to jump randomly to tangential stories about other murderers, and other crimes having nothing to do with the title of the book.

Be prepared for cliches, and jargon, and psychological noodling that never advances your understanding of the alleged point of the book. You will learn nothing about the victim, or her friend, and you will mainly read loose speculation about the purported killer.

On the plus side, if you make it to the end of the book, you will feel an enormous sense of relief that your ordeal is over. Don't waste your time. The Thriller selection this month is first in a series, which I generally avoid, and the Suspense story line sounded too similar to hundreds of other books I've read.

I enjoy non-fiction as well, and since this is based on a true story, I figured it would be a more unique tale, hopefully free of the cliches and overused literary techniques many mystery authors tend to fall back on to make their story more interesting. As they say, truth is stranger than fiction.

I read the sample for this one first, and after finishing it had no desire to read the sample of the other I was considering, I really wanted to see where this one went.

Older readers may be more familiar with the events in this story, which mostly took place in the late 60's and 70's, just slightly before my time. While I am familiar with other notorious serial killer stories from the past, this was one that I guess never got as much press, as I knew nothing of it before starting this book. Personally, I'm glad because I don't know if I would have enjoyed the journey as much knowing the outcome. Despite being a true crime story, it read more like fiction at times to me.

I'm sure not every detail was totally accurate, there's no way it could be going off mostly secondhand accounts years later, but the author did a good job of describing people and places to really create a story rather than just retelling the facts.

Although at times there seemed to be some factual exposition unnecessary for the story, I still found it interesting. Since many readers always want to know about sex and language before reading a book, I think it's fairly obvious from the subject matter that there will be talk of violence and murder, but nothing is done in a gory or explicit way and there is no foul language or sex scenes for those bothered by that sort of thing.

SVU, you'll be fine. I have no doubt this book will be a hit, true crime stories are widely popular right now with the huge success of things like Netflix's "Making a Murderer" and the "Serial" podcast. And I personally hope this book does well, because I hope Amazon will offer more true crime and other non-fiction selections for the Kindle First program. This was a welcome change from the usual KF fare. I think this would be a great read for a criminology class.

As always, I recommend clicking on the cover and reading the first few chapters to see if you like it before you commit, but if your tastes are similar to mine, I highly recommend this book, especially while it's free on Kindle First! This book is great for one thing only: I purchased this book because, at the time, it had received almost invariably positive, high star reviews, and seemed to promise a fascinating read.

I disregarded most of the problems that sent other reviewers away after the first couple of chapters. I even ignored blatant opinions presented as incontrovertible facts by the author, such as his statement that Jack the Ripper never existed, and the murders attributed to him were the work of multiple random killers. Still entertaining a faint hope the author would eventually get to the central theme or plot and cease showing off his amazing wealth of "knowledge" and his lackluster attempt to channel the inimitable narrative style of Paul Winfield , I continued to plod on.

It just never got better. The narrative style is the disjointed rambling of a caffeinated drunk filibustering. The author's grandiosity is grating and completely unfounded, as he lacks skill as a writer, a story-teller, and an organizer and presenter of even factual information.

There is no central theme that I have yet discerned. This is an utterly exhausting read. This Kindle First pick is just another example of an over-hyped piece of garbage I've been duped into buying.

Kindle First books, for the most part, are a gamble. Don't bet on this one unless you want to win a quick and guaranteed trip to Dreamland. I struggled through the first chapter and decided not to continue. The writing is terrible to the point of being bizarre! I was surprised to find such a literate and honest approach to serial killers. The author is both knowledgeable and committed in style and facts.

Although I read "murder books" frequently, I have not read one in many years written by such a talented author. I would recommend this book to serious students of crime. The errors made by the different police departments illuminate how not to investigate murder. This book was so disorganized and overly wordy, it was hard to follow. Rather, it seemed to be a hodgepodge of any serial killer information of which the author had knowledge. The claimed solution of the Rothschild murder was a blind guess based on tangential and imagined "clues".

I chose this book because it sounded like it was a nonfiction book in the vein of Erik Larson's Devil in the White City. It turned out to be nothing like it at all. I actually didn't finish reading this book as it got too bogged down in the details of setting up the background for Christine's murder.

A Barbary lion cub, stands next to its father "Schroeder" at the zoo in Neuwied, Germany, June 26, Zokni Socks , an alpaca foal who was born 15 days ago, rests in his enclosure in the Nyiregyhaza Animal Park in Nyiregyhaza, miles east of Budapest, Hungary, June 15, The stallion baby has been named after the white fur on his legs.

A half-year-old kangaroo baby peeks out of the pouch of his mother at the Stralsund zoo, Germany, June 8, A seven and half weeks old Siberian tiger cub lies in the grass as he is introduced to the public in the Debrecen Zoo in Debrecen, east of Budapest, Hungary, June 13, The male cub is handfed by his keepers as his mother has no milk to feed him.

He is the first Siberian tiger to be born in the Debrecen Zoo, June 13, Little elephant bull Kitai and its mother Tong Koon stand in their compound at the zoo in Cologne, western Germany, June 8, Kitai was born last night. A one-month-old one-horned rhinoceros, looks from inside a cage at the Assam state zoological park in Gauhati, India, June 5, Forest officials on Sunday rescued the male baby rhino believed to have been abandoned by its mother at the Pobitora wildlife sanctuary.

The zoo officials have named the calf Raja. A fourteen-week-old red kangaroo Macropus rufus peeps from its mother's pouch in their enclosure in Nyiregyhaza Zoo in Nyiregyhaza, Hungary, May 29, A baby camel stands by its mother in the town of Guellala on the southern Mediterranean resort island of Djerba, on May 13, The baby giraffe was born May 11th at the zoo farm in North Somerset.

The ring-tailed lemur baby "Heather" drinks out of a miniature baby bottle at the Straussber Monkey Reserve in Straussberg, Germany, May 3, The baby lemur - probably born on 10 April, was abandoned by its mother and is now being taken care of by the head animal keeper, Silvio Dietzel, in an over-sized slipper and with a baby bottle. Her birth was broadcast to an online audience of more than a million viewers.

Dasa holds her son Otis, born Feb. The young orangutan was named after zoo officials received 6, suggestions in a monthlong contest. The orangutan, born Feb. A little monkey stands next to its mother on a sunny warm spring day, at the zoo in Gelsenkirchen, Germany, March 30, The little sloth bear can be seen with its mother Kaveri for the first time at the zoo in Berlin, on March 27, A 3-month old Bennett's wallaby sits in its mother's pouch in their enclosure at Nyiregyhaza Animal Park, March 23, , in Nyiregyhaza, Hungary.

A manatee baby swims near his mother at the ZooParc de Beauval in Beauval, France, on March 15, , 11 days after his birth. Ramboora the koala and his mother, Iona, on March 8, , in a zoo in Duisburg, Germany. The elephant Tuffi celebrates its first birthday at the zoo in Wuppertal, Germany, March 16, Tuffi received a fruit cake for the occasion. One of five cheetah cubs explores its outdoor enclosure for the first time in Beekse Bergen Safari Park, Hilvarenbeek, the Netherlands, March 9, The five cheetahs were born on Feb.

Inkosi, a white Transvaal lion, plays with his 2-month-old triplets in their outdoor enclosure for the first time in the Nyiregyhaza Zoo in Nyiregyhaza, Hungary, March 7, Binti, Inkosi's mating partner since , gave birth on Jan. A Rhodesian giraffe stands in front of two other herd members, Feb.

Nine of the endangered lizards hatched at the museum in October The zoo currently boasts nine giraffes, the latest a calf named Sauda, born on the first of January, shortly followed by the birth of twins on Feb. The five were born on Feb. A baby cotton top tamarin clings to a tree branch at Wildlife Reserves Singapore, Feb. A newborn, yet unnamed polar bear baby in Berlin.

The bear was born in November and will be presented to the public in March. He had an infection when he was about a month old and was separated from his mother so medical staff could care for him. He was gone for about a month, and zoo officials didn't know whether the mother would take him back and didn't want to risk his health or safety. Chester Zoo is celebrating after a rare breed of giraffe was born on Boxing Day, Dec. The Rothschild's calf, who would have fallen more than 6 ft during its birth, is the product of Chester Zoo's endangered species breeding program.

The Rothschild's giraffe is one of the worlds most at risk animals due to poaching and habitat loss, with experts estimating numbers of less that 1, left in the wild.

A elephant mother pushes her as-yet unnamed daughter in an enclosure at the zoo in Hanover, Germany, Dec. The two cubs were exploring their entire enclosure for the first time on Dec. A four-day-old baby mantled guereza Colobus guereza peers out of its mother's lap in the Nyiregyhaza Animal Park in Nyiregyhaza, Hungary, Dec. The newborn bottlenose dolphin Dobbie swims with her mother Pepina in the Dolphinarium at the zoo in Duisburg, Germany, Dec.

Little Dobbie was born three month ago and visits her dolphin family at the big pool for the first time after she could leave quarantine. A female baby Rothschild giraffe Giraffa camelopardalis camelopardis in her enclosure in the Zoo in Opole, Poland, on Dec. The baby giraffe, born on Dec. The Rothschild giraffes is one of the most endangered distinct populations of giraffes.

The Tiergarten Schoenbrunn zoo in Vienna, Austria, shows a baby sloth eating some salad as it hangs on it's mother's belly in their enclosure, on Dec. The names were revealed at a naming celebration on Dec. The zoo says Ya means elegant and Xi means happy. Lun is a reference to the cubs' mother, Lun Lun. A four-month-old white lion cub cuddles to its father Sam inside their enclosure at a zoo in Tbilisi, Nov. A five-day old zebra calf stands with her mother after she was released in an enclosure for public viewing at the Alipore Zoological Garden in the Indian city of Kolkata, Nov.

This is the first successful assisted birth of a zebra at the zoo. Giant Panda twin cubs which were born on Aug. A newly born critically endangered eastern black rhino walks in its enclosure at the zoo in Dvur Kralove, Czech Republic, Oct. The female baby was born on Oct. A 2-day-old male baby Asian elephant stands next to his mother, Tamara, in their enclosure at the Prague Zoo, Oct. According to the zoo, it is the third elephant birth in the Prague Zoo's history.

The otter will receive medical treatment and then it will be released. This undated handout photo received from the Australia Zoo on Sept.

Tian Bao, a 3-month-old baby panda, is officially named at the Pairi Daiza animal park, on Sept. Baby giraffe of Niger "Kenai," born on Aug. Two male Amur leopard cubs leave their enclosure as they venture outside for the first time since being born at Marwell Zoo in Hampshire, United Kingdom, on Aug.

Ignoring the shrieks of his rowdy, wrestling classmates, baby orangutan, Otan, practices swinging alone at his "jungle school" on Borneo island, at the International Animal Rescue centre outside the city of Ketapang in West Kalimantan, Indonesia, Aug. Meet Solo, the adorable Malayan tapir calf who has been taking her first steps outside at Chester Zoo, on Aug.

A female tero bird and its chicks are seen during Argentina's football team training session in Ezeiza, Buenos Aires, on Aug.

Two male Amur leopard cubs leave their enclosure as they ventures outside for the first time since being born at Marwell Zoo in Hampshire, England, Aug. Baby "Embe" watches the public from her mothers arms at Taronga Zoo, on Aug. A gorilla named Kira, holds her newborn baby in an enclosure at the Moscow Zoo, on Aug.

This handout picture taken on Aug. A litter of white lion cubs is presented in their enclosure in the 'XII months' private zoo in the Demydiv village, about 50 kilometers north of Kiev, Ukraine, Aug.

A young chimpanzee practices on a ball at the zoo in Frankfurt, Germany, Aug. Female elephant baby Tamika walks besides her 15 years old mother 'Tana' in their enclosure at the zoo in Halle, Germany, Aug.

Gorilla Kira holds her baby at Moscow's zoo in Russia. The baby was born on July 22 and she's already living with her mother and other gorillas.

Triplet cubs of a rare breed of white lion have been born in Tbilisi zoo. It is the first addition to the lion family since the devastating flooding in that killed almost half of its inhabitants. Little elephant Tamika plays with water in its enclosure at the zoo in Halle, Germany, July 22, The young elephant girl was born on June 26, and its name means "little sweet. A newly born Mexican gray wolf cub, an endangered native species, interacts with his mother at its enclosure at the Museo del Desierto in Saltillo, Mexico, July 19, Two baby seals fighting for a fish in the breeding tank of the seal station in Friedrichskoog, Germany, July 11, A young emperor tamarin Sauginus imperator clings onto its mother in their enclosure in Sosto Zoo in Nyiregyhaza, Hungary, 11 July A female white lion cleans one of her cubs in their outdoor enclosure at the Zoo Safari in Swierkocin, Poland, June 27, Four white lion cubs were born in March A giant panda Hao Hao holds her newborn baby in her mouth at the park in Brugelette, Belgium, June 2, Ducklings at a poultry-farm during the first flock repopulation, due to the avian flu in the region, on May 13, , in Toulouzette, France.

A newborn orangutang rests on his mother's chest on May 7, , one week after his birth at the Amneville zoo, France.

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