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With things like a hammer, bat, crowbar each attack would be less lethal and consume more energy.

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Singlestick was an event at the Summer Olympics , but the sport was already in decline. Again recent investigation found that most likely singlestick was not present at the Olympics, but rather a form of cane fighting.

Singlestick was very seldom taught in late 19th century United States until it was introduced for a short while in Annapolis , and most of the competitors came from academies where singlestick was unknown but French cane was taught. The use of the term "singlestick" in contemporary newspapers explains the confusion as it was an umbrella term at the time to refer to combat sports and games using a stick such as singlestick, cane, quarterstaff or even kendo.

Stickplay with wooden swords as a school for the cutlass remained common in some navies. The art, occasionally practised by a few fencing veterans in the United Kingdom , was revived by the Royal Navy in the s. Within today's martial arts community, a growing interest in traditional Western martial arts has revived interest in this particular form of weapon training. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Martial art that uses a cudgel. For the racehorse, see Cudgel horse. Association for Historical Fencing. Journal of Western Modern Art. Electronic Journals of Martial Arts and Sciences. Stick sports in America, an investigation". I don't do longsword.

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