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Ocean Second Pattern 1. I had to shrink the photo down so much to get it in but you should get the idea.

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Gem - Saltwater 2. Gem Mk 1 1. Hardex Fixed Spool 1. Longstone - Wood Pattern 1. Mallochs Side Casting Reel circa 1. Match Fishers Reel 1. Megstone - Wood Pattern 1. Nottingham with Silex Action 1. Ocean - Aluminum Ventilated Pattern 1. Ocean - Improved 1. Ocean First Pattern 1. Ocean Fourth Pattern - Plain Model 1. Ocean Second Pattern 1. Ocean Third Pattern with Silex Action 1. Perfect - Brass Faced 1.

Perfect - Contracted 1. Perfect - Contracted with Line Roller 1. Perfect - Mk I 1. Perfect - Mk II 1. Perfect - Silent Model reintroduced Second Pattern 1. Perfect - The Special 1. Pomeroy - West India Tarpon Reel 1. Ryders Registered Central Balance Reel circa 1. Silent Check Perfect - First Pattern 1. Silex Frameless Pattern circa 1. Silex Rex Multiplier 1. Silex with Trailing Break circa 1. South African Surf Reel 1.

Super Silex Dunne circa 1. Some MkV are overall lead finish — most of those I think are late production. The very last ones seem to get only two levers on the capstan nut not four. I'm fairly sure that there was a MkVI that seemed to be some sort of economy version but I've never seen one, I only think it's been discussed here. If I recall that correctly. Sorry that's about all I've got. The Split Cane Splinter Group.

If I'm honest, I've managed to glean most of what you've said from other people's posts and by nosing around the 'net. I've seen some of the very early 'ducks foot' altex and have seen the war time finish too. A MKVI was for sale on eBay recently too with the horribe plastic parts I suppose the fact that only a dozen were made keeps the price up What I've never seen is a definitive way of dating them.

For example, an awful lot has been written about the MKIV carp rods over the years, and we're now at the point where production changes such as handle shape, decal, hook keeper, collar etc can give quite an accurate indication of the year they were made. Willie Gunn is offline. Although there is no conclusive evidence about the date in which Hardy went from smooth brass feet to smooth alloy feet to ridged brass and ridged alloy feet, it appears that the shorter ridged brass and ridged alloy feet did not show up on the early Perfect models until the mid to late 's and in some models, 's.

Taking the above into consideration, I concur that your 4" Perfect with the long smooth brass foot seems to be an "early" 's model. To tighten it up from there you might have to consider sending it in to a lab for carbon dating But no doubt, it's a beauty and per Mr. Willie Gunn's wise words, do not touch that foot with a file!

Electrical tape works just fine on either an up-locking or down-locking "modern" seat but make sure you wrap off the retaining rings with tape so they don't scratch the bottom of the foot The down-side, of course, is you'll soon grow tired of the tape routine and there's always that nagging feeling that the reel will fall off when you're fighting a fish Taping the reel will also eventually distend or balloon out the retaining cup of your existing seat because of the stress the retaining rings cause sitting beneath the reel's foot instead of securing it in place I gave up not only on tape routine but also on trying to get Sage to put special reel seats on their double fisters to accommodate the growing use of these antique reels.

With all due resepct to the Sage guy who "wakes up every morning trying to figure out how to make a better rod", their attitude seemed to be "we already know it all and don't need in-put from the people out there who use our rods".

It was that supercilious somewhat arrogant attitude that drove me to Struble Manufacturing yes, it's true-- necessity is indeed the mother of invention. Struble was more then willing to try out some new ideas and with their help I was able to fashion several reel seats that accommodated my entire collection of old Perfects, Longstones and Super Silexes.

Let me know if you need contact information for this or help on how to go about the modification process. I not only built my own rods with these modified Struble seats but also retro-fitted all my older "off-the-rack" rods with them it ain't heart surgery and can be accomplished with modest costs.

And keep that reel properly exercised! Last edited by marketic; at Thanks to all for the insights. No Willie, I am hoping to avoid the file at all costs. Marketic, Thanks for the dating help. That matched up with the little I have been able to dig up. I will certainly try the tape idea this weekend.

Long term though, I am toying with having a new brass foot milled. I have a link to a machine shop so all that is stopping me is pulling the old one off. It looks like no problem with the screws being peened. My only concern is it looks like the dovetail fit is a damn tight one.

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