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By , Midway left the pinball industry it had earlier transferred most of its pinball assets to WMS in in exchange for video game assets of WMS to concentrate on video games.

In June , Midway closed its arcade division due to financial losses. In , in an effort to expand its market share, Midway began a purchasing spree of independent video game development studios to strengthen its product development teams [20] In April , Midway acquired Surreal Software of Seattle, Washington.

The studio was renamed Midway Studios—Australia. Four months later, on December 13, Midway announced to its employees there that it was shutting the studio down, leaving its employees based at that studio without a job. Two days later, on December 15, the studio was closed and their Adelaide premises emptied.

Midway was ranked as the 4 video game publisher by sales in It continued to finance its business with debt offerings and other credit arrangements. Mindshadow alleged that Midway copied Psi-Ops ' s story from a screenplay written and owned by their client.

Judge Cooper found no evidence of copyright infringement. He was the third executive to resign from the company in three months. In November , Midway reported that its cash and other resources "may not be adequate to fund The company began to operate as a Debtor in possession. Midway announced on May 21, that it had received a takeover bid from Warner Bros. Midway announced on May 28, that it would "accept binding offers up to June 24, , to acquire some or all of the Company's assets.

However, no other bids were placed for Midway's assets, and so the auction was canceled. Interactive Entertainment and was later rebranded NetherRealm Studios.

On July 14, , Midway announced that it had closed the Newcastle studio and terminated 75 employees. Speiss also purchased Midway's London publishing subsidiary on the same day. Many of the former Midway employees at the Chicago studio acquired by Warner Bros. In October , the U. District Court in Chicago dismissed a lawsuit against former officers of Midway alleging that they had misled shareholders while selling their own stock.

The judge ruled that Midway's shareholders had not shown that the executives "said or did anything more than publicly adopt a hopeful posture that its strategic plans would pay off". Judge Kevin Gross wrote that his decision was "not an endorsement of any of the defendants' actions. The defendants oversaw the ruin of a once highly successful company, only to hide behind the protective skirt of Delaware law, which the court is bound to apply. In February , Midway filed its proposed plan of liquidation with the bankruptcy court.

Any settlement amount under the lawsuit against National Amusements was to be paid to the two groups of unsecured creditors in the same ratio. Holders of secured and priority claims were to be paid in full, National Amusements would not receive any payment under its Subordinated Loan Agreement, and the equity holders would not receive any payment. On June 9, , the company filed a Form 15 with the Securities and Exchange Commission, terminating the public registration of its securities.

This ended the outstanding claims against Redstone and his companies. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For the games seen at fairs and carnivals, see Midway fair. Site 4 [a] Bio F. The Arcade Game Xenophobe. Muto Doom 64 Ed, Edd n Eddy: Seven Sorrows Gravity Games Bike: Injustice for All Justice League: Deadly Alliance Mortal Kombat: Shaolin Monks Mortal Kombat: Covenant Static Shock Spy Hunter: Midway files for bankruptcy".

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