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Cut to him seating behind the wheel, something breathing down the back of his neck and "You're behind me, aren't you?

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Headlines in Chicago newspapers early last week were typical. Conference of Catholic Bishops, that publics should support the bipartisan legislation which addresses the situation. A new way of thinking about those who are strangers. Earlier, in , he had stood apart from hardline bishops who concentrated on abortion rights at the expense of support for broader social justice interests on Catholic terms: We have to be willing to talk about all issues. One sample—many are available—is a vast collection that one can google from Free Republic see Resources.

But it might at least distract the haters from following the counsel of two final respondents on Free Republic: Can we start over, with Cardinal Cupich? Accessed January 14, All of this being said Furthering this struggle towards being "real," the movie goes with a very sparse soundtrack. That is hard to pull off. Rent it when you can. More Top Movies Trailers Forums.

Season 4 Castle Rock: Season 1 Fear the Walking Dead: Season 3 Sharp Objects: Miniseries The Walking Dead: Incredibly Entertaining and Surprisingly Poignant. View All Photos 4. Jamie Harris is a neurotic, bright 25 year-old with a career naming peculiar consumer products. Though she gives them their identities, she's rather confused about her own.

After dating a string of jerks, she's bewildered about whom to trust or how to find true intimacy. When two seemingly honorable men orbit around her, Jamie must confront what she is most afraid of. Comedy , Drama , Romance. Marguerite Moreau as Jamie Harris.

Naveen Andrews as John. Emily Deschanel as Laura. Jordan Garrett as Bobby. Caroline Goodall as Sandy. Vanessa Marano as Little Jamie. I didn't see you were coming down the staircase.

Non-verbal example In the very first Animorphs book. Jake and Marco go to the zoo to acquire animal morphs but are spotted by security. They see two doors to go through, and the first one brings them face-to-face with a rhino. So, they choose the second door, which leads to a lush jungle. Jake turns around to talk to Marco, only to notice that Marco, normally a tan Hispanic guy, is very pale, and deduces that whatever animal inhabits the place is Right Behind Him.

He asks what it is with a forced calmness. Guess who happened to be behind him while he was badmouthing and being quite sexist towards the woman in question. A variant in Duty Calls. Cain is talking to Amberley over his vox-bead, letting her know just how bad the situation with a rogue Inquisitor has gotten.

That wretched woman's the only one apart from Killian who knows how to get down here. Canoness Eglantine, also over the vox-link: That wretched woman is already aware of the situation. In Zeroes , unsurprisingly happens to Anonymous, whose Forgettable Character superpower causes people to forget he's there. One notable instance has Flicker's sister Lily meeting him, then forgetting he's present and unloading about how creepy she finds him.

Searching for David's Heart: At a concert, a jealous Darcy watches her brother David and his girlfriend Jayne kissing from the shadows. Then, she overhears how the necklace that Jayne whom Darcy didn't invite to her birthday party gave her as a gift was actually Jayne's own idea, not David's idea like Darcy had previously thought. Darcy finally steps out of the shadows, and eventually ends up triggering her brother's death. Davis' house complaining about Mr.

Conklin, oblivious to the fact Mr. Conklin is seated at the dining room table. In the episode "With a Little Yelp From My Friends" of Selfie , Henry has tried being coworker Larry's friend to both prove to Eliza workplace friendships aren't that hard, and because Larry's having a tough time with his wife. However, by episode's end Look I know I made it seem like I was friends with Larry, when the truth of the matter is I can't spend 24 hours with that guy.

And what he did to that drifter was wrong! What did he do to the drifter? You know who would love this place? That barely legal junkbox that Dave brought to Penny's birthday last year. You know the one with the tramp stamp, and the tongue ring and the bad hat and she's right behind me isn't she? Oh that's cause she's over there. Rimmer unleashes a stream of fat jokes targeted at Captain Hollister, with Lister as the one trying to stop him: A man whose idea of a light snack is The task of warning him that she's standing right behind him now falls to Kryten, who ends up complimenting Bartikovsky's breasts to make his point.

In The Thin Blue Line episode "Fly on the Wall", the precinct is being filmed for a documentary on what usually happens at police stations.

Inspector Fowler isn't keen on this at all, and thinking that he isn't being recorded, expresses to his officers what he really feels about the crew being there, not realizing in the middle of his rambling they've come up behind him, despite subtle hints from his fellow officers.

His reaction when he does notice them? To smile sheepishly and say "At least that's what I've heard". The family hears about Matt's and Mary's "uncanny impersonation of your grandparents" and ask them to put on the same performance they did for Lucy's boyfriend. They go a little too far before Matt realizes, "They're He kicks the act into high gear and is having so much fun that he doesn't notice the now-horrified looks on the girls' faces, only to finally turn around and see a thoroughly unamused Cliff standing there.

Subverted in Veronica Mars: The title character is asked about the hated Celeste Kane, and sarcastically describes her as a paragon of humanity. Meanwhile Kane has appeared right behind her. Mark asks Richard if they were in the law firm's unisex bathroom having the same conversation, what would happen? Richard hangs a lampshade by saying he would turn around and Cindy would be standing there.

Mark says, "Flush flush. This happens damn near Once an Episode in Ally , usually in the unisex. One time, Ally and Georgia think Billy is in one of the stalls, so they start loudly proclaiming what a great lover he is. Billy walks up behind them in the middle of it, having just entered the room. Turns out it was John Cage in the stall. Tony is usually the one who gets snuck up on, but it has happened to almost everyone in the main cast at least once — this trope, along with the Dope Slap that follows most of the time, is one of the show's most prominent Running Gags.

Once an Episode may be pushing it, but there are still too many examples to list; here are a few: In the episode, "Stakeout", Abby has the "He's right behind me, isn't he? Gibbs is not, in fact, behind her Eventually they lampshade it with a Christmas episode: What do you get the guy who has nothing and wants nothing? The creepy way Gibbs used to sneak up on us. What do you mean "used to"?

The old man's been wearing Bengay. I can smell him a mile away. Kate grins, then gets an Oh, Crap! Is that a fact, DiNozzo?

From the same episode, Kate and Abby know Tony is there and make their conversation sound as suggestive and focused on his wildest dreams as humanly possible, only to reveal they're talking about Kate's new dog.

Also from that episode and several others , Gibbs uses it exactly as he's meant to when a suspect flees into the woods. The man pauses to snicker about what "idiots" Gibbs and company are, only to freeze in terror at the sound and feel of Gibbs' gun at the back of his head. Also lampshaded in "Dead Reckoning" when Gibbs doesn't show up for work on time he's at a crime scene with Trent Kort and Ziva checks his schedule on his computer while McGee and Tony keep lookout.

During a citywide blackout in the season 7 episode "Power Down", Tony starts joking about how Gibbs will feel perfectly comfortable during the crisis: You don't need electricity to use hand tools and drink Bourbon. He's standing right behind you, isn't he? In one episode, Abby gets so fed up with Gibbs' stealth that she placed bubble wrap on the floor at the entrance to her laboratory so that the noise would alert her when someone enters.

Gibbs did not like her idea, so he soon ordered her to get rid of it. Even guest characters know about this: You enjoy working for Gibbs? I mean, I heard he's tough, a real hardass. The guy's scary enough when he's properly medicated. Can't imagine what he'd be like with caffeine withdrawal. Can only imagine someone taking away King Kong's bananas. In "Trojan Horse", we get quite possibly the most epic example of this, when he pulls this even though he's not even in the room —Abby and McGee are in her lab and turn towards the door in obvious anticipation of this, with McGee commenting that "Gibbs has been off his game since he took over for the Director".

Cue Gibbs asking, "Is that so, McGee? This trend is finally explained in a Season 13 episode when McGee and DiNozzo are standing in a corner, discussing Bishop's marriage, assuming she can't hear them because they're too far away, only for her to reveal that she can, because their voices are reverberating off of the skylight.

Is that how Gibbs is always able to—-" right on cue, Gibbs appears out of nowhere Gibbs: In "Phoenix", Ducky takes the lead on the case and ends up pulling this several times.

After Gibbs has done it at least once, of course. He walks around with that peacock strut, and that smirk. How long were you standing back there? And Abby pulls one on Ziva in "Head Case" when Ziva is criticizing a suspect's excessive interest in death. Altered in several instances in Season Three of Boston Legal. Although technically a case of Right in Front of Me , Denny Crane isn't really aware that his usually until then girlfriend Bethany is standing between him and the person he's actually talking to because she's a dwarf.

May I speak freely? I don't think that's wise. Well, maybe I'm just not wise, but I think Jennifer — or should I say Zathrak the Undead, is a stuck-up, manipulative, cold-blooded It was actually done on multiple occasions one of the earliest examples was in "The Beard". With the latter, he has no reason to believe that he's behind him other than he's talking about him as Shawn paid a surprise visit and doesn't even live in the same city.

Used hilariously in Black Books , when Bernard thinks they've seen the last of the thuggish gangster he and Manny are meant to be teaching how to read for an upcoming book reading. And that drongo, Danny! Danny enters the bookshop quietly, Manny notices As if you could ever teach a thug like that! Gus, I admit, was genuine underworld, because he has to get on a stepladder to pee, but that huge gunk I wish I could see him again, y'know, because I'd have him, like that Feel a bit woozy.

Always get a bit dizzy before the screams. This happened a few times in Sports Night. One example involved Casey complaining about Dana to Isaac. It was a bit of a variation, though, in that the bystander typically just smirked and enjoyed the show, rather than trying to warn him of the person behind him.

This happens to poor Kermit twice in a row on the episode with Jaye P. Morgan, who already seems pissed having to work with them, the day his mean landlord with a homophonic similar name shows up to make an inspection: Hey, Kermit, I think you should know that my uncle J. Gross, the man who owns the theater, is making another inspection. I don't think I can take it! Of all the people I can't stand to have around here when we're doing a show, J.

Scooter backs away slowly as Morgan comes down the stairs behind Kermit I mean, J. Oh, hi Jaye P. Uh, when I said J. No, frankly I don't. Camera pans to show J. Gross behind him, clearly not amused. No, see, I love having you on the show, but J.

Gross, the man who owns this theater, is the meanest, stingiest, most heartless person I know! I hope you mean that as a compliment, frog.

Happens on The Golden Girls as Rose is poking fun at Dorothy, making specific mention of how she'd have to "stand on a chair to tell it all to her face.

Used dramatically and with serious repercussions in the third season premiere of Dexter. Debra, who's aiming for the rank of detective sergeant on a big-name case, reveals that the victim, the brother of an ADA and a friend of Lt. LaGuerta's, was a drug addict She gets pulled from the case. Played with in one episode when Mr. Howard rants about how Principal Franklin is a "weak, spineless fool," Principal Franklin is nowhere in sight Howard's rant IS being broadcast, live, on the most popular webshow in America.

Later, after declaring that he doesn't care what Principal Franklin thinks, the Principal is truly right behind him, and to add insult to injury, he was watching the show and heard the first rant. Another episode had Carly's old and very possessive best friend boasting to Sam that she was trying to get her out of the picture and have Carly for herself.

Guess who was right behind her and promptly called the friendship off. Done in this clip of The Daily Show when Jon Stewart gets a little cocky about being allowed to hang out with "real" news people. I'm in the Internets! Special Victims Unit episode "Paternity", in a tangentially related murder case, it comes out that the father of the boy who discovered his nanny's body is not his biological father.

Elliot and Olivia engage in a rather loud argument about whether or not they have the right to inform him as they enter the main hallway.

Guess who's sitting on a bench behind them? Chandler complains about the bracelet Joey got him, calling it the "Woman Repeller", the "eyesore from the Liberace house of crap" and the "reject from the Mr. T collection", and says: Joey is right behind him. Ross makes jokes about Rachel's boyfriend Paul, played by Bruce Willis. Guess who is standing behind him? Makes it worse since he is also the father of Ross' girlfriend. Subverted in a Halloween episode.

When a few of the gang are discussing who can win in an arm wrestle, Phoebe comes up. Joey claims that Phoebe has this incredible strength, gets worried, and asks if she's right behind him. Monica looks behind him, sees Phoebe on the other side of the crowded room, and tells him he's in the clear.

In an episode of Hogan's Heroes , Col. Burkhalter then cancels Klink's leave with the dry comment, "I really am a nasty old tub of lard.

The title character uses this on occasion to indirectly tell someone something nobody wants him to tell them. In the season 7 premiere, he initiates an argument with Cuddy regarding his interest in having a boy donate a piece of his lung to his sister knowing fully that he'll overhear it and offer to give up his lung. How I Met Your Mother: Barney parodies this trope on one occasion. Oh, god, you're pregnant!

Oh, god, you already had the baby! It's behind me, isn't it?! Why don't you both bite me. In one early episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer , Xander reads the paper while complaining about Buffy's obsession with Angel, giving the expected "who cares about that vampire freak" line. Angel is right behind him, and Xander turns, completely unflinching, to Angel, and says hey. A similar subversion in the second episode of Fawlty Towers , when Sybill is complaining about O'Reilly the builder: He's shoddy, he doesn't care, he's a liar, he's incompetent, he's lazy, he's nothing but a half-witted, thick Irish joke!

Oh, hello, O'Reilly, we were just talking about you. And then we started talking about this other Irish builder we used to know. God, he was awful No, Mr O'Reilly, I was talking about you. The West Wing enjoys this trope and variations thereof. Ainsely compliments her and then Leo says: Well, She'll be happy to hear that. She's standing right outside the door. Power Rangers Dino Thunder has this in the first episode. Connor blows off class to practice soccer, and brushes off his goalie's concerns about the scary new principal Green Ranger Xander, a rather proud fellow, has this when Daggeron, mentor Udonna's old friend, becomes the rangers' teacher.

Xander interprets him as a difficult taskmaster, and he rants to the other rangers: Guys, you have to agree. Daggeron's got to go. Daggeron approaches And I know what it is. He's singled me out 'cause of my good looks. He's probably just jealous 'cause he can't get a date of his own. The other rangers start warning him He's overbearing.

He's standing right behind me. White Rhino Ranger Dominic is trying to convince a genetic engineer with trust issues whom he has a crush on to tell him about her latest formula, which had been stolen by Camille.

When he catches the other rangers spying on him, and Blue Ranger Theo asks why he's the only one who can do it, the geneticist comes up behind him just as he starts saying that it was because she liked him, boasting about how she was putty in his hands. He realizes it, and that's the end of any hope of trust between them. After an unsuccessful test attempt of merging their three Megazords into a bigger Megazord, Green Ranger Ziggy makes no attempt to disguise his exasperation.

K has lost it. In an episode of Rescue Me: There's only one Tommy Gavin and I don't think any of us wanna be him. I don't think any of us wanna be him, and by him I mean you. You're not even gonna try to— Lou: Impossible episode "The Train", a dying prime minister does not realize that his designated successor means to become a tyrant. Our heroes take the prime minister, his successor and the successor's aide on a simulated train ride , and simulate a crash.

The successor and his aide are informed that the prime minister had burned to death, and the successor takes the oath of office and orders his aide to start the Reign of Terror. That's when our heroes strike the set and Oh, Crap! The successor is ordered to resign. The Middleman , obviously, puts its own spin on it. I'm using you for kindling. I have a few friends standing behind you who might disagree.

That might have worked in , but today's woman is a little more savvy You created vampire puppet minions and they're all standing behind me, aren't they? A hilarious example in the first episode of Titus: What a surprise, Tsubasa is really nice towards kids!

That's different from the image he gives off. If you gossip about him he'll appear Played straight, for laughs, in an episode of Space: Above and Beyond , where the Wildcards discuss what they'll all do after the war is over, and speculate on their squadron commander, who has been a Marine since birth. Can you imagine if he was anything else? McQueen Okay, listen up. This one's in the kitchen.

I'm here to fix your faucet, so check your six. I'm gonna replace the strainer part, and I'm gonna replace the washer. It's gonna be a real knife fight. Now I'm gonna utilize a monkey wrench and perhaps even a plunger.

And when I'm done, you'll have water. It'll be hot, and it'll be cold. And one more thing. Wang flips table Wang: It's okay to be scared. It's the greatest form of flattery. Well, tell him I'm not in! Frank Burns has to be the biggest horse's patoot on this post. At one point, Frank yells at Radar that he can't play tricks on him because "I'm not that old dimwit you work for", unaware that Colonel Potter has entered the office.

Later in the same episode, he tells his suspicious wife that Major Houlihan is nothing but a "war horse" and an "army mule" Houlihan runs into it herself later on. Potter in his office, she is pacing anxiously. Oh, where is that old coot! River Song on Doctor Who is prone to finding herself the butt of this trope: In "Forest of the Dead", she gives Anita a passionate speech about how awesome the Doctor is or rather, is going to be , only to realise that he has overheard the whole thing.

In "Flesh and Stone": If he's dead back there, I'll never forgive myself. And if he's alive, I'll never forgive him. And Doctor, you're standing Right Behind Me , aren't you? Turns around to see the Doctor grinning smugly at her I hate you. Perhaps the most awkward one comes in "The Husbands of River Song", where River goes off on a rant about how the Doctor has never loved her and how she doesn't care. She knows the Doctor is standing behind her — but she doesn't know it is him.

When she finally recognises him, she is mortified. When you love the Doctor, it's like loving the stars themselves! You don't expect a sunset to admire you back! And if I happen to find myself in danger, let me tell you, the Doctor is not stupid enough or sentimental enough, and he is certainly not in love enough to find himself standing in it with me! Oh, you are so doing those roots. The roots of the sunset? I'll have to check with "the stars themselves. Oh, just shut up!

And for a non-River, non-played-for-laughs example, in her creator's first story , the Doctor orders a being with the mind of a child to "go to your room! I sent it to it's room. This is it's room. The Closer likes this, though without the actual line. Played with in a later episode, Brenda storms into the room, ranting and demanding that the rest of the team tell her where Flynn and Provenza are; in the middle of the rant, they walk in behind her, and the others clue her in by motioning for her to turn around since they can't get a word in edgewise.

Played with as the people who are Right Behind Me are the ones in for the embarrassment. Supernatural happens a few times. In "Hammer of the Gods" when Sam is trying to free some people from a freezer, he looks at Dean and stops.

Dean questions that someone's behind him, and two gods take them away. In the episode "The Third Man" when they're praying for Castiel to turn up. As it turns out, he's invisible to everyone in the room. Later Cass turns up to save them from some demons sent by Crowley, and the boys apologise for doubting him. Castiel pretends to be hurt that they didn't just ask about their suspicions but says he'll forgive them, making a joke that inadvertently reveals he was listening in on their earlier conversation.

Unspoken but implemented when in Sam's mind, Crowley is urging Sam to cast out Gadreel. Lieutenant Ash delivers a defused bomb to Dr Gillespie and his daughter Susan, who are building a Heath Robinson contraption in their backyard for steaming explosives out of unexploded German bombs.

Ash later reports to his superiors on the phone, deriding the device as completely impractical and describing Gillespie as the proverbial Mad Scientist who even has a Mad Scientist's Beautiful Daughter — said daughter has just entered the room behind him. In one episode of Sherlock , John takes his date, Sarah, to a Chinese circus that Sherlock recommended, only to become furious when Sherlock invites himself along to continue investigating a case.

One scene has them arguing in a hallway while Sarah is off somewhere else. Has it not occured to you that I might have other things on my mind? You're showing up while I'm Carrie is talking to her coworkers about her boss, Mr. Kaplan, in an unflattering way.

When her coworkers have blank looks on their faces, she is worried that her boss is standing right behind her, but he isn't. I don't like parties When John is being chewed out again by Reggie and Linda for not immediately telling them about Craig two-timing them and being married. In the future, I don't want to know anything. If either of you have any secrets I don't want to know. If either of you think they have something that I might like to know, I don't want to know.

In fact, if anything happens to anybody anyplace, anytime, please don't tell me 'cause as I may have mentioned, I don't want to know! You know whose fault this is, you know when you come right down to it, it's Margaret that big-mouth busybody, you know she just You know, she's really brave when she's pushing other people around but when it's her turn to tell you guys something where the hell is she? Now that I would have liked to have known. In another episode this is subverted Margaret starts saying things about Becker while he's sitting behind her.

He starts to say something, but without even turning around she says she knows he's behind her. One of the policeman is doing an impersonation of humorless Sergeant Blaketon just as he enters the room. Fortunately the imitation is of him saying "Never believe a word that Claude Greengrass says". Needless to say Blaketon approves this sensible policy. In Castle , Ryan and Castle are talking about a suspect, who apparently had special relationships with many women in a hospital but wasn't sleeping with any of them.

No, makes no sense. Beckett walks up Why spend all that time listening to women and buying them things if you're not gonna try and sleep with them? An episode of California Dreams has Tiffany talking about Matt's breakup to Jenny without realizing Matt is standing behind her despite Jenny's subtle hints. By the time Tiffany becomes aware after Jenny makes an obvious hint, it's already too late and Jenny isn't happy: As Al was telling Griff he's skipping work to help Kelly, Gary was entering the shop.

Trying to warn Al, Griff said her yes, that Gary is a woman name. Not understanding, Al told Griff not to fear the boss and ranted until he saw her. Al Please, don't fire me. The person being insulted usually taps the person's shoulder, and he answers by telling him "Hold on" without even turning around. At least, not turning around until the third time, at which point he realizes the mistake. As soon as Hamm stepped away, a frightened Buble promptly revealed that Hamm was in fact holding him prisoner and forcing him into the endeavor, begging viewers to call the police, then whispering, "I have a feeling he's standing Right Behind Me " which he was, in fact.

A variation from an episode of Blackadder the Third: Blackadder has finally had enough of the Prince's stupidity and leaves with a parting insult for Baldrick. After he walks out Baldrick mutters "Goodbye, you pasty-faced, big-nosed, rubber-necked bastard. What really sells this is the Studio Audience ; they laugh a bit at Baldrick's insult, then absolutely bust up laughing as Baldrick looks up. Lampshaded in Home and Away. Liam talks about how he's having trouble adjusting to coming home to "a crazy Dolly Parton wannabe".

After seeing Bianca's reaction, he asks if Irene is behind him. On Hangin' with Mr. Cooper , Tyler frustratedly insults a bully who was picking on him and Nicole, to Nicole. Fortunately, they got bailed out fairly quickly afterwards.

In Dirk Gently , Dirk explains to Macduff the fractured relationship he has with his cleaner. It's like a horror movie for OCD sufferers, with Elaina as the vampric witch of the piece. But she's got a heart of gold really. Salt of the earth. This exchange in the episode "The Bittersweet Science". Is Hotch dating anyone? You know, statistically, widowed men start dating much faster than females, but Hotch is refuting the data.

It's been two years and 19 days. Venus has aligned with Mars, which means love is in the air and maybe we will have weekends off.

Is he standing there? He's standing there, isn't he? Someone talk about the case. Garcia even lampshades this a second time when she first meets Alex Blake Garcia: You must be Penelope. Mad Men - The night after a party at the Drapers', Harry is talking to Stan about what he'd do to Megan - who walks up behind him as he gets more I would've just stood up and grabbed her little French behind and pushed her through those cheap-post-four-walls.

God , what I would do to her Go to your meeting. I told you, I'm making them wait. No, you're making them mad. No, I am making them anxious. I think Isaac specifically is mad. No, Isaac's on my team. Isaac has a highly developed sense of right and wrong, and he is hip to my battle plan. Dan, he's standing right behind you. Casey and I were just talking about your highly developed sense of right and wrong, and I was just saying Go sit your sorry ass down in that meeting.

On my way, sir. On an episode of ROY , Roy is doing an impersonation of the headmaster, unaware that the head has just stepped out the classroom behind him. He finally notices his friend's frantic stop gestures and finishes with "He's behind me, isn't he?

The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. Phil yells at Will for revealing his humble beginnings to a newspaper, unaware that his increasingly hurt and angry mother is standing behind him until she finally blasts him for being ashamed of his upbringing.

And a typical one in another episode when Phil is boasting about how he stands up to Vivian if and when she tries bossing him around, only to look downright terrified when she sharply speaks up. To make matters worse, this is the second time in the episode that this has happened.

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