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One friend brought them one day a bottle of Clos Saron which he told them was made nearby and this was an awakening experience, that such a wine of this quality was made right here in Oregon House, it shifted something in them, Cara says That's how they came in contact with Gideon Beinstock the winemaker behind this wine who has an extensive experience in the region for both viticulture and winemaking. This region is the North Yuba AVA in central California north of Sacramento, a tiny wine region where natural winemaking and organic viticulture thrives.

Aaron is from New York and Cara from Connecticut, But Cara's grandmother grew up in Placerville 2 hours from here and she came over here quite a few times, it's funny, she says, that her grandmother moved to connecticut to get married and she Cara did it samely but the other way around, moving here in Oregon House to get married this took place shortly after our visit.

Aaron and Cara have a lot of friends in the restaurant industry, they were interested in wine but lacked the experience, so they began working with Gideon to learn, which led them unexpectedly to have the opportunity to harvest the fruit next door at Renaissance, where a large surface of vineyard was sitting idle with no one getting the fruit.

In they moved closer to Renaissance to a place named Frenchtown on the outskirts of Oregon House itself a very small place where they lived in a large house and worked with a partner. They didn't follow a formal training at a wine school, all they learned was from working with Gideon. Buellton , California Here is a small winery in the Santa Barbara County, Lo-Fi , it makes its wine from purchased grapes in a cooperative-style facility housing some 8 boutique wineries under its roof on the outskirts of Buellton, on US in the Santa Ynez Valley.

Mike Roth and associate Craig Winchester are making wines naturally using wild yeast and little or no sulfites, with the aim to make easy-drinking wines. I found the square grey building with ease, and we skipped inside where it was enjoyingly cool and the light more bearable.

I asked Mike, who is born in New Jersey, about how he ended up making wine, he says he initially wanted to be a chef, a cook, since he was interested by food as a kid already. Now Mike even has a vineyard of his own in Los Alamos where they opended recently a tasting room and he buys grapes from Coquelicot while also making their wine. It's more contracted acreage than grape purchase and he can dictate the farming, and anyway he controls their farming in general because he makes their wine too.

Mike Roth and Craig winchester they know each other since they were teenagers make wine under the Lo-Fi label since , before that Mike was making wine for other people. The issue with this type of relation is often that wineries aren't controlling the farming and get fruit that is grown with productivity and volume in mind, not quality. Here is Peter Martin Ray Vineyards [not to mistake with the Martin Ray Winery which is a conventional winery], a grower which is sought-after for its demanding vineyard management and excellent location in this part of the Santa Cruz Mountains.

The parcels are located at the top of a hill next to the one with the historic Montebello-Ridge vineyards, and thanks to the farming, the altitude and terroir they grow beautiful grapes for a short list of wineries - Welcome to the uncharted vineyards of California The grapes of Peter Martin Ray Vineyards are purchased by wineries like Ceritas and also Arnot-Roberts , which says it all by itself, and also by young winemakers like Jaimee Motley and the two guys behind Birichino Wines.

You know that what makes the quality of a wine is basically the grapes and vineyard behind it, it's now obvious for everyone that you can't make good wine with improperly-managed vines and at the opposite, you almost can't but make good wine if the balance is there in the vineyard side.

What is fully understandable for artisan winemakers is a problem for commercial-minded wineries where volume is considered as an imperative in their business.

For the same price they'd rather buy high-yield, irrigated fruit to growers and do afterwards all sort of corrections in the cellar to get something their oenologist deem drinkable. It is encouraging to see both in the Old World and the New World that more and more rebels shrug off this mainstream approach and get back to the fundamentals of winemaking: Amboise , Touraine Loire This was an impromptu visit at the cellar of Nicolas Renard , we didn't know if the elusive cult vigneron was there on a saturday but as Alex Bernardo was visiting me in my Loire retreat for the weekend we gave it a try and drove over there.

Alex Bernardo at Vineyard Gate in San Francisco is the only one along with Mrs Yasuko Goda for Japan to got to export his wines and for the American wine lovers shipment soon on its way who knew Nicolas from his years at Lemaire Fournier that is a rare priviledge.

I'm not overdoing it because Alex has a banner on my site but he was indeed a precursor more than once, he was the first to sell Clos Roche Blanche on the West Coast back in and at the time it was a hard sell, people in the region weren't aware of CBR wines, he also discovered Jolly Ferriol for the California wine lovers.

This was a beautiful ride from the Cher valley to Montlouis on another sunny day, this time I didn't come across the wild goat that wanders around wherever it wants in and out of the property, but before I left I could spot it briefly in the distance, a goat with a character of its own, indeed Living right next the workplace has certainly its drawbacks like when you tend to be there even in the middle of private time but with this environment the advantages stand out, especially when you raise kids.

My sister had brought me this bottle which she found in Lyon or a trip in the Rhone and we waited to open the bottle, it happened to be a very enjoyable wine. It's vinifies naturally on wild yeast, is and feels unfiltered.

These outsiders are again making a terrific job, and with a label like this one I was almost sure I'd like the wine. In Köthen zeigt sich einmal mehr, dass manche Menschen Gerüchten mehr vertrauen als offiziellen Informationen.

Wenn der Chef definiert, was ein Geschäftsgeheimnis ist. Es gibt keine Angaben zu möglichen Entlassungen. Piloten und Flugbegleiter der irischen Billigfluglinie Ryanair wollen am Mittwoch in Deutschland streiken.

Der 31 Jahre alte Serbe siegte im Endspiel 6: Albian Ajeti bejubelt sein Tor zum zwischenzeitlichen 5: Bei der Sprungkraft würde der Schweizer sicherlich auch beim Hochsprung eine gute Figur machen. Etappe der Spanien-Rundfahrt gewonnen hat und damit erneut Führender der Gesamtwertung ist. Ferrari-Star Sebastian Vettel bekommt einen neuen Teamkollegen. Zum Europapokal-Start stehen die deutschen Clubs unter Druck. Wenn sich die schwache Vorsaison wiederholt, droht der Verlust des vierten Platzes in der Champions League.

Der leichte Frauen-Doppelzweier kam im Hoffnungslauf nicht über Rang drei hinaus. Peter Iden, dem ehemaligen Feuilletonleiter der Frankfurter Rundschau, zum Update Daniel Küblböck geht während einer Kreuzfahrt über Bord und wird vermisst. Pop-Titan Dieter Bohlen zeigt sich bestürzt - und schockiert mit einem denkbar unpassenden Pullover-Spruch. Der Südosten bereitet sich vor. Auch auf Puerto Rico läuten daher die Alarmglocken. Die Polizei nimmt ihn fest und sieht keine Hinweise für einen terroristischen Hintergrund.

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