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And I just ran away as everybody looked at me. So embarrassing…months later thanks to some friends I found out the dude was married ever since we first met lol. Second date with this girl in SF. After sushi, we meet up with her friends. One of them just knows it all, putting everyone down, giving the waitress at the bar shit.

And then she is complaining how hard it is to date. And then they stormed out. The waitress was standing there the whole time. A few hours went by while we talked.

Everything seemed to be going pretty smoothly. Then we decide to go for a ride after the coffee, since it was bit chilly had to roll up the car windows. I soon realized that her mouth is the source of that godawful smell. So then I offer her cigarette , by offering I mean, I practically begged her to smoke in the car, which in hindsight was a bad idea, cause now, I was in a car filled with smoke and bad breath. Also, now her blabbering, which I had found cute until a few minutes ago at the cafe was a source of grief.

She gives me the directions and we end up in a secluded parking spot. I knew what was gonna happen next, and the thought of kissing her just made me puke in my own mouth.

This was my chance to get out, I told her goodbye and just got my ass out of there as soon as I could. Met a girl on Tinder and we decide to go to brunch. She was really weird about not drinking a single drop if she was driving.

About 15 minutes after we sat down, she proceeds to tell me how she just got out of prison for manslaughter involving a DUI. That kind of killed the mood. He seemed like a nice guy, good job, great conversation, lots in common. Full credit to him for being upfront. He gave me the details so I could go and check it out online, etc.

He seemed pretty genuine about everything, his story matched up, etc. After some thought, decided maybe friendship and see what would happen. Then he just sort of vanished one day. A few weeks later I saw him wanted for skipping bail on the national TV program for wanted people.

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That weeds out the GD's fast Relationship or being married to someone is always a 2 way street. It's a need of mutual understanding between partner. I learned from my past that you can't just give and give until you don't have anything to give then your partner kick you out because of that. It's terrible relationship or being married to someone very inconsiderate. To be love by someone and being in love to that somebody is great even if there's an argument or so both has to be in title to fix the issues no matter what because love is always there.

Love is a very important in a relationship. I'm happy I found that special someone i am greatful to be with him and ever since then we both continue to strive to make each other feel loved so our relationship grow.

We both need to be happy in each other's arms. It's very easy to do when you have so much love to give to each other I tell you that I am thankful I met my other half. Add to those the "I have a relationship or am married , but it isn't working out" pitfall. Even if the relationship isn't good, the person may not be able to extricate themselves, and starting something under those circumstances is doomed to failure.

Tottally disagree with a lot of your points. Not trusting your feeling and connections? Dating in New York City can kind of suck and I'm starting to give up on the idea of meeting a mysterious stranger when I'm out.

And, there is a chance I have a date on Friday. Seriously, I just needed to clean my black dress and get some nourishment. I went into Tokyo Sushi and my favorite little guy was working and he said "Order to go? I said no, I'll stay this evening and he put me at a little table by myself. As you probably know, I can be a bit of a creature of habit. There was a man sitting at the sushi counter who was just paying so he walks by and sees that I am trying very hard to decide and he says "It's all delicious!

He proceeds to say "Hi, I'm Mario. Can I sit down? Mario was born in the US, but grew up in Croatia. I am so confused that all of this is going on I am just sitting there in disbelief.

Mario asks why I am making this face and I said "It isn't everyday a stranger asks to join my table. I say I don't have a boyfriend true because I work long hours and it is hard to meet people in the city true. I mean you're cute and you're confident and I was walking by and you just, you just smelled smart.

Mario the Croatian continues to make small talk and I continue to try and deflect questions about where I live or where exactly I work by making gross generalizations. I finish my sushi and Mario requests the check. My little sushi guy says "one check or two? Actually, I have to go and get my laundry. I just stopped in to have a quick bite while my clothes are drying and I was going to read.

But I will walk you to the Beer Garden. He gives me his number and says I should call him. He does not get my number, real or fake. I walked to the laundromat, got my laundry out of the dryer, and walked a mile around my neighborhood with my laundry bag on my shoulder before going home, just in case I was being followed. I smell smart and get free sushi. Posted by Miss Disastress at 5: Thursday, September 18, The Musician and the Mathematician [new guest post!

An NYC-dwelling friend of mine -- let's call her Philomena -- recently filled me in on the ups and downs of the singles scene in the big city. Here's a story worthy of a DD post, to be sure. But I am not the girl that normally grabs every man's attention in a bar. I kind of like it that way because I can sit there, enjoy my beverage with friends, and blend in just enough as to not get bothered by every meat head in a pub.

I also can strike up pleasant conversations. These conversations go along nicely and then it comes up that I work and enjoy working in and listening to classical music and that can be a conversation killer. Who really listens to "The Nutcracker" or the "Moonlight Sonata" all the time? Give me something off beat like "Jenufa.

If you are going to say Beethoven, give me Fidelio or Waldstein. I fully admit I'm a judger.

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